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  1. 5 hours ago, Sniperturtle said:

    PROTECT THE BLOODY BRONZES BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FUTURE IF THIS GAME IS TO HAVE A FUTURE. Which it probably wont because they neglected this problem dutyfully since 2012.

    What bronzes? Jericho has at max 30 people in bronze district, effectively blocking half the NA playerbase from having a match.

  2. 4 hours ago, CookiePuss said:

    Concs do 1108 damage, which means MORE cars can survive a conc now, rather than less.


    1108/1150 isn't exactly good odds of surviving. All it takes is 1 bump on a wall or a couple rounds and the difference is negligible.


    And people are still going to pick the 4x4 over the other 3 1150HP  cars  because the 4x4 doesn't handle like hot garbage

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  3. 19 minutes ago, SomeYakuza said:

    Hi i was wondering how people are able to make themes that last longer than 5 seconds? its absolutely amazing and i wouldn't have to scrap many of my themes that i finish because of it not being recognizable or having to alter the tempo to make up for the lack of time.

    It's an exploit that we don't talk about because we dont want LO to patch it. Apb's best kept secret.

  4. 54 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    But this is an argument based upon the opposite, not low skill but rather high skill gameplay.


    Are you sure you meant to quote me?


    I'm done trying to have a reasonable discussion on the viability of the weapon if were just going to devolve into "just play better lol"

    I doubt you even looked at the spreadsheet.



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  5. 2 minutes ago, CookiePuss said:

    Anyone  with decent aim really, Im not sure what you mean.

    Shooting at braindead bronzes and silvers does not count, as it's practically a shooting gallery. Stop basing changes around the lowest common denominator.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Kempington said:

    I need to ask if you have.


    ISSR-B has incredible jump shot accuracy that can 2 shot burst in mid air with good consistency. Whilst you won't necessarily min-ttk ever with it, that's not all there is to a weapon in apb.


    I must admit my last post was when I was half asleep and exaggerated a bit, but I would like to say that if you know what you're doing, the ISSR-B is pretty powerful at all ranges inside its effective range.

    Theoretically yes, but on a practical level, noone uses it I'm that manner in CQC. Maybe as a once in a blue moon clutch. In every situation, it is more practical and reliable to draw your secondary weapon. There just isn't enough of a reason for people to pick the ISSR-B over the Obeya purely as an anti-infantry weapon. As the obeya wins every time unless it misses, the ISSR hits first, or it's outside the effective range.

    I'd like to refer you to my spreadsheet on STK and TTK with the ISSR-B compared to other similar weapon's hard damage values, if you haven't seen it already. It also includes my proposed weapon changes. 



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  7. TLDR:

    • Increase ISSR-B hard damage from 45 -> 65

    • Decrease ISSR-B Magazine size from 12 -> 10

    • Remove ISSR-B ability to be used in vehicle windows




    Linked is a spreadsheet that shows both pre-nerf and post-nerf ISSR-B damage values including STK and TTK on both pre-nerf and post-nerf vehicles (including the use of Steel Plating 3). The spreadsheet also compares STK and TTK of several other weapons including the DMR-AV, SWARM (pre and post nerf), and CR762.

    My proposed ISSR-B damages values allow the weapon to be used against vehicles while giving anti-vehicle focused weapons their spotlight.

    While I do believe the DMR-AV requires a buff to bring it into a good position as an AV weapon; and that the SWARM still outshines the DMR-AV in its AV capacity while still being a good pick to use against infantry, this is a discussion for another time.


    Disclaimer: These values are calculated with reload speed and magazine size accounted for, assuming the weapon has no modifications/presets and that the weapon is fired at maximum possible speed and every shot hits within drop-off range.

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  8. 1 minute ago, GhosT said:


    Yup, it's almost like it's intended that AV weapons are incredibly good at taking out vehicles but rather meh against people on foot.

    ISSR-B was very good in both classes, so one had to go - the one that didn't make sense.

    What is this "you cant have both" mindset? How is it wrong for the game to have a versatile weapon system that is both decent against both infantry and vehicles while straight up still losing to a weapon dedicated to either? all this nerfing weapons into the ground is doing is forcing people away from other options and cornering them into using pre-established meta of Obeya/HVR/SWARM. Ill post a more detailed reply later with my proposed changes to the ISSR to make it a viable choice that will satisfy both party's desires.

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  9. The problem is that since it is no longer the hybrid sniper that it used to be, it now sits in a position of inferiority. It was decent at both, but if you went with a pure hard damage or health damage weapon it would get outclassed. It cant compete with any AV weapon now, and as an anti infantry weapon it is outclassed by the obeya, ursus and HVR. All of this results in the weapon being lowered on the tier list and forcing people to drop it entirely for a more competitive weapon.

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  10. So with the recent update with vehicle health reductions and the dogear nerf, LO, was it your intention to make the weapon absolutely useless?

    It currently takes 39 shots to destroy a pioneer with steel plating 3. Even the nerfed vegas 4x4 requires a whoping 33 STK, 25 STK without steel plating 3.

    To put this into perspective, the DMR-AV only requires 6 shots to put down a vegas 4x4, 7 for pioneer, 9 for pioneer with steel plating 3.



    Edit: proposed changes to bring the ISSR back to viability. Spreadsheet comparing pre/post nerf vehicles and weapon's STK and TTK.




    • Increase ISSR-B hard damage from 45 -> 65

    • Decrease ISSR-B Magazine size from 12 -> 10

    • Remove ISSR-B ability to be used in vehicle windows

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  11. I think the main issues comes from spawning 100+ meters outside the event area, then having to run inside the zone (which usually is either on a sidewalk with no cover or the middle of a street) only to be mowed down by people that have already entered the zone and have triggered the event and have moved back outside the zone. 90% of the battle is on the border of the zone rather than in the middle. Blocking players from leaving the zone once they enter is one way I see the issue being resolved. Thoughts?

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