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  1. Yea, deffinetly something to do during down time. As for the other bit, I’m just baffled by the amount of people who insist the game is perfect in its current state.
  2. I think being worried about new content taking the dwindling population away from the mission is just asasine. counterintuitive.... as far as the naysayers are concerned. Glad you agree that we could use some kinda minigame or something of the like. Im full aware that there are more pressing matters such as engine upgrade. just a suggestion for devs to consider An interesting idea. Could pay with regular in-game moneys. Yea, maybe these new contacts will bring something like that. That had kinda slipped my mind ‘til now
  3. Nope, I think I’m onto something. It would be great to have some sort of target practice mini-game and to be rewarded a small amount of joker tickets for it would be even better.
  4. This is a mess. Have some sort of paragraph structure. ill never understand people who don’t put in that effort. no way I’m reading this disaster.
  5. Mini-game to make joker tickets that is PVE. Challenging of course. Maybe some kind of platforming or some kind of timed target mini-game. I think that would be cool.
  6. Patootie is a word that should never be used under any circumstances. Shame on you
  7. I was gold for most of my APB career....then I sold my computer and built a new one out of spare parts. Much inferior. Now my frames drop to zero at every single critical moment always. thiugh I have to say... I recall playing this game on worse systems. Like old laptops I used to have. Seems it’s only gotten worse hmmm
  8. My thoughts exactly. It’s sounds like the game had needed to be rebuilt entirely, and that some systems could potentially be missing from the game or different altogether. This is a bit concerning
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