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  1. 6 hours ago, a Pair of Socks said:

    Looks like you took an image from google and pasted it onto a shirt / hoodie, just like all the chinese companies on amazon that will be 15 dollars and horribly shit quality when delivered.

    Perfect for representing APB, I approve.

    clothes made to order. bright. luxury fabric. ultra hd print. the only mistake is that the picture was enlarged and did not fit completely on the clothes. there is no bottom of the picture. cars. but I did not send the goods back. left at home

  2. 9 minutes ago, Solamente said:

    this is impossible tbh


    a macro automates user input - it can only affect the same things that a legitimate player could


    the rfp can fire once every .35s, a macro can be programmed to fire perfectly every .35s (if we ignore things like latency and framerates but whatever) but a macro cannot force the rfp to fire more than once every .35s 


    are you sure you didn't confuse the mountie 'yukon' with the rfp? the yukon has a similar burst fire function when in marksmanship mode but can also fire full auto from the hip

    one more. impossible is what you write. turned on the fool. exactly RFP. I saw and heard this shooting. do not text me anymore. I have no desire to communicate with you. all the more so to prove something. admins can close the topic. I do not know how. for further consideration. I think I said everything

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  3. 13 минут назад NotZombieBiscuit сказал:

    Нет. Макрос срабатывает с той же скоростью и точностью, как если бы вы щелкали в нужное время.

    Макросы не перекрывают пределы скорострельности. Вы не можете полностью автоматически запросить RFP, это не заставляет вас стрелять быстро или более точно по любому отдельному оружию, это не превращает полуавтоматический режим в полностью автоматический.


    Если вы думаете, что макрос - это хорошо, вам нужно изучить оружие. Если вам нужно всего лишь 1-3 часа сидеть на парковке, чтобы сократить время, и вы будете знать это на всю жизнь. Это как езда на велосипеде. Я могу вернуться в APB после нескольких месяцев не играть и все еще иметь идеальный тайм-аут без каких-либо ошибок. 


    Хорошая часть этого заключается в том, что вы сможете гораздо больше приспособиться к любой ситуации, чем макрос, и в долгосрочной перспективе сделает вас лучшим игроком, чем любой макрос.




  4. I think on the topic you can understand what I offer. for those who do not know. proposal to introduce video tracking of death after death in APB. even better with the ability to record and send to support. what do you think about this?

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  5. 12 hours ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Yes, macros allow you to shoot as quickly as possible. But it is no faster than normal clicking. The timing for the guns in APB are not hard to learn and maintain for any competent player. However as a macro user you are now locked in at the singular fire rate and cannot adjust in certain situations. 


    No, it is not accurate as possible because you are now firing as fast as possible. You could make a macro to fire as accurate as possible at a slower fire speed but you run in to the same issues above.



    much faster, more precisely, WITHOUT ANY ERRORS. The macro is programmed with at least two buttons. at best on the left mouse button. with one button when you need it you activate the macro, the other shoots in normal mode if you need it. What devices are you talking about in certain situations? you read me badly. didn’t watch a video on the Internet? familiarize yourself before writing here. above I wrote about sophisticated weapons and timing. an example of OSCAR, OBEYA, JOKER CARBINE and other weapons with similar mechanics. and how they shoot from such weapons WITHOUT ANY ERRORS, DELAYS, or LOSS OF TIME. perfect. like with a machine gun. By the way, I remembered one case)) a gun !!! JOKER RFP 9. the player shot him like a submachine gun)) I said that I was writing a video on him, sending him to the support service and he would get a ban. I didn’t see him again. and all this thanks to the macro. is an ordinary person capable of this? I doubt very much. a macro is not only speed and accuracy, but also the exception of errors

  6. 42 minutes ago, NotZombieBiscuit said:

    Name me a single advantage that a macro gives in APB.

    are you kidding? well. especially for you and the others write. with a good macro you shoot as quickly and accurately as possible. such a player is difficult to beat. reshoot. at least the same weapon. enough? more detail I wrote above. I will not repeat myself. by far and without a doubt this advantage in the game and you know it. if the macro does not give advantages, why use it then?

  7. 2 hours ago, RageKitty said:

    who uses macros in apb? if youre facing a more veteran player, WHO knows the mechanics. youre going to get your butt destroyed. its the beast of the game. you don't get good over night. if that's what youre expecting in apb. go play CoD or something dude. 

    who uses macros in APB? what kind of stupid question? do you go online at all? there you will find enough material and video on this issue. what can I play I'll figure it out without you. another "Pro player" telling me about "experience". you have one answer. the inexperience of the player. I described my experience above. you macro players are just afraid of losing that advantage in the game. therefore, such a reaction. God forbid will begin to distribute bans for macro or level the chances in the game. what to do then it will be? I with pleasure will look at your " experience"

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  8. 14 hours ago, swft said:

    Learn the firerates and you won't care about others macroing bud

    what? Seriously? will you tell me this? 😄




    14 hours ago, swft said:

    Learn the firerates and you won't care about others macroing bud

    A macro holds a fire button and shoots fast at the same pace. he only needs to aim. I practically die on the spot before I can do anything. I’m also trying to aim, but at the same time I try to maintain the return, which is more difficult to do. I'm not a robot to keep the same timing between shots where every millisecond can play a decisive role. a good macro will shoot me. all the more, I do not believe in such timing for players handling complex weapons, when the mechanics of a weapon do not make a shot without falling into the timing. this is a risk every time, this is a possible loss of time, but these players always have everything perfect. they shoot like a machine gun at the same pace. no need to tell me here

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  9. if it’s difficult to fight with macros, then I propose to make all the mechanics of weapons similar to macros in order to balance forces and chances in the game




    for macros generally give a ban? I'm on the verge of temptation. I'm tired of playing not in equal conditions. those who were unhappy with the first record are obviously macros

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  10. I personally used to play well, long before work with servers began. but if lagged, then I saw about where I was. Now I seem to be playing, but if she comes in, she comes in hard. stood on the roof in the end already somewhere below. I press reload and nothing happens. I'm waiting. what is happening at this time one god knows. I love the game, but I lose the desire to play it. despite premiums and so on, discounts. Thanks, of course, but the problem with the lags is much more serious and important than this. I know that work is going on. I hope very soon there will be no lags

  11. APB music is divine dear Matt and LO. every time I listen and think that I heard everything, but again I find good music. very cool selection. I wonder who created it... without music APB at all raze. on a note. music and APB are inseparable. this atmosphere... love APB. Thanks. Russia

  12. fight club usually has a full one district. no one's going to the second district. no one wants to wait online. everyone is waiting for a free space in the full area. I think this is also a problem and we need to change the system. come up with something else. I also hate the long activation of weapons. let's say shooting with a sniper, a very long time to activate the gun after. it's infuriating. kill me. I've got my sights set, ready to fire, but I can't. I hate it. all very long in this game

  13. 14 hours ago, MattScott said:

    Hi all,


    As of 8am we went live with the new Anti DDoS solution.


    The team has been monitoring all afternoon, and it’s looking good so far. Seeing some nice low latency just in time for the holiday weekend.


    For those US-based Jericho players who have been frustrated, I encourage you to give it a shot.


    This solution uses a combination of systems, many of which had to be installed at the edge network in front of our gateway and servers. It was originally scheduled to go live in April, but our provider kept delaying due to conflicts with some of the other tenants using the same network.


    Hopefully this is a good step in the right direction.




    I get thrown out of the game when I change weapons. opening inventory. in fight club. and then scan the files. reinstalled the game, it helped, but not for long. creator. fix it already. How much can you write here??? Hate it. until this game starts... until you enter the password... very long. I don't have a weak computer. I don't want to watch those videos. remove all downloads. I'm not going to play it. previously, this problem was not. where else should I write to be heard??? I hope you understand me. for the interpreter such... let the game open quickly without unnecessary problems. who needs to let watches these videos and downloads elsewhere. I was thrown out of the game and I don't want to go there anymore and wait

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  14. as usual love the game with the subsequent scanning of the files in the nuthouse when changing weapons. god. fix this problem already. I'm speechless. pisses me off wildly

  15. Anyways what I can say. In any case, the game looks better. And this is not the final screen. It's not even let me uninstall 3.5, and like 4 then I want to do. 

    But until that I still see what the clumsiness buildings on a map, objects. 

    All the same with square corners. Either that's the style of play and they won't change it. Or I don't know. It would be possible to make the graphics like GTA 5 does not? Objects, buildings. But the mechanics, movement, management of the person to leave the same. Ah purely to clumsiness this to remove objects. Lots of angles. Past age. If they want the game to look modern

  16. Tired

    BEZ-IMENI.jpgI'm tired of writing here. departure to a psychiatric hospital by opening the inventory I or immediately after the resurrection to open the box of the cartridge by pressing 4 or 5 error. the files are then re-downloaded. every time... I'm angry.

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