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  1. I agree with everything except for the cobra, it's a very good weapon in my opinion.
  2. Having a good mice does help indeed, but not by so much. In my opinion a mouse that perfectly fits you is what you need, then the skill only comes with other adjustments. A good mice is : - A good shape (fitting to your hands depending on how you grab a mouse aka palm grip, claw grip, fingertip grip or 131) - Good sensor - Lightweight if possible (mices are getting lighter and lighter these days since glorious came out with their sick Glorious model O that worth only 50$, but weight depends on you too.) - Good cable or no cable if possible But again you really need to know that a good mouse fitting your hands is what you need, you won't instantly become better using a new mouse that fits you more than the previous one, but it'll be easier indeed to improve using a good product that you feel comfortable with. I own many mices and now I just switch between all the mices I got because I can't seem to have a real fitting mouse, but that's a lefthander problem so anyways. Also you should never ever focus your whole time on "aim" purpose, being good is having a good aim, but also moving around maps using your brain, using the environement to your advantage etc...
  3. It's true that it looks like a pre-nerf ntec, but slow mobility + total unaccuracy on hipfire just make it balanced. And also I don't find it as accurate as an ntec, even with hs3.
  4. Everyone should run the game vanilla, or with advanced launcher, modifying game files is cheating, any sort of config that modified game files also is cheating. How do you even discuss that ?
  5. Exactly what I had in thoughts about adding beacon as a third fc, in which we could additionally earn jts. And yes of course setting the old jt amount would also be cool.
  6. That works in the case where you can full time apb, which isn't everyone's case
  7. No, I'm just someone who played a lot with jg back then,
  8. The easiest gun in Asylum is definitely a jg, it requires no skill, use corners to your advantage, only peak when you're behind a corner and an enemy is rushing you. That's how you play easy way and again it requires absolutely no skill, in the other hand if you want to be good at the game, just challenge yourself and play guns that you can't really play or are hard to use in a cqc map like asylum.
  9. Missions and Fight Clubs are apb, I don't even know how you guys end up discussing anything that is a part of apb in the first place and compare it with a brand new unfinished product.
  10. Same, big fps drops from the big riot patch, and even worse since very last patch, it's getting pathetic at this point
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