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[PC] Patch notes 1.20.0 (1151) discussion

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11 hours ago, Algoz said:

JT Weapons added to the Joker Store: Keep them coming

Fun fact is that people are playing more FC than RIOT because of the rewards.

Also RIOT is still boring, some ideas:

 - increase the rewards with more JT, otherwise people will just join FC

 - Tweak it so that you have more action between the fights. Get rid of the arming device thing, make it automatically, more dynamic. Maybe some mines? Running around arming devices is not fun at all.

 - Buying your custom loadout is not good. The BR is supposed to be random. Don't have to mention that there are NTEC and OCA gods out there. I suggest you guys remove the custom loadout. Wanna play it? Go FC then.



Agreed on everything.

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Good, more free stuff will keep the cheap monkeys in the game and gain a decent reputation for this game. Next thing would be leading new players towards the joker store so the first thing they say about this game wont be "p2w"...it doesn't matter if it's not, that's what people see. The first question they will ask themself should be "Do i buy this now or do i keep playing the game until i get it?"

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