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  1. You're right in that the ACT and RSA have more range than the RFP... however they don't even have close to the accuracy required to be reliable at 70m (or really any range that exceeds the Fang's dropoff). So that range is basically useless unless the enemy is in a completely open space and the RSA/ACT user is safe enough to be able to stand still and crouch. Better competition from those two (ACT and RSA) would help the RFP shed part of its overpowered image and gain real alternatives as a secondary for SMG players. Both the ACT and RSA need substantially improved marksmanship accuracy in my opinion, even if it has to come at the cost of some range. For example, a 60m ACT with the marksmanship accuracy of the RFP would be far more usable than the current 70m RNG cannon. And let's not even mention the Harbinger...
  2. The regular RFP is still somewhat fine. It's the Fang that's a problem, but since one's stats derive from the other and the base RFP is far from underpowered, lowering it makes sense.
  3. APB DB seems to be accurate, only the regular RFP (and Fang of course, but that is beside the point) is able to 3 burst kill at 40m range.
  4. So is APB:DB just wrong like lately with the Whisper? It states 30m dropoff/50m minimum as opposted to 40/65 for the F2P model. And let's not even talk about the Armas stats... It does feel like the Talon's not as consistent at range, but partial hits are a possibility too.
  5. According to APB DB, the RFP Talon seems to have a dropoff start range of 30m, whilst the regular RFP and the Fang have a base dropoff range of 40m (IR3 not factored in). This issue was raised in some threads about weapon balancing back when the prototype districts were rolled out, but AFAIK there was never official confirmation on this. The Talon's mod doesn't give it any advantages over the regular model, nor does its description hint at a range decrease due to the silencer, so it shouldn't have lower range than the regular RFP models. My theory is that the Talon and Fang/RFP use different base weapons internally rather than being reskins, and the Talon got ignored when the RFP was silently buffed by G1 at around the time the Yukon was released. The buff was fairly recent since it wasn't in the original APB DB (apbdb.com). For comparison, here are the stats of the regular RFP: https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9 Here's the Talon: https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9-SD_PR1_Armas And here's the Fang: https://db.apbvault.net/items/Weapon_Pistol_RFP9-Sight_PR1_Armas
  6. Indeed, something isn't right with Rifling. I tried the Scoped N-Tec (PR2) and it hardly does any damage at 50m and above. Even worse, on some weapons it completely ruins the damage even at point blank range.
  7. This affects only the newest patch (October 30). Summary: The N-SSW and its reskin, when equipped with Improved Rifling, will do extremely low amounts of damage even at close range. Steps to reproduce: 1. Obtain a N-SSW or VAS SW2 and equip it with the Improved Rifling mod (tested with Improved Rifling 3) 2. Shoot an enemy without Kevlar at close range and either obtain 6 hitmarkers or an assist. Results: The enemy survives 6 hits, and if an assist is obtained, the damage per hitmarker amounts to about 5% instead of the 19% that the N-SSW should deal per shot. This does not happen without IR3 equipped. Expected results: Enemies should be taken down after those 6 hits, and the score given for an assist should either be (19 * number of hitmarkers) or 85, whichever is lower, provided the weapon is used at distances shorter than its dropoff range. Video: Note the amount of hitmarkers and assist received.
  8. Lyfeld

    Epidemic - walk through

    It seems the event districts are constantly crashing. I keep getting the "disconnected" message every 15 minutes and when I log back in the instance is just gone.
  9. Innova did that with the FAR Spearhead if I'm not mistaken, they gave a permanent one away in a "login and win" style event. I wouldn't go as far as to gift weapons that are currently for sale on Armas, but the remaining referral ones (Temptress and 2 slot CAP) would make for nice rewards since they haven't been put up for sale yet, and they were basically given away for free with the old referral system.
  10. I think the problem isn't the review in itself, but more the particular aspects of the game that he is highlighting over everything else. Most other reviews of APB (mostly the console version) also seem to go in expecting an entirely different game in the vein of GTA Online and/or an MMO. I always thought this game had issues due to selling itself as that in promotional material (especially the "living, breathing city" parts) when in reality this game is an arcade third person shooter in an urban open-world setting with some excellent and unique customization options. I have to admit that despite that advertising being slightly deceptive and fostering misinformation, it was what originally got me into the game. At the point when APB came out in 2010 I had about 1000 hours clocked in at several different SAMP "cops and robbers" servers (such as CrazyBob's and SACNR) and me and a few other players from those servers were really hyped at the idea of having a standalone game based on the concept. That's why we jumped in as soon as the beta started, and while the game was not exactly what we had anticipated, it was still fun and also my first taste of anything resembling a decent multiplayer shooter. If I made a review of GTA Online and focused on the PvP shooting mechanics and player content creation/customization options, I also would reach a similar conclusion to this review. Both games have their niche and target playerbase. APB's is much smaller, but if it wouldn't exist the game would have closed down years ago. And also, the console version as it is now is little more than a cash grab. A game built around PvP shooting and customization is a natural fit for the PC, without even going into how much better the game performs and looks on PC with good hardware.
  11. I agree with this suggestion, never quite understood the decision to increase the population. Not because of myself, but because of newer players who might get frustrated by the constant crossfire and grenade spam on some spots such as the mailbox at the northwestern end. Also, less players would mean longer rounds with the current mission system, which is a good thing.
  12. While I have the suspicion that the poster of this was confusing recoil and bloom (recoil is crosshair movement due to shooting, not crosshair aperture) I actually like this solution. Keep the minimally effective maximum bloom increase from the original IR3, and add recoil that the player will have to compensate as a downside to using the mod. Also, 7% is extremely low for IR3, the original 7m is sensible and pretty much proven. This is arguably more fair than any solution which involves adding RNG or reducing the weapon's killing power. So my suggestion would be to add a muzzle brake downside effect, increasing vertical recoil by 25% on IR3. I believe there's no need to increase horizontal recoil, since it's more luck based than vertical, and most guns that have high horizontal recoil work very poorly with Improved Rifling anyway. Even the Fang would be less of an issue, since the recoil would require compensating before firing each burst to not shoot above the target. Now, and this is more wishful thinking than anything, better recoil handling on 4:3 and other uncommon aspect ratios wouldn't be a bad idea either. It certainly feels like playing on such resolutions rather than 16:9 makes recoil control way too easy, regardless of whether the image is scaled or not.
  13. It's true that as far as 6 shots are concerned, the difference isn't very big. The Scoped does have other perks though, The reduced recoil and increased zoom are helpful for 16:9 players, and for the most part I just whip out my secondary (such as a .45) in CQC which allows for better mobility than any N-Tec will give. Not to mention that at certain range intervals above those 55m the Scoped will need one less bullet. I've just adapted to the walk modifier thing which in turn has taught me to use cover more effectively when playing the Scoped N-Tec. Of course it's not going to be the ubiquitous meta weapon that the regular N-Tec has been for so long though, unless that proposed OTW change of setting "standard" ARs back to 45m dropoff start range comes to fruition. What's also interesting is that the Carbine does have a 6 STK range of 40m (Heavy Barrel aside) which is a lot higher than the 35m where the drop off starts. I have the suspicion that carbines also use the "Rifles" curve on Beastie's post, even though back when curves were introduced, they were said to work differently. They have very little drop off which was compensated by them starting to lose damage at what's basically SMG range. Now after IR3's downside is reverted, we'll have 49m carbines and potentially even longer range OSCARs which might actually lower N-Tec usage quite a bit.
  14. This'll make the Fang absurdly broken once more. I would certainly look into doing something with it (or perhaps the RFP line as a whole) because it may feed those who claim this game is P2W. I'd suggest lowering its Improved Rifling to level 1 or 2.
  15. Both the PMG and OCA behave the same when it comes down to Cooling Jacket. With no CJ at all or CJ1, there is no bloom at all (it has enough time to recover it all between shots), whereas CJ2 has only a minimal amount of bloom for both, and CJ3's starts to get noticeable. However, being SMGs it could be argued that the lower TTK is worth it, so players usually go with CJ2/CJ3 regardless. The problem with simply comparing TTK is that it's much harder to hit 8 shots than 5 shots over a timeframe of 0.6x seconds. If cover is also involved, requiring less shots to kill is a large advantage. TTK aside, there are other reasons why some players may choose the OCA over the PMG, such as the PMG being considered a "noob gun", boring to play, its aesthetics, etc. Personally if I had the choice between fighting an opponent who is using a PMG versus one that is using an OCA, I would always consider the OCA user easier to beat. Although that might be because of my own playstyle and thus not applicable to everyone. I'm not trying to defend the OCA though, the TTK decrease was certainly excessive. However, I think that the PMG and OCA are balanced relative to each other as it stands now, even though PC usage might favor the OCA. This means that they are both above other weapons that perform similar functions, such as ARMAS SMGs or carbines.