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  1. Give me like 25k g1c for winning if u give everyone this ugly skin
  2. EmptyPillow

    Autumn skin

    alright thanks
  3. EmptyPillow

    Autumn skin

    Can anyone tell me when the skin is going account wide? Thanks in advance
  4. Since every gun on armas is still overpriced and there wont be a sale I hope there will be some price reductions soon.
  5. EmptyPillow

    Fix ir3 pls

    I don't, but there was a patch this morning which didn't include the fix so I thought lets go to the forums.
  6. EmptyPillow

    Fix ir3 pls

    Decreases dropoff range. Fix asap pl0x.
  7. I agree they need to make money, but every other f2p shooter I play 1 permanent gun is between 5 and 10 euros
  8. Sorry but I'm still not gonna pay 20-25 eu per gun
  9. The guns that got cheaper only got 500 g1c cheaper?
  10. EmptyPillow

    Poll Suggestions for N5 & P5

    Wait there is people actually defending the bounty system?
  11. EmptyPillow

    Poll Suggestions for N5 & P5

    It has no place in this game. Remove it asap.
  12. EmptyPillow

    Halloween costume contest!

    Ehm they want you to buy something to participate in their event, is that what you mean?
  13. EmptyPillow

    Halloween costume contest!

    I'm assuming we're getting premium for this event right?
  14. EmptyPillow

    Premium changes!

    I was hoping you finally removed cooldown reduction from premium.. oh well