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  1. Still not working for me, idk about anyone else.
  2. Uhm, the satisfaction of playing a balanced game against a wide variety of players? Also, you get a ranked skin for doing well at the end of a season and there's objectives with rewards (orbs, skins, etc.) You don't get anything in APB except 3 tickets and a fistful of APB dollars, yet I feel APB is a more fatiguing game to play. Ya, you did. You said it would be a good thing for the game and then talked about dethreating. I said it wouldn't do anything. Wasn't that it was a private convo, it was that you came in and just wrote a snide and facetious comment that could've easily been applied to any of us, not sure why you can't see that.
  3. I love this thread. My signature art is my character in-game with my fave gun (FFA R&D), obviously stylized though. I thought about drawing people's character in a similar way for fun, idk how desirable that would be tho, lol.
  4. They're not doing it to spite you, something probably just came up. World doesn't operate on your timetable, sorry.
  5. Gee, you really scolded those dethreaters into playing in their proper bracket, they'll listen for sure! You quoted my thread and sniped at me, so I'm going to presume you have the common courtesy to have actually read it, in which I explain why you verbally spanking their butts isn't going to solve it. You can't tell them to "man up" and have it happen; the game has no intrinsic value for playing-to-win other than satisfaction, which doesn't mean a whole lot if the cost of victory is a sweatband and a broken keyboard. Removing visible threat is meaningless. It doesn't solve anything. The community is so small and the districts sizes are so limited that I know 90% of the people I play against, their play style, and how good they are. It won't take someone long to figure it out and more importantly, they're still going to hate themselves and the game when they go 0 - 12. They don't care what color of threat the guy or gal has that did it to them, all they know is that APB is garbage and uninstall it. I've gotten a few whispers already from people asking for advice and venting their frustration. Threat colours don't even play into it. The issue wasn't complexity... It was the textual medium itself and you using it to try and convey nasty looking 'sarcasm' about something we were talking about between us out of nowhere. Then basically ranted about how people don't like having to try so hard to win in a PvP game with other players. I don't care if you think I'm exaggerating, it was absolutely annoying - that's my view. I used to solo queue a lot (I have a few max level characters) and premades using scouts obliterated my random teams. Getting tagged as soon as we spawn and them being able to jump around a corner at 60m and do the damage that a scout does with such precision and mobility isn't good for the game. I had my jump scouting phase too, but it was removed for a reason. It was a lot of fun, and I'm glad it's gone.
  6. Hahahahahahahaha... Lol what? Facing 4 people jump scouting was actually not fun and was annoying. I have no idea what else you're blathering about.
  7. This. APB's engine upgrade has taken so damn long it's a joke and point of contention for just about everyone who is familiar with the game. Full speed ahead on that as it has been a prelude of biblical proportions to an absolute mountain of suggested changes and constructive feedback for and by the community. I can't imagine any other change taking precedence over it, if it costs time on its development.
  8. That's really lame. I bet they f***ed something up and are too incompetent to figure it out or fix it themselves.
  9. Kinda harsh. The changes they've made to ARMAS has been mostly fantastic, better than G1 ever did.
  10. I don't think you should sue. It's not worth it. We can't really help you, but I hope LO sees it and tries to fix it. I'm just thankful you can still play the game at least. How does a trade lock work? Can you send mail? Buy/sell auctions? Is it just the trading between players that's disabled? I've never really asked or had it happen to me.
  11. I manage to at least 2-burst most people with my FFA all the time, but you need to not be afraid to get your hands dirty. Burst them once or twice and then pull out your FBW and hunt them down. ^^
  12. Shotguns have always been a riskier gun to run with a weird niche corner hump role. SMGs are way more forgiving, shotguns just aren't and never will be. Shotguns in APB are for masochists.
  13. Regurgitating the same information we already have doesn't do anything. Either sauce or shut up.
  14. You expected APB to finally change? This game's foundation as a whole has become a case study in the industry, a cautionary tale for many. Thinking that this glorified abandonware changed was naive.
  15. Productive discussions filled with hope amount to nothing changing. Unhelpful criticism filled with cynicism do nothing for any change either. Been that way for many moons now, nothing really changes here. I can't even max out my character I was working on cause the districts are dead. People are playing games with actual progress and development cycles while they wait for the Engine Update to answer their prayers and signal the new golden age of post-Tiggs.
  16. Do the account bound; you'll thank me later when you're a degenerate like myself and have 7 alts. Gambling is stupid.
  17. Yeah, I played the same, but it would like... Switch playlists or something. One moment I'm doing really well in TDM and then the next minute we're driving tanks on top of skyscrapers, lol. I hated it, tbh.
  18. The PvP in GTA 5 was and still is stupid and confusing. There's no game mode where you just run around on foot and shoot each other. At least, that I could find. This was when it first came out, so idk if it's better now.
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