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  1. So no sauce then? Damn. My spaghetti is ruined.
  2. You're silver then. If you dip between silver and gold, your rank in any other game would be upper silver and that's where you belong. I couldn't break into higher Diamonds on League because I belong below it. I reached my skill cap and would have to work tirelessly to improve. Flaws is right; you don't possess the qualifications to speak about intricate balancing if you don't have the skills to grasp them in the first place. It's people with this mindset that do the most damage. You think you're helping and know what's best, but you don't. You can't.
  3. I'm playing Tarkov. Tarkov game, APB:R forums. Cool.
  4. I'm under the impression your post was of a more impressive caliber, but you hesitated; cold feet? Also, out of curiosity, what's your opinion on more detailed ranks so a player can truly know where they stand within a game's ranking list?
  5. It's not that they refuse to play offense, they just prefer having an easier time on defense. Because this game had no concept of being fair when the missions were designed, offense is almost always harder and there's no half-time/alternating roles to be found in the current format except maybe one or two missions(?), but I can't remember. And even then, it's only like, one stage that switches. This is true, but I would just like to add that I would like some actual divisions to be setup instead of this stupid "GOLD, WOW!" that blankets such a wide variety of skill levels that it's effectively rendered useless because it doesn't tell you a god damn thing.
  6. My frustration with you is you did not even attempt to try. You set up a straw man argument to evade my position. This is cowardice. Absence of outcry doesn't equal no issues, but from what I've seen, plenty of people have brought it up as stupid. Why do you think they made the change in the first place? You truly believe LO just went, "Ayyy, no one mentioned disliking this feature, but let's disable it anyway!" No. It was disabled because people did say it was crap and have been for many years. It's bad for all the reasons I explained in my original post that you not-so-cleverly dodged and deserved the axe. This game has the structural capacity to be a highly dynamic game with a very strong ladder if they make the necessary steps to make that happen and foster competitive growth. One of those changes is removing the poorly implemented and shoddy concept that was "Heat 5".
  7. Wow, ok. You want to disregard and dismiss everything I wrote and evade the subject? I'd call you stupid, but your username sort of implies that regardless. If you want to spew your garbage balancing without contest, I suggest you stick to your circle of friends and echo chamber in safety, because you're just wrong.
  8. F**k the gods, I agree with Hex. The amount of rampant mission skipping until the team gets defense is super gross. Very good players constantly reentering matchmaking until they're the ones defending slows down the system and makes it frustrating to ALWAYS be on offense if you don't do this. Abandoning missions is fine in itself, but with how trash the matchmaking is in this game (for many reasons) and how intrinsically imbalanced the missions are by themselves are why this is a problem.
  9. Papa bless. It also happens in matches regardless if you're doing well or not. This argument is so ridiculous, it's like you guys haven't ever played the game. Both sides getting notoriety randomly in a high stress competitive game is not good game balance. It's literally pure RNG that can either ruin your match or be inconvenient. There are better ways to balance the game than arbitrarily punishing someone for earning too much score. The whole bounty system is an archaic Russian roulette that was never fully realized by the original creator due to constraints. So all that's left is this broken, misguided, and arbitrary system of "BaLaNcE" that continues to get steam by certain members of the community due to the fallacy that if you get punished by it you deserved it and it somehow evens things out. It's essentially launching a predator missile at a player in Call of Duty if they get above 7+ kills. How can you even presume to think that's a good idea is beyond me...
  10. Another tip for unsuspecting players: Don't buy the 'New Glory', it's really weak. Buy the Ursus if you want a legendary (glorified) N-TEC.
  11. How can you say that with a straight face? Awful themes, pathetic trash talking, and the amount of ego in this game over the course of years? It's no stretch of the imagination to see an ignore list reaching critical mass... ... Also, mine is nearly full, so... And I don't really talk to anyone, lmao.
  12. Who are you talking about here? Because, I've never seen you do very good with your Volcano. I question the legitimacy of your statements as I have never had a problem with your play style. It's just like any other gimmicky OSMAW/Volcano player... Pretty bad. Almost missed your post, Cookie. I always enjoy seeing you calling someone out non-sarcastically.
  13. And yet, I still prefer it over G1's stunning development history; I'm still going to give LO slack for quite a while. G1 was nightmare fuel and the Puck bot is finally slain.
  14. I laughed when OP said the ammo box was the only good consumable. Mobile cover is so stupidly effective... With how important car spawner is (imho), I just can't afford to run it.
  15. Tbh, I'm shocked we even have waterfront at 50% while Financial is full. It's been either one or the other for months. I'd log in to rank up and be like, "I wonder if I'll get to make actual progress today..." *Waterfront population of 3* Nope!
  16. Given how insane some people are on this forum, how horrible some people are at writing in English, and the degeneracy of the moderation team, I actually thought "united yellow intellectuals" was some form of actual clan or allusion to oceanic players. Now that I realize this, I don't know what to even say beyond this, lmao.
  17. Pretty sure it was CSG first, cause I bought a Whisper and CSG (both PR-2) really early on, lol. Man, I've come a long way...
  18. You also skipped over the part where support is your only avenue for this, which is true. Sucks you got banned if you were legitimate, but I don't believe that you were; talk to support.
  19. ^ This. I bought the PR2 for the 'Whisper' and CSG when I was first starting out, they're awful to switch and use - especially during a mission. I tried asking G1 to literally downgrade them and Puck told me to go puck myself.
  20. I used to recommend the n-tec for new players, but I realized that getting that timing down and learning about positioning make it a bit tricky. PMG or the STAR are better, me thinks.
  21. Just make sure you have a good cpu, this game runs like crap.
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