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  1. Wish it was just a single large fire axe, like the "NANI?!" one on the end.
  2. It's nice seeing someone 'higher up' actually recognize just how awful the whole engine upgrade has been in regards to delays and time expenditure. I get a genuine sense that LO wants it to come out nearly as bad as the community. Nearly.
  3. Those aren't real golds, the threat system in this game is honestly garbage and tells you nothing. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/10789-evas-pitch-we-need-seasons-seasonal-rewards/ If they're getting matched up, it's like League of Legend's Silver 1s and Gold 5s playing against each other. The real problem is when APB thinks three Silver 2s = two Diamond 1s...
  4. This just in: the migration was to a ban list, not to a server! "GG EZ" - Matt Scott, 2019
  5. Not to mention, Blizzard's games aren't as poorly maintained as this game was nor coded as poorly. Some of the specs of this game are hilariously bad... Speaking of Blizz, classic anyone? Lol.
  6. The whole threat system is so stupid. The difference between a Gold 10 and a Gold 1 is literally the difference between a legend and someone just barely above Silver, but there's no prestige to it. There's no REASON to aim for that pinnacle. This is purely my opinion, so take it as purely an opinion piece, but I have to agree with a common mentality about something very specific; the feeling of unhappiness after an APB session and the reasoning to endure it. When I started playing this game ages ago, I went from Trainee to Gold and have never been Silver. Ever since those days, I was put up against the most brutal of adversaries and I have never attempted to dethreat. I always strive to be at least above average in games I play, but in APB... There is no reason to really care. When I'm grinding to get Diamond in League of Legends and I get on a lose streak, my drive to get there keep me playing. In APB, I sometimes question why I have to deal with the hardest opponents the game has to offer, but get nothing for working so hard to win. Reveal people's actual ranks and standing and use a better system than 4 colors to display their prowess. No other game has 4 measly ranks (does Green even count?) to sort its entire player base. I myself am curious as to what my actual standing is and every other game would tell me, but I'm just a Gold, but that could mean very different things because of the range it encompasses. Incentivize actually wanting to become "great" in this game, make it feel rewarding to actually give a crap about how good you do and never give up in sometimes brutal missions. Increase district population caps and remove the segregation entirely; with the use of phasing you can keep that "living world feel", but the server won't die from the strain. It's so hard to balance a match (and give decent queue times) if the viable opposition pool is a measly 40 people. Also a problem how Enforcers are almost always on offense unless there's at least 10% more Criminals to Enforcers, because Enforcers are typically the ones waiting for opp. Leaderboards; we need 'em. I'm not saying right away, but I would love some actual leaderboards for personal standing as well as clan statistics. This is kind of a 3b, but make clans actually matter. Clans should get rewarded if they win scrims against other clans in structured matches with half-points (lingo for switching sides). (#'s 2, 3, and 4 can come later as they would be more tedious to code and would require proper phasing and instancing.) Add in threat (MMR) milestones that are visible on your profile that you cannot decay/drop down from once you reach them. This will neuter the ability for people to dethreat big time. Once you reach Gold, you shouldn't be allowed to drop down. The Bronze 1-10, Silver 1-10, etc. is very vague and way too large of a range to really gauge how good someone is. I'm a Gold and I know a few people who are Gold as well, but they are much, much weaker players than I am, but apparently we're the same threat? I'm more of a lurker on this forum and play the game fairly leisurely, but that doesn't stop me from kicking patootie in-game and I fancy myself a fairly strong player who gets matched up against some very, VERY strong opposition DAILY. Some recognition for holding ourselves to this ideal is entirely justified and my opponents deserve it, they're seriously amazing. I know there's mission balancing issues (among other things), but this is something that seriously needs to be addressed. Now I want to emphasize that this is purely just my opinion and I'm not coming at this from an angle to "connive" for some goodies, but rewarding players for superb sportsmanship and excellence as a concept goes beyond just video games. If you want to succeed, you have to apply yourself to be better and never give up. There's people in this community who deserve this recognition more than me and it's not right to not broadcast these achievements so others can attempt to wrest that mantle for themselves. @MattScott ask yourself this; if you had to bust your patootie to prove yourself everyday, but got literally zero recognition for it, how long until you felt it wasn't worth it? A gold medal Olympic athlete has something they're working toward, but some people in this community have that same drive and passion, but they don't. They don't get anything... no one cares. I'm not surprised people want to dethreat; like water, humans love the path of least resistance... Little Orbit doesn't allow these suggestion threads to be replied to after a certain period (for whatever reason, even though they're clearly still relevant), so just keep that in mind when you reply to this topic. I would LOVE to read your thoughts on my thread, but LO will just keep deleting them so I'll do this instead: [7/31] @HelloPie wrote: "I may be late, but I second that. Modern developers should take an example from other projects. For example, Fortnite. There are videos on Youtube where people explore the Fornite's popularity phenomenon. I really recommend everyone to look into that." I'll edit the thread with any replies since I follow the thread so I can see what you guys write before LO purges it.
  7. I'm going to presume you were clearly frustrated, but I think you meant, "when the weapons you have ARE shit". The N-TEC/PMG/OCA/HVR/Carbine are super cheap and can be obtained 30 minutes into the game. This game is easy to get mad at and a part of that is cause the skill ceiling is so high. No, they don't. Again, skill ceiling is so high it has a fking overhang. I hate to say it, but we didn't get there by crying on the forum. and i'm not even that good We should be adding incentives for people to WANT high ranks and strive for greatness, it's why dethreating is so bad. In my opinion, there's nothing to aspire to in this game. No stats, no seasonal rewards, etc. Crap tier players should be pitied and the great ones idolized, but as of right now the greatest players don't get any in-game recognition at all. Pretty bs considering how competitive this game is... Dethreaters have nothing to do with what you're talking about. People like that won't let a 255 segregation district mechanic stop them... The game needs a bigger matchmaking pool, threat level milestones that don't allow you to drop below in a current season, and actual f**king rewards for doing good and getting far on the ladder.
  8. How, exactly? It's not like looking both ways when you cross the road... Can't exactly tell the game to not match into someone. As for the original question, no you cannot name & shame people AFAIK. You can't call them out in-game either in district chat as that falls under harassment from what I understand.
  9. LOL, I wonder if the mods will let it pass. xD
  10. I seriously hope you get your designs back, some of them are absolutely gorgeous... ;-; Oh, so it's alright then that he loses everything he's worked on? That's true passion right there he just lost and your lack of empathy to another member of the community is gross.
  11. Oh, sweet summer child... [sarcasm]Come over to NA and I'll show you a wide selection of instances.[/sarcasm]
  12. Good to know that ppl I've reported for griefing actually get punished for it.
  13. How often does this happen? I've never step foot in a bronze district, but is this a regular thing? If so, remove threat segregation already...
  14. Been 2 hours, any word? It's still broken.
  15. Ya, their support time is insanely slow... 14 day response time LOL, they're trying tho
  16. EvaPooh

    Can't see objective

    It seems to happen to me when I switch characters and the only solution has been restarting the game completely.
  17. no, it's not been playing this game for a long time, it's not an exploit
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