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  1. Oh yes, that won't get toxic fast or anything. People calling eachother out over dumb stuff... "Simples."
  2. It's okay. That's not really the type of person I am, but I do empathize with your frustration!
  3. Without condemning or condoning your rant, I agree with the sentiment. They are fixing it, but they want to just get this engine update rolled out so they can start overhauling other systems in the game first.
  4. How so? By the crushing weight of their impropriety? Zzz. This thread is doodoo. No! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  5. This is a problem with your mentality. There's 4 green modifications in the game: CA1-3, KI1-3, Flak, and Fragile. Kevlar is bad because mobility in this game is incredibly important and the value of health is weaker than the value of movement speed. Fragile is niche/bad because it leaves you overly vulnerable to certain match ups and the diminishing return on MS isn't typically worth the cost you're paying to be one speedy boi. Flak Jacket is niche and costs you a grenade, which is a very high price to pay for arguably one of the most important elements in the game. So that leaves you with CA; which is effective most of the time compared to the rest and the cost is reasonable enough to swallow without too much fuss. Does that make it "overpowered"? I don't think so. I think that makes it the only viable option to run in your kit 95% of the time. That alone doesn't make it broken, just means there needs to be more options or improve the others we already have and make them more viable. This is presuming that LO even wants this to happen. You're self aware, at least on one part at least. If your posts are getting tonnes of negative feedback, maybe stop and ask yourself why. Maybe, just maybe, consider that your view is wrong or not in the best interest of the game as a whole. I'm not saying you shouldn't have these opinions, because that's what having an opinion is all about, but perhaps not reacting with surprise that your opinion is nowhere close to everyone's opinion, so there's going to be a lot of people who disagree with you. And when that's true, they're going to let you know that. Embrace it.
  6. Yup! So you can imagine my joy to not see 8 notifications of someone chain downvoting me just cause they think I'm a dummy doodoo head or whatever.
  7. I really appreciate the change to the post reaction options; gets rid of a negative aspect of using the forum that petty people would use a lot for wrong reasons. Was funny to see a bunch of random posts of mine getting dislikes by a super salty boi tho. Hopefully people will start writing out why they disagree now, but I somewhat doubt it. Either way - good change! +1
  8. Don't boot it off, I'm almost done with my symbol, wait!
  9. I know this might sound wild and kind of crazy. I don't make a habit of getting involved with your kind, but... Just a thought here... Maybe you're just bad. No, they didn't. Like everything else you don't substantiate, sauce or no balls.
  10. Most of those people don't have the intellectual capacity to give constructive criticism.
  11. Nah, it's Zombie. Trying to stuff that patootie in those pants all the time and forcing us to say it looks good.
  12. Don't be such a drama queen. Just drag and drop that sh!t. LO, just do it already.
  13. Someone asked to be my friend cause he saw me playing a lot solo and wanted me to not be alone; was really cute. ^^
  14. SPCT is, by every definition, a group separate from the main bulk of "average" users. No one is able to just 'join up' and be included, they don't have that option. You are a separate entity. You operate behind closed doors and have a supposed NDA. Now does that actually matter? I believe so, at least on some level. Personally, I feel you have more sway over decisions and your opinions carry more weight. It's also easier for you to be heard and get tangible verification. Now, no one can (or will) actually quantify how much louder your voice actually is and it could be that submerging your feet in a lake compared to an ocean both displace water, but they're both basically irrelevant. But I believe your impact is still greater, especially with how SPCT phrase their comments as if you guys had a direct hand in it, which naturally you did and still do. I don't want to derail this thread by going on too big of a tangent here, but we can PM if you want. I appreciate the work SPCT does, but I don't appreciate how cliquey this game is already and that it's affecting balancing. Not trying to start a fight or rant here, but just tired of people downplaying SPCT's influence or sequestered nature.
  15. You seem like you're on the spectrum + mid 40's or 50's. Every post you make, the ones that aren't deleted by mods ofc, are usually walls of random raving to no one's benefit. Friendship is trusting someone and then being rewarded for that trust. I get the inclination you've never actually been in a healthy relationship, platonic or otherwise; or even know what that looks like. Spare me the wall of text reply, btw. I'm waiting for Spellbreak to finish and not really interested in indulging you.
  16. Some good points you made. Thanks, dad.
  17. Yep. But at least some kind of progress is being made and shared with us, instead of "Hai guise, Tiggz 'ere! New snooper rifle on ARMAS!" and nothing else.
  18. "basically for no reason banned me" What does that even mean? I use TunnelBear (a VPN) and an auto password program, yet I still play perfectly fine and I have thousands of hours with multiple max ranks.
  19. Game hasn't literally been shut down yet, so no. Be patient. If the upgrade comes out, they fix a few core issues, and they invest in some advertising I don't think it would be too far fetched to see some life come back to the game. Idk. I'm just doing other things as I wait for the upgrade to hit. I think the problem is when people are obsessed with the game and hang onto every second with baited breath waiting for things to change. Like, chill! Wasteland 3 is fun, big patch today too to fix co-op. Wheeee! ツ
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