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  1. EmptyPillow

    Halloween costume contest!

    Ehm they want you to buy something to participate in their event, is that what you mean?
  2. EmptyPillow

    Halloween costume contest!

    I'm assuming we're getting premium for this event right?
  3. EmptyPillow

    Premium changes!

    I was hoping you finally removed cooldown reduction from premium.. oh well
  4. You need to change your localization files
  5. I never said it's possible the check everyones age online, just said that I think it's dumb.
  6. It's pretty dumb, I can go to the casino here in NL but can't buy a jmb on apb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. EmptyPillow

    APB's P2W image

    I know its not (really) p2w (except for a few things) but for outsiders its looks super p2w.
  8. I was watching youtube when a video about another game that I play popped up and while watching I saw this: We really need to fix our image
  9. EmptyPillow

    Spawning without ammo

    ye I've used the signature since the launch of the forums, and suddenly when some white knight brings it up / reports me it's removed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. EmptyPillow

    Grenades Buff

    The guy probably had an ammo box close to him. A frag can 1 shot an ammo box, which can 1 shot a player.
  11. EmptyPillow

    Spawning without ammo

    yeah that's some sick content right there
  12. EmptyPillow

    Spawning without ammo

    what's neat about it?
  13. EmptyPillow

    Spawning without ammo

    sure I agree it's not "hard" and it's super affordable, but it's just that you will for sure forget it a few times and then you respawn without ammo and potentially lose a stage/mission
  14. EmptyPillow

    Spawning without ammo

    probably intended or probably bugged? and yes I can.