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  1. Yes, same here, 4 other friends too
  2. I wish it was only a meme tho, but even if it happens rarely for some players to have it perfectly work, some others "master it" or "script it" and then i'm sorry but it becomes quickly unfair. I'm in no way frustrated about the meme part, but by the fact that this meme happens to turn into unfair situations
  3. I haven't been playing for a moment, and I see some players doing that, years ago I remember players doing that using a script, is this still the case ? If yes, why is no one complaining, I mean jg is already a meta gun in asylum, but jg + snubnose literally is instant kill.
  4. Literally only relevant post in this thread.
  5. Yeah more on men than women, but in this case square is more aesthetic
  6. Square jawlines are more aesthetic, so B obviously.
  7. Yes, apb should really have a tutorial rework, or anything related to new comers (beginner free pack or whatever could keep new players playing the game) If anyone from LittleOrbit staff could do statistics, on how many new players join the game for the first time every week, and how many of them leave after a few hours. I'm convinced these statistics would show a huge amount of players we're losing on the first hours of gameplay. If the game was more intuitive in the first place, i'm pretty sure apb player-base could rise a bit, even in its current state.
  8. I agree with everything except for the cobra, it's a very good weapon in my opinion.
  9. Having a good mice does help indeed, but not by so much. In my opinion a mouse that perfectly fits you is what you need, then the skill only comes with other adjustments. A good mice is : - A good shape (fitting to your hands depending on how you grab a mouse aka palm grip, claw grip, fingertip grip or 131) - Good sensor - Lightweight if possible (mices are getting lighter and lighter these days since glorious came out with their sick Glorious model O that worth only 50$, but weight depends on you too.) - Good cable or no cable if possible But again you really need to know that a good mouse fitting your hands is what you need, you won't instantly become better using a new mouse that fits you more than the previous one, but it'll be easier indeed to improve using a good product that you feel comfortable with. I own many mices and now I just switch between all the mices I got because I can't seem to have a real fitting mouse, but that's a lefthander problem so anyways. Also you should never ever focus your whole time on "aim" purpose, being good is having a good aim, but also moving around maps using your brain, using the environement to your advantage etc...
  10. It's true that it looks like a pre-nerf ntec, but slow mobility + total unaccuracy on hipfire just make it balanced. And also I don't find it as accurate as an ntec, even with hs3.
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