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Found 10 results

  1. I just wanted to ask if you guys will be unbanning scammers and give us a second chance? I thought that the unbanning of hackers would be with the scammers and etc.
  2. What do people think about having your tattoo's change with your outfit slots? I have a outfit I really like to use because it mixes well with the tattoos I have, but it kind of ruins other outfits I try to create as they are in places that can't be covered. The only issue with this idea is that it cost in game currency to change tattoos and the fact that premium gates how many tattoos can be worn. So if you ran out of premium you could still technically switch to the other outfit and still have the tattoos. If that mechanic was changed however it would make costume designing a lot easier in my opinion. Tell me your thoughts and if I'm a buffoon for thinking this way =P
  3. Hello I read in the news to the patch of 2 October 2019 that the developers added NTEC-5 to the experimental area, and one of the fixes was -5 meters to the range. And I wonder this fix NTEC-5 affect for Raptor 'Condor' Why am I asking? 1. Fix NTEC-5 refers to all NTEC-5-like rifles. Atac and Raptors, albeit others, but their range is the same. (50 meters) 2. And yet, in APB-DB at the Raptor 'Condor', a range of 45 meters is written. Is she true? And if it drops 40, then this weapon can be thrown out. Write your thoughts, and if possible, the developer can comment on this somehow, thank you. (here there are 100% errors, I apologize in advance for them, English is not my native language)
  4. The game has a lot of such places behind which you can visually hide, but in fact not. Video example p.s. I understand, it is difficult to keep track of every little thing in such a big game. But there is also an option that the inability to get there is planned. Then everything is fine)
  5. Can someone explain to me how did the pricing of ARMAS get better since today was the day I was considering to pay in the game, then I got bummed out by finding that Joker packs used to be $5 for 11 pack of boxes, while now they are $5 for 6 pack of boxes. I can't seem to understand how is that better, or am I missing something? Please let me know.
  6. Throwback to when this game wasn't filled with cheaters :^)
  7. Matt wrote this in the recent blog post: Anyone know if this really went into effect already?
  8. Hello guys. I did not find on the site or forum the current system requirements for the game for 2019-2020. If they are any, and I missed them, please show. Me interested in RAM.(random access memory) Everywhere they write that the minimum requirements are 3-4 gigabytes. I have just 4 gigabytes, but the game freezes during the transition to different parts of the city. I plan to buy more RAM, and I need to understand how much is needed. Another small question, is a swap file necessary for a correct game? Or can I turn it off. If I did create the theme where no needed it, move it where necessary. Thanks for earlier the for answers and help.
  9. Will you ever be able to make the playable characters blink my character does not blink whatsoever and this is bothering me ever since also the npcs get to blink will this issue ever be resolved? And why was the ogre nerfed? The range on it is atrocious especially with improved rifling
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