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  1. No one will complain because it's gonna be on otw, and will be optional as mattscott just said, if someone is mad that it's buggy then he'd just go play APB LIVE. (that also is buggy but you got the point)
  2. You should really launch it imo, it'll be launched on otw right ? Then let it be here as long as it takes to fix all the other issues, atleast we finally can test it, and you can put a end on this "waiting phenomon" that everyone make fun of. Fixing the latest issues with apb 2.1 on otw wouldn't bother anyone, we're all aware that it's not the final product, just let it be. The hype is already too big since 2014, the longer we wait the more people will expect from this engine upgrade, and also the more people might be disappointed if it happens to be bad. (Even tho I'm aware all that work isn't necessarily done for the current playerbase but also for the future new comers, but yet we will be the first to test it, and we know more about the game than the future players)
  3. That's the fix indeed, my antivirus was blocking the file, thank's
  4. I've got the same issue, I can launch the game without advanced launched only, but whenever I try to launch from advanced launcher i've got this error.
  5. Hi, I've tried every solutions on BE FAQ, nothing has worked for that issue : [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\APB_BEdotexe". If anyone have fixed this, i'll be glad to hear the fix thank's.
  6. S1-NA "Manic" S1-TIC "Rabid" you made a mix between 2 of them,so I don't really know which one you meant, but eitherway, both are overpowered.
  7. I definitely agree that the grind some players put into the roles in their current state should be rewarded in a better way before they fix it for new comers. But imo, I really see that as a personal challenge, so eitherway, I don't really care. But yea, the point is also to make roles, and 3 slotted weapons more accessible to new players, roles in their current state are absolutely horrible and can result (if you care about finishing them) making you play fight club and 1 or 2 particular gun the whole time, which kinda breaks the fun. (because let's be honest maxing out a role on mission would take more than years) Also, don't mind the dislikes, it happens frequently lol.
  8. Yea as much as collisions with other players while you're on a mission, you have chances to be griefed and lose the mission for that reason, as much as you have chances of losing for being instantly kill when you were better, but yeah, leave it or fix it won't make a difference right ?
  9. Agree it's bad on 9 kills, disagree it's overpowered on 1 kill, I said read as much as needed you didn't. But it's okay you're not even being objective.
  10. Hey what don't you understand exactly, what's unfair is the fact that the possibility of INSTANTLY kill a player exist, it can be 1 out of 10, or 1 out of a billion, as long as it exists, it's unfair, winning a fight within half a second IS unfair indeed, if it doesn't look unfair to you, I don't understand. I totally agree this combo is like really dumb and not even good, you won't do anything with it, the problem here is that it adds more RNG into the game, winning a fight over a lucky quickswitch is one thing that shouldn't exist at all, even more when you were supposed to lose the fight. <----------- that's the reason of the original post, i'm not crying over a meme combo, now read it as much as needed, but don't come again saying it's okay because the combo is MOSTLY BAD and rarely happens to work lmao.
  11. actually, 90% of players doing it are cringe they all go negative, i'm only pointing out an unfair part of the game, get good
  12. Hey, I see I owned you enough to make you pretty mad ahah, only doing my roles by the way, play euryale if "no aim is needed" tho
  13. Hello there, actually the problem isn't the fact that "it's harder than you guys think" but more that It shouldn't be in the game in the first place as flaws said previously, and also, it can be hard to master I hear you, but how is it fair to (not constantly) 1 shot a player without giving him a chance to try anything ? Sure it's not the case consistantly, but when it happens, it's unfair. Mastering a weapon is something, but mastering a combo that shouldn't be in the game and make it look like it's no big deal because in the end you need skill to master it, I don't agree.
  14. Yes, same here, 4 other friends too
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