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  1. We need a system to prevent afk from entering the game mode. There's at least one person who've been afk everytime i end up in her team (ended up 4 time in 2 days with the same afk) Always nice to respawn at the oposite of the map because you've got an afk in a red zone with definitely not enought time to cross the map Oh yea and maybe start recording people kills
  2. New idea take clawdia from the we can't do this put and "reverse it" with the all the letters and you get something like : CLAWDIA REXDDAX V V Out of the letters you eassily get : RED and VAX
  3. Someone tried to do something with the newsletter form ? Pretty sure there something to get from it like using cypher mailbox to get a mail from the newsletter But currently i can't get the other error that are in the .js (seem like it dosen't care) and there's a newsletter.php file so it as do to something Edit the server currently redirect to the home page so i guess it's intended
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