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Found 332 results

  1. I think they should globalise JT among characters, as well as remove account bound and character bound on the JT store. Some of the prices there I feel do need streamlining.
  2. Not getting it (yet). But to those who have it Cheetah M2/Raptor SRX + Kit Is this include an account bound mikro or is it just the kits for crim and enf? thx
  3. no you can not , these are account bound. they would be better if they were lifetime bound
  4. that is if they're permanent account bound (or if bought for said new character xd)
  5. Currently there exists only one secondary weapon in-game. But yeah the starting grind is horrible unless you have account bound 3 slot weapons. Imo they should have rank locked districts. Even if someone would create a new char to stomp noobs they would still be bound by rank restrictions on char and weapon mods...
  6. BlatMan

    Ignore list

    What they need to do is make the ignore list account bound for both players. If I ignore any character, the entire account should be blocked. Then I would not need to have 10+ characters ignored to block a single person. They also need to make it so you are not searchable if you have "Share location with searching players" unchecked. The search feature is only used to stalk and harass. Maybe it's better to remove it entirely.
  7. This was like reading the intro sequence to star wars Yea there are a lot of fundamental issues with everything in this game. The only thing that aged well is the customization, it is still by far the most in-depth and lets me make the characters I WANT to make. Games these days have such terrible face models where no one is allowed to look hot or handsome because it will offend someone im sure. Missions I hard agree on, none of them are fun. They attempted to expand the mission roster but the mission types are all the same and they're all terribly designed. I think a HUGE stepping stone for this game would be to start over from scratch a lot of this game's systems when it comes to combat. I think everyone agrees that VIP is the WORST mission your sorry butt could get stuck doing. If your team is newer and your opposing are veterans you can count on your VIP getting rushed by them in a VEGAS until the game is done with. The runner up for worst mission would have to be the ones where you take the item to your base and defend it. God forbid that it's a heavy objective because it will be taking you 3 years to get it anywhere and once you loose momentum the game is over before that last objective started. There are countless other examples but missions are more or less Go here -> Do task -> Go here -> Do task - Go here -> Do task -> alright now for a 7 minute deathmatch. Can we just skip all that intro garbage and just go to the mission's finale? It just feels like such a waste of time to struggle over breaking into a car for 4 minutes getting absolutely slaughtered to have to deliver the car only to do a similar objective for 6 minutes. Missions should be short and chaotic, Have 1-3 objects per dispatch and have like 5 vs 5 player minimum. This would be FAR more fun than the constant 2v2, 2v3, and 3v3 the matchmaking CONSTANTLY puts you in. I personally hate this game's modification system. There is a clear meta for certain things and a lot of the struggle with balancing this game stems from these mods. Imagine if all the guns in the game had no mod slots. Think about how easy it would be to balance them all. Because right now you more or less have to ruin the base gun because people put HS3 and IR3 on it, or CJ3 and RS3. Then there are character mods and just about everyone runs Clotting agent three or you're just at a disadvantage. I've been running 2 as of late and have been liking it. So my proposed solution would be to remove mod tiers, example: Take CJ1, CJ2, CJ3 and replace them all with just 1 mod: Cooling Jacket This would allow for LO to instead of having to screw with every gun in the game to try and balance it to only have to worry about the handful of mods that someone COULD put on the gun. I just feel like this would be the best compromise of keeping mods in the game while also sliming it down to be more coherent. Then when something like this is done go back and make the base weapons stronger and have these mods be a tool for players to *nudge* a weapon in a direction of their choosing VS making it a MUST to have these mods on the gun. Next progression in the game is also not amazing. I think the idea is there, that you gain trust/respect from contacts by doing missions for them which in turn they give you better gear. But this style of leveling is only suitable for a game that is PVE focused. Which APB has none of ATM outside of ram raiding. I think a compromise here would be to change what contacts give as rewards. The whole idea behind leveling is that when you do hit that max rank your character should look the best they can or at least have the tools to do that. So I would remove any mods, and guns from contacts and instead pump them up more with "gear" like clothing, cars, and character cosmetics like new hairs, makeup tattoos, and beards. Then have combat related stuff be tied to an account bound check list like the one that's already in game (but is currently character bound). Now all of what im thinking of needs to be woven together by a dev team that can weave all these changes together, and I know that some things are more important than others. Content being one of them and stability fixes is the other. But these are the things that I hope to see completely overhauled soon(tm)
  8. Is annoying to send everytime back and forth, honestly. Would love to see smth like you have the same one in every single character (like account bound) but if/when you put one on auction the other duplicated one will disappear of course from the other characters. Also allowing multiple attachments via mail would be.. so awesome.
  9. Everything in it should be account bound as described, not so sure about the weapon camos but i believe that's their default skin on each wep which you can later modify with other skins.
  10. I'm trying to upgrade a character bound weapon to an account bound one but the weapon I want to upgrade is still showing a full price of 2.7k G1C, any fixes for this?
  11. Hey im here to spread TheMaoci word, cause this needs to be told, and solved So b4 you even start to buying weapon: - test it on another account using try weapon now - if you like to buy weapon buy it BUT ... 1. Go to ARMAS 2. Select proper weapon you want to buy 3. Click on Try it now (dont ask just click - it gives you 35% off from the price - tested on premium account, dont know how it will occur on non premium one) 4. a) now we can start buying weapon account bound (if u not want to cause any "bugs") 4. b) if we want 2 weapons of same kind(on one character - thats the key word) for example 2x OSCAR NFCP3 - so we bought an character bound weapon and after that (we can login to character retrive this weapon thats how i do this) bought account bound (with 73% off - because we have an character bound) 5. now we have cheaper weapon by 35% account bound OR gun cheaper by ~20% with second copy on one character PS thats TheMaoci Screenshot - he throw that "bug" to Matt a longer while ago FIX SOLUTION: - deleting auto send weapon to character mail - adding button with function send this item to character (if item was bought already) / you can check that by purchase history or characters inventory - 2 statements above will prevent from strange duping thing and will eventually adds an secure to player so if he accidently remove weapon from character he will not need to create support ticket to retrive that back ... I could say that adding more rewartd for loyality (in ARMAS) should be done im already pass 40k G1C like twice propably - maybe other boxes/weapons/skins to select ? ... will be great to see thats coming on (about skins just a "select one from a list" type)
  12. Would it be possible to change the subject line to be more descriptive for e-mailed weapons, vehicles, purchased items, etc? Currently it shows [purchase] and I think [rewards] (I'm at work and can't verify this right now) for when you get items from joker boxes and from other methods. The problem with this is that if you have lots of e-mails (I have 15 pages of emails), some from joker box purchases others from account weapons, etc I don't believe there is any quick and easy way to see if the weapon is a permanent item or how long of a lease it is (i.e. - 10, 30, 180 day lease). For permanent items, can we at least change the text to read [permanent] or something along those lines? And maybe add something to the body of the e-mail that tells you if the item is a permanent item, account or character bound, or a lease for x amount of days? Part of the problem is that when you buy a pack of joker boxes and open them, it does so in one action and you don't see what you get. You have to go back in to game and check the e-mails to see what you opened. And then you can't tell if it is permanent or leased without retrieving the item. Back in the day, when you opened joker boxes, it was one box at a time and it showed you on the same screen what you unboxed. Thoughts on the above? Merged. Also came across [gift] last night. Still, no way to know whether or not it is a perm item account wide, perm item character bound, or a lease of x amount of days without retrieving the item. If changing the subject line is too cumbersome, it would be super helpful if the body of the e-mail explained the length of time and whether or not it is character or account bound. For the subject line, I was thinking something like: [PERM, ACCT] [PERM, CHAR] [LEASE, 10 D] [LEASE, 30 D] [LEASE, 180 D] And, nothing fancy in the body of the email is needed as you can see what the item is in the subject line, as well as by clicking on the attachment (but not retrieving it), just something along the lines of: Permanent, Account bound Permanent, Character bound Lease, x days Anybody else have other subject line and email text naming suggestions on how to differentiate between permanent - account, permanent - character and leases?
  13. Very late edit, just realized you asked about Armas, somehow I read Joker, my bad Off the top of my head AP45, 4x4 customizable with kits, NSSW (3slot), Atac (3slot), TAS/CSG, whatever has the option to be account bound, it's worth it. And avoid buying reskins or items that are given as loyalty awards
  14. R3ACT3M

    Weapon reskins.

    I have a feeling LO might want to totally remove the armas. Make JT more mainstream. I like how the purchasing of them goes. You buy enough JT not only do you get a chance at a legendary but you can also spend enough to get a golden box that can yield some awesome goodies. Maybe make ARMAS simply an account bound only type deal, since that's the only stuff I buy there now Be kinda stupid to by a character bound gun since most are in the JT. (I know not all, like the norseman for example)
  15. Said it before, and I'll say it again. If they added DMR-AV PR3 which added 3-Point Sling 3 or Bandolier 3, I would purchase it account-bound immediately despite already having DMR-AV PR1.
  16. Schoolgirl and goth schoolgirl packs account bound for a limited time? I have multiple characters, 1399 per character is a bit steep. Could also make all guns 50% off, but that might be a little too dark.
  17. Hi everybody! A week ago I asked a question on the social district ingame about the weapon account bound upgrade. Let me clear up the situation. I have 2 chars on my account, one is a crim, the other one is an enfo. I have a char bound weapon on the crim, and if i know it right, i should have the opportunity to upgrade this weapon from char bound to account bound. But i don't have this opportunity. On the social ingame they said that i know it right, and it should work. I tried everything, but i can't see the discounted price for the update on the Armas Marketplace. They told me that i should write a ticket to the support, and i did it. It was a week ago. I got no answer at all... Im so disappointed right now. I don't know its a bug or something on my account, or why i can't see the discount price to upgrade? Please help me to get a proper answer for this, cuz i don't know that its a bug or what. Thanks!
  18. i second this also add account bound clothing packs thx
  19. oca nano and sitting duck are both joker box legendaries - not available as account bound options, nor are they available in any bundles check your other characters
  20. I cant use carbine... But i have a stac 10 account bound 0 sloted and i run around with it rekting people... While a 3 sloted carbine just sits there eating dust...
  21. why did you delete the character? armas is usually pretty clear about character bound vs account bound
  22. You are damn stupid, do you know that? More than half of armas guns are available in JT but why are people still buying from Armas? Also what is this FREE you are talking about? Who's giving anything to anyone for free? You should seriously get your head out of your patootie, i have more than 7000hours, a player who spent arond 1700$s on 2 accounts , with 9 255 chars , a few low ranked ones. You are just a RANDOM PLAYER WHO IS ENTITLED TO NOTHING OTHER THAN THE PROMISED SERVICE. A service that you and i were promised. You couldnt even come up with a proper counter argument and you had to go look at out of context factors like join date to makeup .... well an argument.......... Also keep your insults to your self. You might need them lil princess ! OK HERE GOES AGAIN. Do not reply back to this or the thread, if you want come talk in PM. 1) I didnt suggest taking away armas items. There is literally a link posted on the first post showing the blog made by MattScott about "dropping unpopular items from armas" 2) You are just butthurt you spent money on something. Understand this princess, you paid for the item and you got the item before anybody else. You gave money and they gave you something. This in noway is gona make you more entitled. They didnt promise that they wont give it away for free, they didnt promise that they wont change it, they didnt promise you ANYTHING other than, giving you the item [char or account bound]... You are entitled to nothing other than that. Its just like paying for early access, you can EITHER pay for early access or wait till everyone gets on for FREE. 3) Most of the players will agree with me on the fact that those guns are just NOT worth it and are underrated because there are better counterparts . 4) Why would anyone spent a dime? To get the item they want, WHEN THEY WANT. You paid for a service which was delivered and thats it. Nobody, i mean NOBODY asked yo to spent any dime. You are talking like only you have spent money on this game.... FYI, i have 29 account bond weapons .
  23. just adding on that secondary weapons are all standardized to $12 usd ($10 usd premium) for character bound and $15 usd ($12 usd premium) for account bound
  24. "repeat winners even on a different character were being kicked" As the skin will be account bound.
  25. Unlocks obtained for events = ACCOUNT BOUND PLS. Instead of doing each character
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