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  1. I am currently taking a break from apb. Right now I am playing gta online,the arena wars dlc is so cool. I think  the whole demolition derby concept could work in this game. There Is already an a demolition derby event that happens every friday called pay2grief.

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  2. 6 hours ago, MartinPL said:

    I was going to say that you could've created the same post without insults, but without the insult it wouldn't contribute any more information anyway, so there's that. I guess we can't have nice things and we always have to be condescending pricks to one another.


    Even taking the usual mission length in APB into account, 30 seconds is an absurdly long duration. Hell, even in CS:GO (since it was brought up) incendiaries only burn for 7 seconds - and that in itself is enough time for a lot of things to happen.

    Adding the perspective that there could be multiple grenades in play (if we allowed more than 1 to be carried on a player), they could be resupplied from various sources, and that multiple team members could carry them, it would be entirely possible for the defending team to completely shut down all access points to the objective with just the grenades, since passing through would cause damage... ugh.


    Also, I can't imagine an incendiary grenade with such fuse time, personally. In my opinion, ideally they'd activate upon impact with a surface, much like in CS:GO.

    lol In real life that the the burn time airhead

  3. I am trying to purchase one joker box. I tried four time through steam in game and once through my web browser. I was warned not to play this trashy game I thought would give it a chance and its been nothing but a headache. If you can't give me what I am purchasing give me all my money back. Lol let me hear the lame excuse you have.

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