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getting disconnected every 1h

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-You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues.

Please note: A common problem is that your character has been locked in a district server - it takes a maximum of 15 minutes for them to be unlocked.


getting disconnected every 1h it been happening the last week or 2 


i have tire to uninstall and install , repair from luncher , restart router.


nothing seems to work been searching for a week now can fined any fix dose, someone know how to solve this issue ?

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There are a few threads about random disconnects in this section of the forum.  The majority of them seem to be "ran out of memory".  If you run a search on "disconnect", a bunch should pop up.


Plus, if you have an RTX card, there are known issues between them (the drivers are for 64-bit, or something like that) and the game as the game is 32-bit.  Apparently the drivers are not so backwards compatible and so the game tends to crash.


That being said, there is a log file that is created when you launch apb.  If you open that file, it will give you a better idea of what the problem is.


Unfortunately, though ... there is no black and white fix for the issue.  LO is aware of the issue and have indicated that they have not experienced any issues (re: random crashes) on testing the new engine upgrade, which they said they hope to release by end of year.  😕

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1 hour ago, LewdLemming said:

which they said they hope to release it for public testing by end of year

Sorry, had to correct that real quick

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Like I said, if you do a quick search on "disconnect" or "crash", etc you'll see a number of posts with a number of ideas for fixing the issue.  They may or may not work for you.


None of them have worked for my buddy though.

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