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  1. I'm not 100% certain this is the most appropriate place to ask this, but - I had backed the original project at the $165 (art) tier and was pretty interested in the whole 'behind the scenes' angle of that, giving input on things like art direction and npc/creature design. Is that something that is being done with the new project / team or no?

  2. I had honestly pushed this out of my memory some time back and had kind of figured I should just chock it up to a loss, but saw in an email the property's been shifted into new hands - looks like there's some promise here! I -really- loved Tactics to the point I'm playing through it -again- with the 1.3 hack, and seeing its spiritual successor come to be has been...an experience so far.

    Anyway, glad to make the acquaintance of others still clinging to hope.

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