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Found 4 results

  1. I think we should do overall place for gathering opinions here after Slay Bells test on EU OTW (NA also welcome, it's the same game after all). So here it is. Here's sample form I'm gonna use for my opinion, do whatever you want but it will looks fine in one form I guess: Major problems: Minor problems: Strong sides: Overall opinion: So here's we go. Here's my opinion: Major problems: X Minor problems: - Snowstorms entrapment: Late game, there is tendency that you land in middle of snowstorms from which you can't get out without death. Annoying. - Snowballs nades are better option than HohohOPGL: Surely superior in close quaters and less but still superior in range but still no need to reload and infinite number of snowballs might make players keep throwing they nade snowballs instead of using HohohOPGL in practice - Inbalanced team got it harder: While it won't be problem on full servers (all teams will have 4 members) - it surely will be problem later on when event servers start to get more empty (3 vs 4 people teams with no advantages for 3 people team whatsoever). At some low number of people game won't start although. - Very limited spectators: Lack of option for moving around for spectators (cars are disabled as well) means that spectators gonna be bored to death waiting for next match. Give them super speed or ghostly spawnable cars. Strong sides: - Overall fun survival event - Casual friendly - In spirit of olds Christmas events Overall opinion: Event seems to be fine by my standards. There is nothing major to break as far as I noticed. Minor problems might cause headache but are avoidable most of time.
  2. Hey, This Event is Funny and you need do Concentrate to hit one with the HoHoHoPGL. The System of this is good thoughtful and The Team Size of 4 is enough. (One thing i dont like atm is theres a "Bug" you can be a group with 2 or Alone) I Saw the New Report window where you can report players for 4 Reasons Types, This is a beautiful thing to stop cheaters or griefer and more . All in one This gonna be a Nice Event and new Report system. Thanks you Little Orbit for the nice events --best regards MrAfrGer--
  3. CHANGES: CJ on burst fire weapons New changes to CJ TestA making the burst intervals quicker. +7% with CJ3. also increased effective range by +5m on all burst guns. (not connected with CJ) without affecting bloom or accuracy These changes are major, completely stirring up the meta in a worse way. instead of making the meta divorce it forces all teams to use shotgun, oscar and obir. these would be the only guns used if the newly added changes to OTW goes live. Oscars flexibility due to low recoil and bloom would be close to mid-rangers dream weapon. being able to mint ttk on 35m comfortably. with a 7% increase of fire rate on a already low TTK. (0.82sec default making it a 0.76sec) Close up the shotguns absolutely dominates with no weapons being able to contest. as it is in the current state of the game. Obir would be close to long-range this is due to its flexibility, being able to quick switch (swapping to secondary weapons after one or two burst or shots) would make it a close(ish) weapon. Ofc still not able to contest with shotgun at current state. and then tree bursting on 75m (able to ttk) with the ability to move between out of cover and in cover would leave all other guns with no reason to use. (Obirs TTK originally is 1.2sec now making it a 1.1) It's hard to balance a game based on casuals or on paper. the balancing of guns should be based on the “hard core” players of the game. making changes for casuals and nonexpriensed player reduces the playability of a higher tier. In the current state of the game the skill gap has decreased so drastically. by just using a shotgun a completely new player wouldn't a too hard of a time getting gold. (its important that you add a reply with your opinion on the matter, since this is the best way to make a difference) I am going to look into the Ntec changes, but as of right now i don’t have the time. Im only one person add somthing if I missed it. ty
  4. When someone is a friend in the new test system when testing it as someone comes online or goes offline it appears twice in chat for both players. This happens across both factions and appears like how in the current live game works when someone in your group that is also in your friends list goes offline.
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