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Found 5 results

  1. Alright LO, now.. seriously talking.. Was that really needed? Im experiencing packet loss and bad framerates, and is not fault of my specs or my connection, servers are literally dying, or idk, someone is punching them in the face. from 60/70 ms up to 140/150 with 1/2 packet loss. In all other games it's okay, so don't blame my stuff. Gun Games lags so much you can't even aim sometimes. Area of them is.. not really understandable, seems a unknown artistic style with issues, for example i was inside an area, a player was fighting with another one and i was there, couldn't shoot them, the minute later i was in the same area and i got killed because i was actually inside, which doesn't make any sense because the area don't move itself. You see who shoots from behind your character to who is in front of you, but still you can't shoot that guy, or peoples more far away can shoto you, but you can't shoot them. Game crashed 3 times, the last one tried with another pc. Tried to run latency test but couldn't even complete it, the game kept crashing. Lastly, why do we need GM's for that. GM's should keep under control other things, and while they are there, maybe there are hackers having fun in other instances, or grifers, or who have Swastikas inside social, which in the last 2/3 weeks is the usual thing to see nazi and offensive symbols without even getting those last ones out. Just a version of financial and waterfront just for Gun Games. Seems like always i am the only idiot who have issues, but the facts are peoples in this community are so scared that they don't even put comments about what they really think or have. That's quite nice. Just a reminder, im not going to waste my time in something like that. @MattScott
  2. MotokoHutt

    SG-21 "Strife"

    Oh the strife, the gun I have a love hate relationship with, I love it in theory, but in practise.......... it just, it just sucks. Now back years ago I played with this gun and even then it was underpowered, but I played with it anyway, I got good with it, even got abit of a reputation from using it. But now it's just terrible, I dunno what you over there in little orbit did to it, or if it's just the server's capablty to register shot's has went to hell but damn, the thing is suppose to ht for what 800-900? within it's effective range but 90% of the time you will barely do 300 damage leaving you shiz out of luck in any close range enguagement even if your barrel was pressed against the back of your oponents skull. I don't know if this gun did infact get nerfed with the other shotguns, if it did..... what the mother F where you thinking? If it didn't..... what the mother F did you do to hit registration for shotguns? Ether way something need's to be done, even quick switching with the Strife just feel's aweful, just damn aweful, blowtorch would be more reliable. Please Little Orbit do something to make this gun actually competative, give it a niche that it can play into other then just "BIG DAMAGE" as that obviously doesnt work. I have a few suggestion's to add to the end, which I think would give it a niche for those who are crafty enough to take advantage. The first would be make it silenced, and not just "oh we are removing tracers" silenced, I mean like the Condor silenced, make it not appear on radar and have a low noise profile making it a assassin shotgun, get in, silently take down your enemy with the big damage and bounce. Next, tighten the pellet spread abit, currently the spread of the Strife is pretty wide, and with it's big potential damage and low cycle time it's obvious that the strife is suppose to be a gun that favour's acuracy over spamming out round's, but with it's current pellet spread, acuracy feel's unrewarded as I have previously mentioned when your not dealing the damage in the first place. I have other suggestions if you want but I dont wanna flood you so lets let that set.
  3. Considering the hefty cost of 8500JT, I was disappointed to find that it is indeed a regular oca and not a whisper. Sure, the description says it is but well, I had my hopes up. Right now the SMG silencer is a negative compared to the regular oca, as it takes out the red mod slot. There is a "cool factor" but that's about it. TLDR: I think at 8500JT cost the new oca reskin might as well be a whisper. EDIT: I think some people might have misunderstood me. I don't want the skin itself to change, but the stats. The "whisper" variants and regular OCA's have different stats. Whispers are more accurate when crouching (0.8 accuracy modifier while crouching vs no difference while crouching on regular oca) and have 50m dropoff range compared to 30m (at least used to, and apbdb.com still suggests it does) so in the case of whisper, the silencer is worth it. This reskin that I'm talking about has the stats of a regular oca, which means the only thing the silencer does is reduce recoil slightly.
  4. there are 2 versions of sbsr on armas, they are the same thing? can anyone tell me the difference if any? thanks
  5. BaronSaturday

    After the EU.

    So. After the EU I think it would be good to add a new district as "end game" content. This district would be accessible only after you complet 10 ranks with a brand new level 1 contact. So about an hour or so worth of game play if you're brand new and set this contact. It would be a New York/Chicago type area called Old Town. It would add two new factions with 50 ranks (immediately and then an additional 206 over time) and some new items, weapons and cars. For the Criminals the faction would be a Mafia type group. For the Enforcers it would be an FBI type group. For weapons, the first rank unlocks a zero slot short barreled Chicage Typewriter with a wider bloom radius but lower recoil than the one that exists now for both factions. At rank ten we'll unlock both a single slot version and a new red mod called Chrome Barrel 1 that slows bloom over time. We'll also unlock a new Zoot Suit jacket that is pre pin striped for criminals and a new slim suit jacket for enforcers. At rank 15 we'll unlock a Zoot Zuit bottom and new slacks. Also some new decals would be good here. At rank 20 we'll unlock a new vehicle. It would be an old school 4 door ford type vehicle that will also unlock a few hot rod mods for it with a new vehicle mod called Bullet Proof Doors that decreases acceleration rate significantly but adds health significantly. For the Enforcers they'd get the same mod but also unlock a SWAT van. Also also we'd get a 2 slot version of the new Typewriter and Chrome barrel 2. At Rank 25 we unlock a few more decals and some more mafia/FBI themed clothing. At Rank 30 we unlock the 3 slot variant of the new gun, and a single slot version of the new vehicles. At 35 we unlock some more decals and clothes and the 2 slot varient of the new vehicle. At 40 we unlock a 3 slot varient of the new vehicle, the new faction variant of the Typewriter with Chrome Barrel 3, Mobility Sling 3 and Hunting sight 3 At 45 we get more clothes and decals and things. At Rank 50 we unlock the 4 slot variant of the vehicles and a faction varient with ammo, nitros, bulletproof doors and ramming plate. We also unlock a title. Mafioso and Agent. The final clothing pieces are in this rank. Story and Lore intigration for this area. As tensions mount in the major Financial and Waterfront areas of San Paro, the factions struggle to stem the losses. Record deaths on both sides of this conflict have lead Arlon Benjamin and Michael Simeone to convene in private. Michael Simeone reached out to mafIa contacts half a world away to provide much needed gusto and wealth. The Di'Pietro family now join the G-Kings and Bloodroses on the streets of San Paro. But they want favors in return. Criminals all over San Paro now fly to Old Town on the East Coast to handle business Old Style. But the criminal organizations are not alone in their pursuit to turn the tide. Justin Teng has called in reinforcements from the East. The Federal government has agreed to get involved. The Federal Investigation Unit (FIU) have arrived to give much needed support to the city of San Paro. In exchange they need CSA Enforcers to fly East to help bring down the Di'Pietro family. You thought crime was a hard fought war in San Paro? You haven't seen anything yet. To those tested in battle, it's time to answer the call. New District. Old Town. Welcome to the East. New Contacts. Mario Di'Pietro and David Anthony. New Weapons and Mod. Old Town Typewriter. Chrome Barrel I, II and III. New Vehicles. Patriot Model 1. Dolton Rover. New Clothes. Zoot Suit. Agent Suit.  Fight hard. Fight long. Fight Old Style.
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