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Okay, so can someone in charge tell me why on the launcher LO doesn't have up to date information. Just like this extended time of servers being down.

Some people don't know to come to forums for information.

Latest news and updates it 'says'. Last listing  was from August

Would make more sense if you had it listed in launcher messages. You probably have a large % of players that think the game is shutdown even.

I and everyone else in APB appreciates your efforts, but lets take it a step further and do as I am suggesting.

It only makes sense. I have had to tell at least a dozen people it isn't shutdown, that you guys are doing some kind of updates.

Lixil I expect you will be where I will get an answer for this or excuse/reason.

Have a great day APBers.

Much love to all and Happy Thanksgiving

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I have moved this topic to the APB Suggestions section of our forums.



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