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  1. It is a decent gun in the right hands, but the curve mechanics patch hurt it (as stated above, its range was reduced to 35m for some odd reason) and I would really like to have a 3 slot variant or reskin instead of having to choose between only 1 slot or a "straight downgrade" purple mod. Most of the time it is not worth the effort over something like NTEC or ATAC, and it is also unobtainable right now. I would say that it is overall better than the Joker Carbine though. It is not seen often mostly because of its rarity.
  2. Vehicle health is too spread out between different cars and also too high on the "meta" ones, Espacio, Pioneer and Vegas should definitely have less. It isn't nearly as easy to do "car gameplay" in a Jericho for example. Also the fact that high burn fuel eliminates the explosion (instead of just mitigating it/halving its radius as it should IMO) contributes as it basically eliminates the inherent risk of staying for too long in one's car. I believe if vehicle health was normalized and reduced to a maximum of say 1250 for the tankiest cars, and high burn fuel reworked as stated above, there would be less complaints about this topic. Additionally, "car gameplay" is not the only problem caused by too sturdy vehicles, car spawners and radar towers just take too much investment of time, ammunition and/or grenades to be destroyed. Agree on both counts, it is very bad for player retention and gives a cheesy/boring impression of APB's gameplay. This being mostly to new players who happen to watch streams at a level where this tactic is pretty much necessary.
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