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  1. Truly stated like someone who has no idea what they're talking about.
  2. I think I asked a while ago, but you didn't respond. Was forced to attempt making my own... I'm better with a stylus than I with symbols.
  3. I'm glad about this! Not giving nades and stuff is fine, as long as it lets you swap guns.
  4. Cause unlike you, I have friends I like to talk to as I play APB on Steam.
  5. Got you on record now, son. Ya dun goofed up... Take 'em away, boys.
  6. Stands for cooldown. A lot of people use this term, especially in MMORPGs.
  7. The difference between that is a symbol isn't blowing my eardrums out.
  8. Sadly, I know they are. *cough, scratch arm*
  10. Leveling from R220-255 was absolutely dreadful. Somedays I just wasn't allowed to progress because Waterfront was the chosen district for NA pop. to play on that day. I can't wait for region selection, I'll take the insane ping if I can actually get standing. What about if their patootie is too big to fit in their pants but they wear them anyway cause they're delusional and dumb and then try to convince me the whole match that they really do look good in them but I know it's just bullcrap and on some deeper level they know it too, right? Y'know, like the poster above me.
  11. Hmm, good point. I'll dwell on this, but I think you're right.
  12. Because I like the person, like to banter with them in /d, and I have nothing against them personally. I just hate their theme.
  13. Just to be clear, I'm talking about a /ignore function that JUST disables a user's theme of your choice right there on the scoreboard permanently. There's an ignore button on the scoreboard already and it disables a user's theme, so I'm just saying make another ignore button to specifically block their theme out. Boom! Griefers dealt with as they can't rupture your eardrum anymore.
  14. That's kinda my problem with it too. It's really easy for just about any user to min-ttk with it and it feels so dirty when it happens. Too much range, super reliable, and very forgiving if you miss a lot.
  15. Ok, great, but that's not what he was saying it was for. He said specifically this change would be to help "combat this type of griefing". What I was saying is, I don't want that to be a 'case closed' type deal cause that's a specific change to help people who kinda just don't wanna listen to them at all to begin with, which is totally fair and options are nice, but yeah... Anything short of a specific user theme mute option you're just going to miss the mark. If you have a few rotten apples in your harvest, you don't burn the entire apple tree and start over. Themes are a magical part of this game and effectively removing them isn't what a few others and I said we'd like to ideally see here.
  16. Awwh, thank you! Drew it myself a while ago. ^.^ Please no, chief. As others have said, that's a really overzealous way to purge just a few rotten eggs.
  17. Ya, but they're culled at a distance to a degree. I feel like Asylum is so tight and jam packed that it makes its performance weaker than you'd expect for such a smaller map. Idk... I always felt like Fin and WF were really bland other than the ambience. A lot of open spaces with not much going on... I'm probably just spoiled by modern games though that have an attention to detail.
  18. I read over your entire rant twice and I didn't find a single constructive suggestion. Your format is basically, "this happened, this was dumb/insane" and sometimes you end with something negative about other players. This was absolutely a complete rant. Look over your own thread again and read it later when you've calmed down. That's a rant for sure. No one is saying there's nothing wrong with the game, so I don't know who your quoting, but they don't speak for the entire community. Most people would agree the game has plenty of issues, but they're patient and just thankful LO is here to try and help change that. Word of advice: Generally, people don't mind criticism threads, as long you take out all the negative raving and just explain (like an adult) what you didn't like and would prefer to see happen instead. "Sweet summer child"
  19. Asylum also has a lot more work put into it. Ambient noises, scrawling on the walls, blood smeared on the floors, destructibles, etc. It's smaller than Financial of course, but I feel like it's got more tiny details that make it feel more lived in and authentic which pulls performance down.
  20. Half of the people on my ignore list are there for that reason. Their themes are just so damn loud either on purpose to hurt your ears or just unintentionally awful because of it. Some of their themes are just song clips and sound good on principal, but because they're so loud it just ruins them and I have to /ignore. I don't want themes to be removed from the game, they're so damn unique and fun (some are awesome), but I wish I could just mute someone's theme specifically.
  21. Player owned dumpster trucks, every bronze's dream. >:)
  22. That's not phasing, that's connecting to regional servers or cross-regional matchmaking. Phasing or instancing is when a zone/district/map/etc. has different "shards" or "layers" to it that players are divided up into depending on desire. This is a technique commonly employed by MMOs. For example, the Financial-NA West 2 server could have 200 players on it, but with phasing it might only render 40 of them per shard, but still be able to maximize matchmaking accuracy by still allowing you to draw opponents from the entire 200 player population. When matched, it would then put you and your opponents into the same shard or layer. Or another example, Financial-NA West 2's city could look as it does today by default, but maybe the devs want the city to look grungy or war-torn for max level players or those who reach certain milestones in the story and so they use a modified shard for those players. This could allow immersive changes without compromising the experience of everyone else who isn't on the same page or progression in the story. But yeah, sorry if I over explained it, that's the general gist of it.
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