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Found 2 results

  1. Don’t nerf the nfas ive seen many people leave apb because of the sniper nerf and the yukon nerf if you people even dare touch my ogre or the nfas in a bad way i promise you will i will go to wherever your office is located with my lawyer and sue all of you my ogre may be deadly but my lawyer is just as deadly theres no reason to nerf the any of the nfas’s i see many weapons get nerfed just because some mediocre player begged to
  2. Hi, I want to open up a discussion on the NFAS 'True Ogre'. This variant features the Double-Drum Mag: +200% magazine size +100% stored ammo +31% fire rate +60% reload time adds a 0.59s delay before firing moderately increases recoil Talking from my own experience, I claim that the True Ogre is too strong in its current state. Every close-quarter encounter against a True Ogre user so far ended up with the enemy being the winner. The buffed fire rate from the magazine mod reduces the TTK by too much. No weapon I have tried so far could beat it in a 1v1, it was moving me down too fast - I feel like I am always dying instantly against it without having the chance to react to it. Yeah, it has a delay before firing, but finding cover for 0.6secs for it to charge up is alot easier than to deal with a charged-up True Ogre, you know what I mean? These 0,6secs almost feel non-existent. Now this is from my own experience and it is certainly biased. Maybe the enemy was just too good, maybe I was just too bad (git gud at this point huh). Maybe I just had a bad day. Maybe I have killed many NFAS users before without remembering. There are many variables that may come into play. However, this is why I am askin you about your experience. Perhaps you don't feel the same about it and it's just me. The more stats and opinions I can gather, the better the picture on the NFAS-12 'True Ogre'. Leave a comment on it and take part in the poll.
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