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  1. Well thanks to this I've tried that "New Glory" without having to buy it, so ty for that (u saved my money ) but voted for no cause it's a nonsense - same reason why you will remove it from mission districts, we have enough mess without it. And it's not fair for the people who bought those weapons.
  2. Hahahaha, sry if I have upset or annoyed you - that was not my intention. And ofc you can openly state your reaction, all cool. Greetings!
  3. Hello there, I dont "overformat" posts to do magic or make my content any better - Im just using options they gave us here to use + I love blue color. I have right to use it! And forums are here to put your opinion so we all doing that.
  4. Hi Matt, Didn`t see update and was reloading before posting. Thank you very much for quick answering, I appreciate that and hope for the best.
  5. Hello LO, We are aware that you are aware of the current log in issues for APB (Error 9), and that you are looking into the issue for like 22 hours now, and that you are thankful for our patience (we sure have shown that we have it), but most of us would be thankful if you would update us any time soon, not because we need to know (for who knows what reason) when the issue should be resolved or to have an ETA for that, but so we could know when can we be able to play it again because from your last message, it seemed like you were going to solve it in a few moments and since then we don't know where we are at. And ofc I dont say that the issue can be resolved right now or in 22 hours or days but it would be cool to be asap or, like I said, some info about it. Greetings and thank you!
  6. I agree with you, mby they been working on it all the time in silence, who knows what happend BUT it would be rly nice to let us know with some info. Well it was like last drop to some of us.
  7. I recommend you to wait with buying stuffs for now, because I saw some players had problem with getting items in mail after buying.
  8. I agree lol, like wtf + its enough that they going to merge Nekrova to Citadel
  9. Exactly. Ok, they working on it - cool, but they should give us all some info or shut down Apb while they manage to fix the problem.
  10. Dont know why all those dislikes on this, everything is worse after server maintenance - its a fact. I play PC but I feel you. And btw latest pop is telling everything. Ofc they not going to reply you but sure they can see it. And I want to they see that they are losing players and to do something about it. You dont need to spread the word, we all can see whats going on. We are all tired, well most of us, some are still like "eveything is fine". Greetings!
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