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Found 324 results

  1. Buff Cisco, buff ISSR-a, buff Thumper, buff Cobr-a. ty Edit: And give us account bound CBMP "Arrow"
  2. -Remove R195 restriction for mods -Stop nerfing everything and making meaningless buffs, or overbuffing, OR nerfing one gun and buffing the alternative, usually end up in the same place you started -Stop putting guns into the grave (which by the way creates the problem of 1 gun becoming too powerful, simply because alternatives have been nuked) -Controversial revert the pioneer and espacio. They're genuinely pointless now with the vegas 4x4 still existing and matt himself said in one of the dev streams there's a vehicle counter nade coming YEAH I WENT BACK AND WATCHED THEM ALL, SOME OF YOU SHOULD TOO *cough* 1000 new players a day *cough* -Stop listening to people that don't play the game, or barely play (maybe listen to the streamers that put in working class hours into your game, they might have this thing called, uh, I dunno... experience relative to the current balance and not boomers from 8 years ago when the pop peaked in 2014 who log on once a month and give a thumbs up when the guns they hate the most don't ruin their kd as much) -Bring back 50/50 districts (or more if possible? Who cares about performance impact, game barely runs as it is, and 20 extra people helps alleviate the disaster headache that is matchmaking) -Anticheat, BE is disgustingly easy to bypass, EAC is free now, even if the backend doesn't work, or whatever the problem allegedly was, it was better than BE -More account bound weapons (yes some of us nerds have disposable income we'd instantly waste on those. It's disposable to us for a reason, you'd probably rather have it than idk, the liquor store or something, free $ for some text edits bud, and don't give me any nonsense about it's not just a text edit, you're not building kernals from scratch and the community members that claim it's hard either don't know or don't understand your backend and frontend, unless you've done the silly thing of giving them access to how it works) -Account bound vehicles (more $ for idk, whatever you do with the games income) None of these take a brand new engine to do
  3. xHenryman90x

    Daily Login Rewards

    Joker Boxes with legendaries that are account bound. I remember when we used to have Joker Boxes as rewards, but because the legendaries were tradeable, players abused this by creating multiple accounts.
  4. Finally someone who thinks like I do lol... attention to details! Oh btw, Matt, give us all those Halloween items in Armas pls. Account bound.
  5. why did you delete the character? armas is usually pretty clear about character bound vs account bound
  6. I am not a fan of this title, but I expected it to be account bound at least. Another disappointment with this event
  7. Hi everybody! A week ago I asked a question on the social district ingame about the weapon account bound upgrade. Let me clear up the situation. I have 2 chars on my account, one is a crim, the other one is an enfo. I have a char bound weapon on the crim, and if i know it right, i should have the opportunity to upgrade this weapon from char bound to account bound. But i don't have this opportunity. On the social ingame they said that i know it right, and it should work. I tried everything, but i can't see the discounted price for the update on the Armas Marketplace. They told me that i should write a ticket to the support, and i did it. It was a week ago. I got no answer at all... Im so disappointed right now. I don't know its a bug or something on my account, or why i can't see the discount price to upgrade? Please help me to get a proper answer for this, cuz i don't know that its a bug or what. Thanks!
  8. Is annoying to send everytime back and forth, honestly. Would love to see smth like you have the same one in every single character (like account bound) but if/when you put one on auction the other duplicated one will disappear of course from the other characters. Also allowing multiple attachments via mail would be.. so awesome.
  9. Everything in it should be account bound as described, not so sure about the weapon camos but i believe that's their default skin on each wep which you can later modify with other skins.
  10. I'm trying to upgrade a character bound weapon to an account bound one but the weapon I want to upgrade is still showing a full price of 2.7k G1C, any fixes for this?
  11. Hey im here to spread TheMaoci word, cause this needs to be told, and solved So b4 you even start to buying weapon: - test it on another account using try weapon now - if you like to buy weapon buy it BUT ... 1. Go to ARMAS 2. Select proper weapon you want to buy 3. Click on Try it now (dont ask just click - it gives you 35% off from the price - tested on premium account, dont know how it will occur on non premium one) 4. a) now we can start buying weapon account bound (if u not want to cause any "bugs") 4. b) if we want 2 weapons of same kind(on one character - thats the key word) for example 2x OSCAR NFCP3 - so we bought an character bound weapon and after that (we can login to character retrive this weapon thats how i do this) bought account bound (with 73% off - because we have an character bound) 5. now we have cheaper weapon by 35% account bound OR gun cheaper by ~20% with second copy on one character PS thats TheMaoci Screenshot - he throw that "bug" to Matt a longer while ago FIX SOLUTION: - deleting auto send weapon to character mail - adding button with function send this item to character (if item was bought already) / you can check that by purchase history or characters inventory - 2 statements above will prevent from strange duping thing and will eventually adds an secure to player so if he accidently remove weapon from character he will not need to create support ticket to retrive that back ... I could say that adding more rewartd for loyality (in ARMAS) should be done im already pass 40k G1C like twice propably - maybe other boxes/weapons/skins to select ? ... will be great to see thats coming on (about skins just a "select one from a list" type)
  12. Would it be possible to change the subject line to be more descriptive for e-mailed weapons, vehicles, purchased items, etc? Currently it shows [purchase] and I think [rewards] (I'm at work and can't verify this right now) for when you get items from joker boxes and from other methods. The problem with this is that if you have lots of e-mails (I have 15 pages of emails), some from joker box purchases others from account weapons, etc I don't believe there is any quick and easy way to see if the weapon is a permanent item or how long of a lease it is (i.e. - 10, 30, 180 day lease). For permanent items, can we at least change the text to read [permanent] or something along those lines? And maybe add something to the body of the e-mail that tells you if the item is a permanent item, account or character bound, or a lease for x amount of days? Part of the problem is that when you buy a pack of joker boxes and open them, it does so in one action and you don't see what you get. You have to go back in to game and check the e-mails to see what you opened. And then you can't tell if it is permanent or leased without retrieving the item. Back in the day, when you opened joker boxes, it was one box at a time and it showed you on the same screen what you unboxed. Thoughts on the above? Merged. Also came across [gift] last night. Still, no way to know whether or not it is a perm item account wide, perm item character bound, or a lease of x amount of days without retrieving the item. If changing the subject line is too cumbersome, it would be super helpful if the body of the e-mail explained the length of time and whether or not it is character or account bound. For the subject line, I was thinking something like: [PERM, ACCT] [PERM, CHAR] [LEASE, 10 D] [LEASE, 30 D] [LEASE, 180 D] And, nothing fancy in the body of the email is needed as you can see what the item is in the subject line, as well as by clicking on the attachment (but not retrieving it), just something along the lines of: Permanent, Account bound Permanent, Character bound Lease, x days Anybody else have other subject line and email text naming suggestions on how to differentiate between permanent - account, permanent - character and leases?
  13. Yeah, last time I was buying stuff for APB I really wanted Rhino kit account bound but on a... limited budget, hard to justify KTTW price tag.
  14. Tbh Kttw is fair. Imagine buying all those things separately.. It would cost almost twice the price. I love this pack, you get stuff such as rhino car and the charge mikro account bound, You get 3D glasses, you get ATAC with it's arguably the best modifications and a STAC. You also get some more stuff and those skins from many countries.
  15. oca nano and sitting duck are both joker box legendaries - not available as account bound options, nor are they available in any bundles check your other characters
  16. His argument makes perfect sense, and if these changes go through he won't be the only one pissed off. I own the TAS20 Stock (account bound), which has Improved Rifling 3 and Tagger, and use it often. This change outright destroys that gun, makes it unusable in actual gameplay. I'm already debating putting in a support ticket for a refund or variant exchange. This gets even worse if they choose to not limit the effect to shotguns, because then it would kill another gun I own, the Temptress. That one I can't even request a refund for, because it was obtained via non-paid methods, nor can I request a variant exchange, because it has no variants that would be valid to exchange. The gun would just be a hunk of wood and metal in my gun locker, forever.
  17. "repeat winners even on a different character were being kicked" As the skin will be account bound.
  18. You are damn stupid, do you know that? More than half of armas guns are available in JT but why are people still buying from Armas? Also what is this FREE you are talking about? Who's giving anything to anyone for free? You should seriously get your head out of your patootie, i have more than 7000hours, a player who spent arond 1700$s on 2 accounts , with 9 255 chars , a few low ranked ones. You are just a RANDOM PLAYER WHO IS ENTITLED TO NOTHING OTHER THAN THE PROMISED SERVICE. A service that you and i were promised. You couldnt even come up with a proper counter argument and you had to go look at out of context factors like join date to makeup .... well an argument.......... Also keep your insults to your self. You might need them lil princess ! OK HERE GOES AGAIN. Do not reply back to this or the thread, if you want come talk in PM. 1) I didnt suggest taking away armas items. There is literally a link posted on the first post showing the blog made by MattScott about "dropping unpopular items from armas" 2) You are just butthurt you spent money on something. Understand this princess, you paid for the item and you got the item before anybody else. You gave money and they gave you something. This in noway is gona make you more entitled. They didnt promise that they wont give it away for free, they didnt promise that they wont change it, they didnt promise you ANYTHING other than, giving you the item [char or account bound]... You are entitled to nothing other than that. Its just like paying for early access, you can EITHER pay for early access or wait till everyone gets on for FREE. 3) Most of the players will agree with me on the fact that those guns are just NOT worth it and are underrated because there are better counterparts . 4) Why would anyone spent a dime? To get the item they want, WHEN THEY WANT. You paid for a service which was delivered and thats it. Nobody, i mean NOBODY asked yo to spent any dime. You are talking like only you have spent money on this game.... FYI, i have 29 account bond weapons .
  19. I cant use carbine... But i have a stac 10 account bound 0 sloted and i run around with it rekting people... While a 3 sloted carbine just sits there eating dust...
  20. Well if they wanna prevent that they could make the fightclub and daily challenges account bound... with that i wanna say that it shares the progress of your daily's and fight club challenges across all characters Yeah, but what they mean is that doing this will harm people with more characters that default, because then those people would earn considerably less. The best way I see around it is making the JT account-wide but putting a weekly cap on it based on the number of active characters in your account. This might make it easier for people with additional character slots to earn JT in comparison to F2P players with less slots, but tbh people who payed for additional character slots kin of deserve the little advantage, the additional character slots need to have a bit more value than just another character in my opinion. I already wrote this above, but this time I wanted to add that the cap will be based on the number of characters in the account, which will balance it more I feel.
  21. Schoolgirl and goth schoolgirl packs account bound for a limited time? I have multiple characters, 1399 per character is a bit steep. Could also make all guns 50% off, but that might be a little too dark.
  22. Thats true i tried a proxy got lucky with the new glory, now its stuck on my enforcer its not tradable and i can not send it to other chars at my account to play with looks like i waste my money so better as character life time it won't get unfair if you ask me, second thing i never enter my country somewhere so for people who think to login on at vacation in the Belgium or Netherlands don't do it there is a chance that all guns you ever get with the boxes got stuck to Question for @MattScott Are the legendary's going to be account bounded or only for one char and i have to retry getting it on all my chars ?
  23. maybe we can get some actual new clothing now? or maybe some more account bound packs? at the very least can we get this artist to actually use the ingame symbol editor to make presets??????????
  24. we are a good bad example, the fractional percentage of millions of people who have tried apb and didn’t quit this is not a good ratio, and while i’m aware there are a lot of reasons people quit besides new player experience that doesn’t change the hundreds upon hundreds of negative reviews about said poor experience from a business standpoint new players are probably slightly more important, the gaming industry has been moving away from maintaining a small number of veteran players as “whales” and moving towards enticing a large number of players spending a small amount of money even little orbit recognizes this, evidenced by them lowering microtransaction prices and (supposedly) moving armas to account bound and then with apb’s specific situation, where id bet a large majority of veterans are aware that spending money on a game that 3 companies have consistently failed to improve is not a good idea, if they haven’t already purchased everything they want already at the end of the day neither group can be discarded - apb isn’t going to survive on the 600 veterans that still play, but changing apb to appeal to a constantly rotating population of new players will leave us high and dry when inevitably there’s no one new left to try the game
  25. Back when G1 was still around, some clothing items were made available, mainly some of the items from the Revelations pack. However, now when I look at those items on Armas there's no option to purchase them as account bound. Can we still buy them as account bound or was that feature scrapped all together?
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