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  1. EmptyPillow

    Armas guns

    mate I'm looking at a $40 oca I feel u
  2. EmptyPillow

    Armas guns

    For some reason, some non-reskin guns on armas (account wide) cost 1799 g1c, some cost 2799 and some cost 3499 g1c. Why aren't all non reskins the same (cheap) price? 3.5k for an account wide non reskin gun is crazy.. Will they change this when they revamp the armas?
  3. My opinion: Revert oca rof buff (back to .7 vanilla ttk); Revert latest shotgun buffs/changes; Keep the rest of the changes (and change it more if needed). I think ntec would be fine with the new +7.5m ir3 (ir3 ntec not strong in cqc anymore), the yukon is finally fixed and the hvr is much more balanced. The game like this would be pretty healthy I think.
  4. EmptyPillow

    Holster Pad

    Some clothing items that go on the holster pads (like spraycans, gun holster) sometimes disappear after switching costumes.
  5. EmptyPillow

    No random players when in mission

    I'm not sure if it's possible, but it would be very nice if once you enter a mission, everyone outside of the mission is "gone". You can't see / interact with them. This would make griefing impossible and it would probably also increase frame rate (at least for me, when the district has like very few players my framerate is insanely high).
  6. EmptyPillow

    Lower 195 mods equip level next patch

    I'd say make the 195 mods available from rank 85 like the tier 3 car mods.
  7. EmptyPillow

    Armas Gifting

    I think they said that yes, but do we know how far they are in preventing these things to happen so we can gift on armas again?
  8. Can we expect armas gifting to be back soon or is it probably gonna take a little more?
  9. EmptyPillow

    Can Yall Fix the Damn Car Spawner Please?

    throw ur nades at it and fixed.
  10. EmptyPillow

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    y u k o n-hvr
  11. I've had this before and usually after a day or so the mods are automatically returned to your inventory.
  12. Broken: Yukon, Hvr (heavy), Low Yields P2W: Fang, Euryale, CSG?, .45?, PREMIUM
  13. EmptyPillow

    Upgrade skins to account wide

    When we buy a gun character wide, we have the option to buy an upgrade to account wide and I was thinking that it would be amazing to have the same option for weapon skins. What do you think?
  14. If you have the gun character wide, an upgrade to account wide usually costs around 400-900 g1c so maybe it's that