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  1. Friendly fire is an important and very interesting part of apb. it makes game more fun i would hate it if it gets removed.
  2. From what i know theres no threat system in csgo. So we can just remove threat system. its useless anyway.
  3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most successful online multiplayer shooter ever. Why not copy its matchmaking mechanism?
  4. wtf...i didnt do anything
  5. As someone else said, get the guns that you cant get easily from other options. These are the ones which i bought. 2 slot atac, stheno, Showstopper, colby .45, issr and scout,
  6. i have 10k jt and i cant decide if i should get no slot atac which is 4k or the 2 slot atac which is 8k what do you think is the best choice?
  7. This is a tight slap to anybody who thinks apb is pay to win. If this is not free to win then i have no idea what is.
  8. As the title says. it needs a nerf. Discuss. Inappropriate content removed. -Mina_
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