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  1. I deny the fault of the internet connection because the level of synchronization decreases with the increase in the number of players in the copy of the district.
  2. This is just a great theme! I lost interest in the game due to sync issues. You can still do something in the bronze copy, because the level of the players is lower and they spend more time on kills. In the silver copy, I see my character fall, and then I see him get killed. I guess the server load is higher in silver copy due to the speed and playstyle of the players. The situation has worsened since the last update.
  3. Appreciated the game visually. Since the visual component in video games go a long way. At the moment, the graphics are ugly and unpleasant. I am very annoyed by the ship in the port, it was remade by an uninterested person. I also edited the screenshot by changing the illumination of the earth with reference to the weather, in my opinion this is important for the visual component. Original: Clear sky: Сloudy:
  4. Remove the center Armas button from the gamepad menu. During an active game, you can accidentally launch Armas. The center of the menu should be empty. https://imgur.com/8ACetzU The keyboard and mouse stop working after playing with the controller for a short time. Restarting the game doesn't help, keyboard and mouse don't work since launch. If you minimize the game, the mouse and keyboard stop working. Visually, the game is terrible. Color temperature, fog color and lack of light make San Paro a colony of Mars. When moving, textures, shadows, light sources, objects stand out sharply. The ship in the port area was made by an uninterested person. Animated texture of glare from water, rivets on the body, palms in concrete ... Terrible, tasteless, unprofessional. https://imgur.com/leLiZlV There are two LOD models used: https://imgur.com/gNVmbK0 The cars has no shadow. Surveillance Camera model animation is not correct: https://imgur.com/XhYN1pE In this place the shadows are not true: https://imgur.com/3I5Iy8O

    Remove danger level

    I am a mid-level player. I have been playing this game since its release in 2010. I know her all about her. I spent 20,000 hours in it, this is 2.2 years. I'm not a noob. I do not use macros, cheats and bugs. I'm tired of the huge skill difference in the silver area and the bronze area. Play is not interesting. In the silver area I lose with the score 0 10. In the bronze 10 0. Give me the middle! Remove the danger level!
  6. This rifle was nerfed. This happened during the last major weapon upgrade. Nerf killed this rifle. Now it is useless.
  7. Espanzo, Pioneer and Vegas must be nerfed. These tanks cannot be destroyed even by a rocket launcher. These are just big cars. I believe that all cars should have the same supply of health. Health reserves must be changed by modifiers.

    Ghost cars

    Cars of players who are not participating in the mission cannot be used as shelter from bullets. This creates bewilderment for inexperienced players. There is shelter, but it is not. This is perceived as a mistake. I suggest fixing this error. I suggest adding a key to fight ghosts. A ghost car becomes vulnerable if players on the same team, performing one mission, complain about it. In this case, the car owner does not receive damage.
  9. Three cars are popular in the game: Patriot Vegas Seio espaco Newlander Pioneer. These cars have high strength. Other cars are far behind. This is evidenced by their high popularity, this is bad.
  10. The game uses few car models. This is the main problem, cars need competition.
  11. I suggest expanding the “leave the mission” button so that it can be done at any time. You can leave the mission now by entering the lobby, but this is not correct, the RAM is filling up to 200 - 300 megabytes, you need to restart the game. Dear developers, activate this button in the mission. This will expand the player’s capabilities, avoiding situations in which the player will have to wait 15 minutes, losing. Dishonest competitors and comrades will think about their behavior.
  12. Dear developers. You need to determine the role of each shotgun, they should be different, like girls. Curly red-haired, spectacular blonde, strict brunette, arrogant hipster, well, you know ... At the moment, all the pistols are one-sided, these are just copies with dyed hair. 1. JG - shotgun, from which the player should expect the classic behavior of a shotgun. 2 shots = corpse, range up to 20 meters, heavy damage from close range, absolute uselessness at a distance of more than 30 meters. 2. CSG weapons for aiming firing from a shelter, at a distance of 15 to 40 meters. Low efficiency when driving. 3. NFAS one store = one corpse. High firing speed, long reload time. 4. Strife = HVR from a short distance, low running speed, very strong recoil, three bullets in the store. Huge damage to cars when firing at close range Calabria takes serious damage with one shot at point blank range. 5. Schrоder - automatic CSG for aimed shooting. Low reload speed, a small amount of ammunition, accuracy decreases with prolonged shooting 6. OGRE - one clip = 2 corpses. High recoil, long reload time, reduced accuracy during prolonged shooting. 6. OGRE - one store = 2 corpses. High recoil, long reload time, reduced accuracy during prolonged shooting. Shotguns should have an advantage at a distance of up to 30 meters! And no rifle should have superiority at these distances! Organize a test. Two players stand at a distance of 15 meters, one uses JG, the other NTEC. Players cannot move, but can crouch. Changing the parameters of the gun can be considered successful when the JG is superior to NTEC.
  13. SHEMER

    Grenades fly right

    If you throw a grenade in a sitting position, grenades fly to the right of the sight. This situation is not common. I use billiard balls. Before using a grenade, I aim to use a pistol scope for greater accuracy.
  14. OPGL grenades fall underground in the territory of roads, sidewalks, curbs. This problem does not always happen, but it happens quite often.
  15. Hey guys, are you aware that when you bought a gamefirst did you get a deadline? You are aware that new players are coming into the game, after training they click on the beautiful picture of the area selection and go to hell. Then, heating the chair a little under it, having cursed enough, go out of the game and remove it. These people create a negative impression about the game, they will not return to it. It happens every day, every day you lose potential buyers, it's like an hourglass. The game is boring, incomprehensible, uninteresting for new players, you understand this. A situation has arisen when old players throw new ones out of the game, the selection of opponents plays an important role in this. If 1 old player comes out against 40 noobs, he will win! Do something with a threat level, and the selection of opponents, it is easier than the engine and rebellion. Also, only old players write on the forum, and they write something that is beneficial to them, new players are silent, they cannot write to you what they want. And they want fun, happiness, pleasure from the game. But in the game it is not! Goodbye, look at the other place.
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