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  1. the NL9 shots disappear after 50 meters, therefore you are full of shit and this is a lie.
  2. wash ur hands even after this whole virus thing is over thanks, aseri
  3. strife damage should not be touched. you wanna shorten the range?yeah, sure, but the damage is there because of its incredibly slow firerate. instead of losing 10m, the pmg should only lose 5 imo, leaving it at 30m dropoff setting it in line with the oca. I'm not sure why you want to drop the pig's dmg, LTL is hard to achieve results with and although it's strong, the PIG is high risk high reward with its one shot and long reload, would not suggest tweaking it. most other things im not bothered by.
  4. it pisses me off that i didn't realize there was a bee at first and just read it as be kind. welcome to the apb community Sakabee, thanks for introducing yourself.
  5. normal oca was nerfed like a month ago, the changes from that nerf wasnt applied to the silenced versions of the oca. Whisper time to kill was 0.64 instead of 0.7 like the new oca
  6. give me my freaking witch hat halloween reward :(, it's literally the only thing i was looking forward to this halloween. its cool that you guys made new rewards, and dont get me wrong, i like some of them, but they're not items id spend time grinding for because they just simply dont fit my appeal or my outfitting choices. all i want is the witch hat, which i waited an entire year for since my current main character was created during christmas of last year. please and thank you, ily.
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