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Ketog's Bimonthly event ! "Secret Fight Club" + Donut Van !

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Sorry guys but we will have to cancel the event due to lack of interest from players, i guess we will see on on another one !






Event powered by Wave Lounge !

A new type of clan made to preserve citadel's community, and unite them ! learn more here.



⚔️Secret Fight Club⚔️


Hello everyone ! Welcome to one of my bimonthly events, i call this one "Secret Fight Club"

yeah not very original i know... anyway let's get straight to the point !


What is this event ?


Alright so our pasts events were targeted towards good APB drivers, but for this one, your technique and self control will be what matters the most !


On this event we will have a small PVP Tournament that will have a maximum of 30 Players total, 15 enforcers, 15 Criminals.

What you will need to do is simply fight up to the top spot, enforcers will fight only enforcers , and criminals will fight only criminals.

Once we have the winners of each faction, these two will have to fight for the final spot, which is the winner !


But here's the thing, there's a twist to all of this, it wouldn't be one of my events if it didn't had anything special added to it :


When you are fighting you will have to rotate between your guns.

What do i mean by this ? Well let me give you an example, If you have an NTEC, an FBW, and a Frag grenade equipped, you will be allowed

to shoot only a single magazine of the NTEC then switch to your secondary, you can then use only a single mag of your secondary, and then you have to use a single grenade,

Then you can switch back to your NTEC again and repeat the cycle.


Note: You can decide to reload after using your whole mag, or reload when you switch back to the weapon,

but you can't reuse the weapon if you didn't do a full rotation prior switching to it again.


Other than that, you can use any weapon you want and any modification you like !


I hope the rules are clear enough, With the help of a friend we will both have our eyes on each player to see if any of them break that rule,

and if you do, you automatically loose the match, no second try !


When will the event happen ?


This event will happen this Saturday 17th at 18:00 UTC Citadel Waterfront 1 at the spot shown below:




Click here if you're bad with timezones.


What can i win and how do i participate ?


Every people participating or watching the event will earn a Legendary Donut (More about this in a moment).

And the winner of the final round will win a Mountie SF9 'Yukon'


To participate to the event you will have to message me your In-game name and faction either trough forum messaging, or discord at Liarus#8071

The entries for the event will be closed one day before the event itself.


Reminder that the number of participants are limited so make sure to keep your spot !


See you ingame !



Bonus: The Donut Van !


So for people that previously participated to my events, you guys noticed that i always awarded "Legendary donuts" during my events.

Well ! if you kept them, they will finally come to use !


At the end of this event, you players that were loyal to my events, will be able to use your Legendary donuts as an entry for a random Legendary giveaway

which will be announced at the end of the event, the more donuts you give to me, the more chances you have to win !

Of course you can decide to keep them and use them all for another time and another legendary, just know that this van will be coming in one of two events !


Bring your donuts !


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Sorry guys but we will have to cancel the event due to lack of interest from players, i guess we will see on on another one !

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