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  1. Silly of you to imply I think you guys agree unanimously, I'm not foolish enough to believe it's all sunshine and rainbows. However, I do get the feeling that only your voices are being considered, regardless of whether or not you guys are in harmony. Not coming down on SPCT, but the community is so small and I feel as though the devs are consulting a fragment of it.
  2. I'm confident to say it's neither and almost solely the SPCT + a few others. I'm suuure that's only my own prejudice though, surely.
  3. I feel like only a handful of voices are being heard in this game.
  4. It's because this game is all about health totals. There's no lucky headshots, there's no insta-gibbing while hiding in a corner with a silenced M4, it's just positioning, aim, and teamwork. Those are really hard to just 'pick up' in a couple days and take a while to truly understand. This is called patience and determination, something not a lot of people have these days. Habits start as conscious action, never say never.
  5. I think you're overthinking their behaviour a bit here. They play to win, can't fault them for it. Just how it is and should be.
  6. We can get rockets from a vending machine, but how dare you presume you'd be able to wrap your hands around a specific car!
  7. My money is on corner humping with a shotgun and running with the objective.
  8. Songs are better. My greatest and crowning achievement in this game (lmao) is basically stealing a song off the marketplace for 5k that contained the entire Nyan Cat theme.
  9. I really wouldn't let them get to you, they're just joking. I get it all the time cause I like to fight and argue. If you need to real talk you can PM me, don't get depressed over APB, this game is not worth it.
  10. I've been running a Coywolf(?) or whatever it's called and a shotgun, super fun, lol. Cute little car gets in there really easily and then I just blast them.
  11. Why? Just do what I do and replace HBF with Fast Fix 3 or whatever it's called.
  12. I think I read somewhere that making clothes is very time consuming and intricate cause of how customizable the body shapes are.
  13. Am I the only one who doesn't experience this? If you're noticing massive amounts of teleporting (packet loss) then your connection could be the culprit. I really don't have this problem. The only issue I have performance-wise was the stutters. Those little micro freezes that lock your game up for a second and get you killed. Rust has had them for ages, but it's slowly getting better. It's why I stopped playing Rust a while ago, this game is no different. I hope they fix it with the EU.
  14. Implying you're able to get ANY matches in a dead district. I've gone actual days without being able to progress my character's rank as the silver district is a coin flip every day on which one will be populated enough to play in.
  15. Is there a purpose to this thread or are you just venting?
  16. Sadly, no. It still happens, but compared to my ATAC? Zzz.
  17. I adore how you just float above substantiating any of this and just keep talking. You soar like an eagle above it all with no self consciousness and hold nothing back. It's truly majestic!
  18. Doesn't matter what gun you use, someone out there will let you know you're toxic for using it. I use an OBIR for 2 years, no one bats an eye. I use an ATAC for 2 hours, and I'm scum. Just use whatever makes you happy.
  19. I was going to suggest the same thing, but wanted to keep my post short. My issue was it happening during missions and critical moments. So ya, works for me. ^.^
  20. Before we can do any of that we need phasing. Once we have phasing we can actually match opposition from the entire region instead of just a district.
  21. Stop writing things on the basis that you think everyone feels this way. The bounty system was poorly done and got removed because players just found it irritating for RNG to decide a match.
  22. Pretty sure it was added in 2013 and has been a blight ever since.
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