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  1. There's a Reddit post that covers very similar RAM to yours then, anything above 3000 on Hynix should be considered a success for 1st gen Ryzen. 3200 is probably an utopia for your setup. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/6pksas/ryzen_ddr4_3200_c16_hynix_3066_success/
  2. Lyfeld


    I agree with the ease-of-use argument most have put there, but I would say that going with no red mods at all (or HB1 for a tiny improvement in tap/burst) is the best route. Even HS3 compromises hipfire and FOV in marksmanship mode, although the base FOV is good enough to not be in issue in most situations. Mobility Sling is the only mod which you really can't argue against on the ATAC. As far as marksmanship mode CQC weapons go though, I much prefer the Manic to the ATAC since it's far more useful in the current shotgun-dominated meta. It requires some extra recoil control (which is an advantage IMO, it's too powerful to be easy to use) and is a bit more limited in range. However it has a much improved TTK over regular ATAC and much higher sustained accuracy than CJ3 ATAC, which is essentially a poor man's Manic. Even with the Manic putting up some stiff competition against the ATAC, the ATAC is better off than many other similar guns, such as the VAS C2, Condor, and especially the Tommygun. Also, its marksmanship strafing speed is really good for an assault rifle. So I don't think the ATAC needs a buff, or a nerf for that matter. On the topic of the Watchman itself, it's yet another example of why pre-modded weapons are useless. It really should be 2 open slots plus the silencer, since it's a waste of a pretty good skin right now.
  3. I think early BIOSes had massive issues with memory stability on Ryzen, so upgrading the BIOS to the latest version should help as well. Also, is your Trident Z kit 3200 CL16 or 3200 CL14? The memory chips in those are usually made by different manufacturers, with the CL14 (Samsung) being the "ideal" one for Ryzen. The only way to really be sure is to run Thaiphoon Burner and click "Read", then "Report", and see whether it's Samsung or Hynix.
  4. It actually hurts to read that, having some of the best RAM for Ryzen (if not THE best) and running it at such a low speed. The "infinity fabric" that connects the cores with each other and the cache runs as fast (or slow) as the RAM, so 2133Mhz is going to cause a huge bottleneck for the Ryzen. Take the time to overclock that RAM, get it to 3200Mhz stable (ideally CL14 or lower, but a Trident Z should do it easily), and once you're done with that try to reach 3.8Ghz+ with the CPU. Yes, it's possible with the stock cooler. Also, it makes no sense that you bought a high end RAM kit (to then run it at low speed) and didn't get an SSD. Even a small 120/250GB unit will do wonders, both for the OS and smaller games such as APB. Though this should have less of an impact on the game than the above CPU and RAM speeds. If you don't know where to start with OCing the RAM, I suggest you look here: https://www.overclock.net/forum/13-amd-general/1640919-ryzen-dram-calculator-1-1-0-beta-2-overclocking-dram-am4.html
  5. Lyfeld

    PMG suggestion

    I'm quoting the post I made on a different thread since an in-game developer told me during the prototype testing it was better to post in-depth suggestions on separate threads. This is about possible changes to the PMG, which many players (myself included) feel is overpowered and too one-dimensional at the moment.
  6. Lyfeld

    OCA Whisper intrinsic benefits

    The regular OCA can equip Cooling Jacket almost for free, so, I'd say no. Otherwise there would be little point to the Whisper as others have pointed out.
  7. Lyfeld

    Weapon Balancing

    First off, it looks like you're confusing bloom and recoil. - Bloom is the accuracy penalty that results from firing or moving too much, depending on your weapon. Bloom is what makes your crosshair bigger and its effect on accuracy is random and can't be compensated consistently. - Recoil is the crosshair's movement caused by the weapon firing (instead of by the player's mouse). For example, an N-Tec will move the crosshair upwards with each shot fired. This can be compensated by manually using the mouse to put the crosshair back on target, in this example by moving it downwards. The N-SSW/SW2 with Heavy Barrel 2 recovers more bloom than it generates in between shots, which means that even though the crosshair grows and shrinks, it effectively has zero bloom. So there would be no point at all in using HB3, even if it meant keeping the 6 shots to kill. This also shows why the weapon is not underpowered at all, since its range is still above and beyond that of any assault rifle. Only the Obeya can kill nearly as fast at 65 meters, and it's far less forgiving. The average vehicle DPS it has (which is still pretty good if you compare it with non-LMGs) makes sense since the weapon is an AR/LMG hybrid. As for the M-1922, the Hazardous has extremely poor modification choices. An open-slot M-1922 with Hunting Sight 3 (to gain a real accuracy benefit over OCAs and the like) and Magazine Pull 3 will be much more efficient for instance. Regardless of this, I do agree that the Tommygun wouln't mind a small buff. Perhaps some extra effective range (up to 40m) or a better marksmanship modifier could be implemented. Right now it kind of struggles against other weapons with a similar role, especially the Manic.
  8. Lyfeld

    Weapon Balancing

    Perhaps the reason is that shotguns are even more disgusting to play against nowadays, but that might change soon. The PMG is clearly overpowered, its additional accuracy over the OCA, kills per mag and lower shots to kill weigh a lot more than the OCA's measly 0.05s TTK advantage. And let's not even get started about other SMGs such as the ACES, Curse or M-1922. What I'd do is simply lowering bloom recovery to the point that holding down LMB leaves you with hipfire-STAR level accuracy at best, and require tap firing at an interval of about 0.250s to completely negate bloom. That would have a double benefit, first off it would make the weapon more balanced compared to other SMGs and especially carbines, but also give it a unique playstyle within the SMG category so it can differentiate itself from the also bloomless OCA. These stats would accomplish the above: Shot Modifier Cap: 0.50 -> 2.00 Recovery Per Second: 7.20 -> 3.60 (Effective bloom per shot: ca. 0.23 from 0.00) Effectively, this would mean that after 8 shots are fired, the PMG would reach its bloom cap and become inaccurate much like a hipfired assault rifle. Firing more slowly or in bursts can easily mitigate that bloom, making the weapon still more than viable. Also, Cooling Jacket would be situational and risky rather than a straight upgrade. As for grenades, I'd simply remove the ability to resupply them in anyway and make them usable on a small cooldown, unaffected by premium of course. The cooldown could be something like 30s for heavy grenades and 20-25s for low yields. This would remove grenade spam and benefit players who can stay alive. The only problem I see with this is that Espacios and Pioneers will be even more of a pain to destroy than they are now, but those will have to be addressed at some point regardless of how grenades work.
  9. Lyfeld

    Ryzen 3 2200G

    If you have a 2000 series standalone CPU (not APU) don't bother with OCing. Try to get your memory running at the highest possible frequency with a low CAS latency. The stock turbo boost technology from these new CPUs will outperform any manual OC you can do for single threaded tasks.
  10. Lyfeld

    Ryzen 3 2200G

    As with any APU, it will be bandwidth starved so the performance depends on the speed of whatever RAM you pair it with. https://www.techspot.com/review/1574-amd-ryzen-5-2400g-and-ryzen-3-2200g/page8.html Note that dual channel gives you a massive boost (never run a 2200G on a single ram stick), and 3000 and 3200 are the sweet spot for a build with this APU. Obviously, store bought PCs will just run the cheapest 2133Mhz single channel memory possible, so steer clear of those if you want an APU. The problem with this is of course, RAM prices. 8GB is a bit low for a system that needs to run its graphics card off system RAM, whereas 16 GB of 3000 or 3200Mhz memory will probably cost you more than the APU itself. At least CAS latency isn't really a priority with the APUs, so you can take the cheapest two stick, 3000Mhz kit you find. The upside is that an overclocked (4Ghz-ish) Ryzen with properly set up memory will perform brilliantly in APB.
  11. I think the higher accuracy (and 40m range) are due to the Whisper and Kris using different base stats, and not the mod. For example, the Silverado SD has the same mod, but doesn't have the Whisper's intrinsic benefits. Strangely enough however, it also equips Cooling Jacket and the red silencer at the same time. As for the change, it wouldn't make any sense to remove the crouch bonus from the Whisper and keep it on the PMG, especially if the entire OCA range is being nerfed as well. Though honestly the PMG needs much bigger nerfs than having its crouch accuracy decreased. The only excuse to keep it as it is right now is the state of shotguns, but aside from that the weapon has been blatantly overpowered for years.
  12. I've been doing this for quite a while (using a batch file to create the symlinks automatically every time I launch the game) and I would recommend it to anyone with 16+ GB of RAM. While it won't give higher FPS on an SSD it'll help with IO related micro freezes, and it will preserve SSDs from wear. Hard drive users should certainly feel the difference. However I think there's no point in asking for a RAM asset cache, since this will without a doubt be a thing in Unreal 3.5, and I don't think the developers will want to spend effort into putting band-aids onto an old engine when the new one is already nearing completion. Also, the RamDiskUI ("C:\Program Files\ImDisk\RamDiskUIprogram" for example) that comes with ImDisk Toolkit has more features than the configuration tool shown here, including the ability to allocate the RAM disk's space dynamically. This is useful for those who play other more modern games and don't want to disable their RAM disk to meet their additional RAM requirements.
  13. This not being implemented might have been intentional, since the silencer decreases horizontal recoil but adds vertical recoil, which is just about the opposite of what you want in a RFP. As for the 30m vs 40m situation, I'd say the most reasonable thing would be to revert all of them to 30m. The RFP is rather on the more OP end of the spectrum and much like the OCA buff, it didn't really need a buff to begin with. In any case, there's no reason why the Talon should have less range than the other variants. It was likely just an oversight as @BXNNXD said.
  14. Lyfeld

    Hitreg issueses?

    I haven't seen issues with hitreg itself compared to the previous patch, but hitmarkers have been quite wonky in FC for me lately. There are shots which clearly hit (as confirmed by a later kill or assist) but don't show any marker on screen. It might be that your shots are actually hitting, but you're just not getting the markers.
  15. On the topic of the Carbine, isn't it obvious that it is in a truly bad spot at the moment? It's tied for range (35m) with the PMG which has no bloom (due to recovery between shots), higher kills per mag, lower TTK, ability to equip Cooling Jacket without downsides up to level 2, lower shots to kill, and is fully automatic? The only two upsides the Carbine has are higher initial accuracy (which gets negated by bloom after 2-3 quick shots anyway) or its somewhat usable markmanship mode, which is made worse by its incredibly slow marksmanship strafing speed. This strafing speed makes no sense for a weapon which is designed to be light and mobile, even weapons which are 100% hipfire based have sensible strafing speeds. I'm not asking for something ridiculous like the VBR, but 275cm/s to match the ATAC would be a good starting point. Also, if OSCARs become able to use CJ3 to reduce their burst intervals, there's yet one less reason to play the SR15/STAC. Even though a return to 5 shot carbine would probably be too much, I think a fire rate upgrade to make stock Carbine match CJ3, and decreased bloom recovery time to compensate for its effects on accuracy would be a fair change. This should be a high effort high reward weapon, and barely being able to match submachines at best just doesn't cut it for it. I know the Carbine doesn't have much to do with the changes this thread is about, but being deliberately left out of the +5 range increase is just salt in the wound, since there clearly are weapons in the assault rifle category that compete with carbines, just like is the case with marksman rifles.