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  1. It all comes down to engine upgrades. Little Orbit wants to update the engine with minimal impact on gamers. The engine began to be redone again, not relying on the old 2.0 build. As you read Mat's posts, you will notice that the build process is very complicated. Of all the people on Earth, Matt is most interested in updating the game. He doesn't have a lot of resources to get the job done quickly. We can only hope that Matt can handle it.
  2. It's not about a specific weapon. It's just that NTEC is the face of the problem.
  3. Are you familiar with the periods of Japanese history? The history of your favorite APB game can also be divided into periods - periods of dominance of weapons, weapons that are easy to play with. The first period was the period OCA-EW 626 and NFAS-12. This was followed by the CSG-20 period, the M-1922 period, the OCA-Nano period, and so on ... The beginning of the period coincided with the announcement of a new weapon, the end - with a change in its characteristics. The most recent time period was the N-TEC period. This weapon is very popular now. Its peculiarity is that the enemy does not have time to react to the shooting. This is facilitated by the remoteness from the server. Some of you are not familiar with this. I was from Russia earlier on the Pioneer server. The Pioneer server was located in Moscow, and it was very comfortable to play on it. Now I, like many of you, play on the European server. The remoteness of the server does not allow you to play comfortably. Some weapons have too little time to kill. For N-TEC, this figure is 0.7 seconds. This time is too short to have time to react. This is facilitated by remoteness from the server, server latency, FPS instability, freezes. I believe that N-TEC has become more popular due to the deterioration in client stability, which deteriorated with each update. I can use N-TEC too, but why do you need another weapon then? Why is there a feature in the game that allows a pistol to shoot like a machine gun? Why are some CR762 players not blooming? Don't you think it's time to end this long period by changing your weapon settings? APB is not played on local servers with low ping. APB is an international game, unfinished, freezing, low time to kill is not acceptable. This is one of the main reasons for population decline. Players complain about cheaters, but the game itself creates cheaters. Sorry for the bad english.
  4. You run to the point, some dude with NTEC comes out of the corner, frieze, music plays, they show you how they killed you.
  5. It doesn't matter how many frames per second your computer produces. The game freezes at the most inopportune moment. You aim, the game freezes. You shoot the enemy - the game freezes and plays the jingle of the dude you first started shooting. This crap is terribly annoying. It doesn't matter what kind of computer. APB and freeze are synonymous.
  6. Perhaps this was discussed. Could it mean something? https://ibb.co/nj6nRk9 Merged. I've tried decrypting this binary. Nothing succeeded. Maybe there are knowledgeable people here? Forgot to write that this is Byron Bledrose's jacket
  7. The fortune-teller said that the new engine will come to us together with the comet Galei.
  8. The server sets the weather and time. The weather can be changed by the administrator through the console.
  9. I used to have a choice. I could relax in bronze or sweat in silver. Players need the right balance. Now the choice of the enemy is too great. I can’t control who I’m fighting with.
  10. I'm surprised the administration is making such a stupid decision. If administrators really thought a lot before making a decision, they would be reconfiguring the enemy selection system. This is not a difficult decision, it is an irresponsible decision. Your project is already on crutches, and you are trying to break those crutches. On the Russian server Pioneer, the administration carried out the "Clan Wars" campaign. Clans fought for territory. Strong players began to create one-day clans and arrange genocide for the sake of points. To combat this, the administration reduced the maximum number of people in the clan to 50. It was very stupid. Real clans collapsed, social ties collapsed, persuasion did not work. After this event, interest in the game dropped. Players didn't want to pay for the role of cannon fodder. The server died. I do not understand the purpose of these actions. How was reducing the maximum number of players in a clan supposed to solve the problem? How should disabling the threat level save the American server? Where is the logic? Not a single person left the game due to the level of threats. People go where they are interested. In APB, changing the balance of weapons is an event. If the textures of the ship are changed and a couple of trees get stuck in the asphalt, it will be a galactic event.
  11. Developers should not revert to the old schema. The old scheme has many disadvantages. You need to set up a system for selecting enemies. Now she is doing her job poorly. Make the selection more selective so that the players get a worthy opponent.
  12. Yes, you are right. I've heard that 37 percent of internet users are Hydropithecus. Bots in APB work at the expense of vaccinated people. The chip enters the brain. A vaccinated person does not even suspect that his brain is being used by bots in APB. One of the symptoms of coronavirus is confusion. This is because the trigger and macro in APB consume a lot of resources.
  13. Time to kill N-TEC 5 - 0.70 s. Time to kill OCA-EW 626 - 0.70 s. This data may be out of date, but the data source is constantly being updated.
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