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Volunteer GM *applications closed*

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We are currently accepting applications for our new GM volunteer programs.




The primary focus of the team is simple: Making sure that players are following rules as well as helping them out.
The members of this group are sociable and well suited to help the community grow in a healthy way.



  • Advanced Game Knowledge
  • Patience 
  • English knowledge
  • Have a good standing in the past
  • Must be 18+



  • Assist players in the game, be it to fix technical issues or share game knowledge.
  • Monitor the chat, making sure that all players are following our rules.
  • Reporting cheaters to our support.
  • Reporting players who are not following our Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.
  • Help the community grow, while maintaining order.



A good candidate would also have:

  • The ability to work as a team, and communicate effectively.
  • The ability to participate in the game’s present and future events.
  • The knowledge required to help players in the game.
  • The patience and willpower to accomplish the previous tasks.
  • The ability to write proper English (additional language is a plus).



Your application must include:

  • For which game are you applying
  • All of your accounts (and/or character names)
  • The reason why you're interested in joining
  • Why do you think you're suitable for this position
  • If you were banned in the past and the reason why
  • How long you have been playing the game
  • If you have any previous experience in similar projects

If you’re interested in joining the program, please send your application to this address: 

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I will be closing the applications down on Friday!

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The applications are now closed!


I am still going through the applications that were sent and you will be getting a reply as soon as I get to your mail.

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I am still going through the applications. If you have not recieved a reply from me - it means I didn't get to your application yet.


Contacting me regarding your GM application will mark you down as impatient and will have negative impact on your application.

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