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Hello everyone! A few friends and i have been discussing how to make trading easier for everyone, and we believe we've come up with the solution!
Now it's not a perfect solution, as i know the community discord does have a trading section in it, but this is more focused on trading specifically (More conversation about trading, the economy and so on) instead of an all-around discord, that way we can talk about the prices and whatever else we may feel is on our mind!

Come hang out, post your trades and see what kinda offers you can get! 🙂 

We have many features planned for the discord, such as a spreadsheet of common prices that will be updated but that is far into the future, as we want to get everything setup and everyone onboard with a trading specific discord first. If you have any suggestions on how to make the server better, feel free to contact one of our moderators and we will fully consider every idea!
(If a trading discord isn't your thing, we totally understand - but if you'd like to come chat anyways with a bunch of traders, that'd be alright too!)


JOIN TODAY!: https://discord.gg/Tag675c

APB:R Trading Discord symbols are now available!
Message Authorize on discord to get one,

or if you see either Authorize (NA) or Entitled (EU) msg me in-game!


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The vanity link broke so our symbols are pretty much useless BUT you can still join through https://discord.gg/Tag675c 
and become one of the 88 current traders using the discord!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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