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  1. Damn, that's a big assumption about me. You missed one of my posts, by the way. You never retorted about threat generation even if you're not a "superstar". Just because people getting bounties are good, doesn't mean implementing a mechanic to kill them for it is good. @Solamente said everything else I wanted to say, case closed imho.
  2. AKA good players being arbitrarily punished for performing well in a mission for no good reason other than a gimmicky mechanic to enhance 'fun'. You keep clamoring about it's benefit as a balancing mechanic, but cannot seem to grasp how unbelievably idiotic that sounds. There's a reason more people want it changed/removed over keeping it. It sucks.
  3. Except you can get N5/P5 completely randomly when you least expect. Even if you're performing at a mediocre level - you're still building up threat. Then final stage, super critical moment, and you get *5 then get ganked and throw the mission... How is that a good thing? The bounty system is so stupid, it doesn't balance anything and is generally seen by the entire community as a poorly implemented gimmick than a balancing feature. It's just awful.
  4. Yes, I saw a mod post a one-time use code for the item, that's how I found out about it after some digging. I think you just want my number. uwu
  5. I'm on the forum everyday and play the game regularly, but I had no idea this was going on. This method they're using is just bad. That's not the point. A lot of people aren't even aware of this giveaway. If they're going to do exclusive stuff with a limited time window, then it needs to be clear on when and where this is happening. AFAIK, the only way I can get a code is from a forum mod randomly posting them whenever they feel like in some arbitrary thread. If that's not the only way, then again, how should I know? I'm not clear on what steps I should be taking to acquire the item or where to find them. The reason this is bad, is it sets a precedent for future items. Particularly because I use the forums very often and stay up-to-date on APB:R's coming and goings; God forbid someone's chances who aren't as persistent as myself.
  6. Or place it in front of the guns? Use your brain, it doesn't have to be a stupid milestone nor unreasonable to unlock.
  7. This is a splendid solution to this. Loyalty reward would be nice - haven't had a new one in quite a while...
  8. I hate exclusive items like this, especially when they're not announced. (If they were, I didn't see it and I check the forums almost daily.) Wish I could just buy it in the store, I hate not having all the clothes unlocked.
  9. Hey, me too! Except move the R6:S hours into WoW and then double it
  10. Yeah, let's join a Discord filled with socially awkward ego trippers. What a time to be alive!
  11. How about this poll actually being in December? Even the stores are shoving Christmas ornaments and decorations in my face... Get your hands out of my arse wallet!
  12. You mean the majority of trailers for games? Even movies/TV shows, trailers show the best parts to generate the most interest and nothing else. I remember when No Man's Sky was super hyped and the trailer had some amazing visuals and then it said "actual in-game footage" or something and I giggled so hard. People get suckered into things way too easy. Pre-rendered footage to load the hype train with coal.
  13. Listen to everything he's saying, he's spot on. Also, buy Clotting Agent 3 and equipment from the marketplace when/if you have the funds (some people will insist on Happy Landing 1-3, but I think it's crap). Equipment especially is just a direct upgrade with no downside, but you only get a few slots so pick the ones that are most commonly used/most helpful. It might look like they're spraying and dumping their whole magazine, but if you examine good player's actions, they're controlling their rate of fire. Some people in this community can do it so well that it's obscene and can look like a macro to an untrained eye. Not saying they don't exist, but some people really are just that good.
  14. Least you actually have players, lmao. #ripNA
  15. I'd mentor someone, but the newer people are segregated from me and I haven't seen a new face in silver in weeks. It's hard to reach out to people because the in-game systems are so archaic and trash. Game could use Discord integration and a bigger pool for matchmaking.
  16. That logic is so bad when you have 3 minutes to chase them down. They can just as easily pull a volcano/LOLSMAW and sit on their car roof with the item in the trunk. The game's actual timers need to be adjusted tbh. A lot of the missions end simply because the clock runs out, rarely do they end because one side got 100% of the points and fill the gauge to win; especially with how stupid some of the drops are and prone to imbalance. For instance, enemy drop is a an alleyway 10 meters from the road with just a chain link fence in between, but ours is a fence, 2 ladders and 25 meters of walking and it's a heavy item. Should also be mentioned that last stage items that are dropped by the final objective are also idiotic. Needs to be more back-and-forth in the missions. As it stands, I can only recall one (maybe two) missions where the offense/defense roles are swapped throughout the mission. Most of the time, if you're on defense, you're staying on defense the entire match unless it hits the final stage.
  17. Small excerpt from my mentality thread in my signature. Just because they can get into bronze and are coloured gold, doesn't make them true golds. Sticking feathers up your butt doesn't make you a chicken, neither does flashing yellow against weaker players make you gold.
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