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  1. its ok this is funnier than it is a problem, we still love you mr scooter
  2. that is DESKTOP resolution. Players in games very often use 1024x768. A lot of players on apb have their res as 1024x768. Whether it be for that extra fps stability or just because they like it. Players like tarik, kennyS, and JacKz in csgo's pro scene use 1024x768 as a res(all players in top 10 teams)There's a reason for it. It fits their liking. Also, black bars or stretched is another preference. I don't see why remove it.
  3. Aseri

    Remove PIG

    it's high risk high reward, the reload and equip time are already way above the average times. if you get PIG'd, you fucked up.
  4. the ursus is meta, yes, but I really do feel like the normal N-TEC trumps it, at least, that's what I switch to when someone uses an ursus, either that or the Obeya CR762, sometimes the Joker SR15 Carbine depending on the spot the mission takes place in. As for your reply to me, I don't even agree with certain players being in the new player district. I don't think weapons should be barred off, however. I also think you're focusing too much on that part. What I'm trying to say is that it's not the weapons that are the problem, it's the players that abuse the system. The weapons aren't what need changing. What needs to be found is a way to combat the players who are obviously more experienced than a new player district. Though I guess the issue with that is finding a way for new players to even get missions with the game's current population.
  5. my forum join date doesn't even get close to showing how long i've been playing, so i don't doubt his play time from just that.
  6. I feel like this is an even worse preposition. It's accepting dethreatters and not trying to combat them. In fact, I feel like dethreatters would want to dethreat even more because people are limited to little to no gear. "yeah ok dethreatters exist, so let's limit their gear so it's harder for them to kill new players in a game where all that really matters is your gameplay and not your equipment." Sorry sir, this makes less sense than the OP's post.
  7. stopped reading after you called a gun that is mediocre at best "pay to win." if you're gonna call something pay to win at least call something that's meta p2w. Either way though, every gun in this game can be countered by a free unlockable weapon. All that matters is how you play the game. Your friends got decimated? Yeah, this game isn't very new player friendly, and that is what needs to change, but not by preventing them from seeing the guns the game has to offer(that aren't unbalanced). I really hope this idea never takes flight because its not a very good one. Sidenote, I'm a completely free to play player with the exception of clothes from armas and an N-TEC reskin.
  8. the NL9 shots disappear after 50 meters, therefore you are full of shit and this is a lie.
  9. wash ur hands even after this whole virus thing is over thanks, aseri
  10. strife damage should not be touched. you wanna shorten the range?yeah, sure, but the damage is there because of its incredibly slow firerate. instead of losing 10m, the pmg should only lose 5 imo, leaving it at 30m dropoff setting it in line with the oca. I'm not sure why you want to drop the pig's dmg, LTL is hard to achieve results with and although it's strong, the PIG is high risk high reward with its one shot and long reload, would not suggest tweaking it. most other things im not bothered by.
  11. it pisses me off that i didn't realize there was a bee at first and just read it as be kind. welcome to the apb community Sakabee, thanks for introducing yourself.
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