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Latency spikes to unplayable levels

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I have put a support ticket in, I know there's a backlog.

That's okay, this is more of an update on the issue after some rudimentary testing.


Basically, since the recent server move my base latency here in Australia on Jericho server was 300-330ms. That's a 1/3 second handicap right there.

After RIOT went live, my base latency is up to 450-480ms, which is barely playable. At the high end of that scale it's impossible to be even remotely

competitive in a Bronze v Bronze mission. Throw a silver or gold player on the opposing side and I don't stand a chance; too far behind the action.

At worst levels I get latency spikes of over 500ms.


At 525ms I can't enter / control a vehicle and randomly teleport to prior positions when on foot ... which makes even Open World impossible.


Nothing has changed at my end for 3 years; same IP, same pc, same router, same ether-net cable. When Han server merged with Jericho I had 250ms at base.

While not ideal, it was close enough to the 175ms I had been used to on (final iteration) Han server that it was not all that different. 


I just did a fresh G1 install in case it was Steam overlay causing the issue. But running without Steam in the background gave the same result. 480-515ms.


I'm out of ideas...


Can anyone help?



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And now, the embarrassing finale to this pointless little mystery.


It was Windows 10 the whole time.


I had an app that bugged out and kept running in the background, sucking up half my bandwidth.

Nothing showed up on speedtest because the connection was working at peak levels. *sighs*  (Thanks, microsoft.)

So I manually shut it down. Game went back to playable as if by magic.


Back to 230-250ms latency.

The End.


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