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  1. Honestly, most missions are fun with heaps of people. I hate getting missions with "first to 12 kills" when we have a lobby of 12 people, always feels like a waste cause it ends in like, 2 minutes of pure delightful destruction.
  2. You caught me, I confess. Every Creme I've ever played is always loaded with people and we're all having a blast. I repent!
  3. You're not exactly wrong, but... You can still end up in 1vs2's and all it takes is for one of the enemies to leave. I've had a lot of people queue dodge against me and leave their ally alone and we're both gold so it's just an incredibly slow and boring match with no one able to call backup. Usually they just AFK until they can queue again. It's really silly and not fun for anyone. Honestly, the game should just cancel the mission if a certain threshold of players isn't found for certain missions. I still have PTSD of 1vs1's on Creme de la Crime... Pure horror!
  4. I too enjoy getting 1-tapped by an HVR after my screen is clear and I think I'm gucci to keep pushing. @Todesklinge I have no idea who you are (I'm assuming EU) than from the forum, but holy smokes... You're completely delusional and it's kinda creepy.
  5. It's just been mismanaged and neglected. There's a lot of shit games out there, but this isn't one of them.
  6. But, but those could be anywhere! Starting a new thread button is right there! Science! Industry! Efficiency!
  7. Gotta watch out with those pre-built computers, they come loaded with all kinds of extra garbage software... Guess yours had some outdated aimbot program on it, dammit Acer ya messed up!
  8. Some of the legendary guns have unique skins, but they let you hide them and use a blank version. Would be awesome to see the Ursus with the Koi skin.
  9. My favorite sounds were people playing the game on NA. I checked yesterday and only bronze had players.
  10. They're special, I own one so I'm bias, but this would make them just another credit card gun from ARMAS.
  11. I've been playing Call of Duty for a few hours lately and there's teenagers calling each other the n-word to get a rise out of people. I can't help but presume that these kids dressing in SS uniforms are of a similar mind who's only trying to get a rise out of people for their own amusement. The n-word is just a gross word and they're not using it as slang in a song; as is glorifying fascist Germany's SS outfits and symbols for no other reason than to spite sensitive people. People who probably have a reason to be sensitive about these issues. I'm not casting them into a pit of death here, I'm merely stating that it's sad to see and their mothers probably aren't as attentive as they should be.
  12. I love that this game doesn't have headshots so much. So, no thank you.
  13. Honestly, if they just replaced the sounds for the STAR, I think more people wouldn't despise it. The gun sounds like it has erectile dysfunction and hates its own existence. CS:GO weapon sounds are amazing for instance, so I hope they do a pass over the in-game sounds someday and make them a bit more beefy.
  14. Not just a visual freeze. Once you reach X rating, you shouldn't be able to drop below it. Massive threat inflation? That's why most ladders reset. There would be no inflation. Also, once the game offers us a better pool of opponents than just the lousy 20 or so we get in a district, this wouldn't be a problem. My suggestion and personal opinion is entirely based on after the EU and the matchmaking rework. I detailed this in my thread, but I forgot not everyone will read it and probably isn't on the same page as me. A season can last whatever LO decides, but there's a reason competitive systems utilize a system like this. Also, seasonal rewards. Make it feel good to be good and reward those of us who don't dethreat.
  15. Thread in my signature would solve this problem. Not sure about most of you, but most games have a seasonal ladder with milestones denoted by ranks. Typically these include the literal gold standard of scheming systems. What LO needs to do, is make it so once you reach Silver (so whatever mysterious MMR metric equivalency they use) that you cannot drop back down to Bronze, same for Yellow and Gold. Yellow needs to be a thing, btw. Some people are not Gold, not even close. If this was a WoW Arena rating, the range shouldn't be 1400+ to qualify as "Gold". Someone who is 1,400 and another at 2,800 aren't even in the same realm of skill, yet this game labels them the same. And inb4 some nerds cry that the colours are meaningless... There's a reason losers dethreat all day. There's no prestige to striving for excellence. No one gives a sh*t, so why work hard for it? They don't deserve Gold. They don't deserve recognition. They don't deserve to play. God, I hate dethreaters... TL;DR - Can't drop rank tiers until season reset and dethreaters are a plague. Tired when I wrote this, please excuse.
  16. Absolutely not; not in any way, shape, or form.
  17. "Scout Hack" pulls a CSG 1:30 in, lmao. Is the "hack" part ironic? They're kinda bad.
  18. I haven't played in 4 months, but I've never had a problem with the ATAC, people who us the ATAC, or using the ATAC myself. I don't see anything really wrong with it. It kinda feels like a flashier STAR, but that's probably just me being weird. I bought an account bound R&D 3 version, but I almost never use it.
  19. It's just buggy lately. I do miss it though.
  20. I don't appreciate the 1-day trial option not being available anymore. I thought that was a really nice feature that really let you know what you're spending your money on. It's not a skin in League where you can kinda see what it looks like without even buying it (skin showcase takes care of that too though), it's a gun in a competitive shooter that you don't really know how it feels until you use it for a few hours. The guns aren't cheap, so making a blind purchase is risky and unsatisfying when you grow to hate your investment.
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