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Supporting FE2

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I'm a little surprised by how much withdrawal I'm having with FE shut down and things so quiet on the update front. 


It got me thinking about what I'd really like between now and the relaunch, and what I'd be willing to do to support the project. 


What would you want to see from LO while they develop the new game? And more to the point, is LO looking for ways to generate some revenue to put towards development? If so would you/what would you contribute?

Personally I'm super curious about development. I would definitely be interested in a Patreon or similar subscription where we could see:

  • A Double Fine Adventure-style documentary (that's a pipe dream for this project, I know)
  • Dev streams or videos of art assets being worked on
  • Dev streams where we could see builds of the game being tested or inspected and chat with devs
  • Just general Q&A about the technical stuff. This is such a weird and unique project I feel like it deserves some kind of documentation

I think having paywalled content like that would be great for the really invested fans, could support development a little, would create accountability around the project, and would feed the hunger for FE content and updates. 

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I would definitely get behind something like this. A monthly sub or something like that. Look at Star Citizen, they went way above their funding goals using kickstarter/pre-purchases. 


In-fact, I think something like a Kickstarter might get a ton of interest for FE2.

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