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  1. Totally agree with this. Does not require any trying hard on that weapon. It's just overpowered because the other guns are underpowered to it in close range. A silver can overrun a gold with nfas while that gold is using a shotgun anyday. Nfas suffocates you in close quarters from 10 to 15m. Exactly where the shotgun is at its most advantage. Just doesn't make sense.
  2. I mean just try it out yourself in the game and get back to me on this because no one wants to read a bunch of data like that. Give me personal experienced feedback not just data please. The shotguns need a buff that's just plain and simple and I feel like the people who think they're overpowered are people who have not used the gun or uses it as their primary (which I try to)
  3. The showstopper has a faster fire rate than a shotty which makes that balanced. And how you use that gun is the same way you use a shotgun which is to take cover and pop when the enemy is there. Out in the open of course you'll get overrun by a pmg or oca or nfas etc etc. What is RNG?? Do you mean hit reg? The shotgun is meant to be used in close quarters but its also designed to be a 2 shot kill so why do we need to try our hardest to attain that? Your dexterity has to be at max level to make a 2 shot kill with a shotty unless your target just stays still. And I have the showstopper and it works like a quick shotty with more range and way better hit reg because the spread is too dam good on it. I can get a 3 shot kill from 25meters away. That applies same thing with shotties 25 meters away gives you 3 shot kill... Do you see where I'm getting at? The showstopper has a faster fire rate but kills in 3 shots 25 meters away (Alot more accurate than shotties) The shotgun has slower fire rate and also kills 3 shots 25 meters away. Ummmmmm YO BUFF THE SHOTGUNS! So what is this proving right now?
  4. Honestly just give the shotguns a better hitreg is all im saying. Tighter spread would fix that instantly. Possibly a damage output of 10 increase and that would balance it out. I hardly see anyone use shotguns anymore because honestly you can only hope for a two shot kill. The showstopper is better and more accurate at killing than a shotty best believe that. Now why would a secondary beat a primary? For this reason I'm saying buff the shotties a bit more. If you're going to make a secondary rival a primary better yet overpower it why not buff the shotty too? Do I not have a sound argument? Please don't be biased as well. Tighter spread and 10 increase in damage would balance that between showstopper and shotties. Or just give it a tighter spread and 5 damage increase does not matter just buff it.
  5. csg, jg, all shotguns before the strife shotty was 85 damage output up close and personal. Can anyone else quote me on this? I've played this game for a very long time I know my shotties. And JG does not have 75 damage output its 65 just like csg and tas20s. The csg and tas20s at least have a better spread control than the JG. First and foremost get your facts straight.
  6. I remember shotties back then had a damage output of 85 and the spread was tighter. It was not op as tighter spread made it harder to be accurate when getting those close shots in. We need a buff on the shotties. Gamersfirst did a horrible job on nerfing the shotty. To say the least I feel like the nerfing was more personal rather than logical. Someone down the line must've gotten so fed up with being horrible at APB that they thought they should nerf it personally without much thought or the community's votes. We should have a vote to buff the shotties to its original version which is tight spread and 85 damage output and get rid of that strife shotty (That gun is horrible) have you ever played with that gun? I don't even care if it has 85 damage output its one of the most lamest guns to play with. They released that gun solely to have people throw in money in hopes of the original shotty but nowhere close was it to that. Let's have a voting thread please... Little Orbit listen to your community please!
  7. Literally keeps going on and off. First people get hit with a big lag then bam disconnects everyone off the map.
  8. I'm wondering when this server crash is going to get fixed? Can an admin please post something about this?
  9. I was waiting for someone to post something but I'll just post it. What's going on with APB servers crashing? Not even starting up.
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