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  1. that project actually got scraped? LMAO when was this revealed????
  2. I feel like people call out "bloated engine" way too easily when they haven't inspected the source code of both RTW and G1/RP's version of APB, without any technical background. Clearly, the code wasn't bloated enough for them to add cars, weapons and weapon skins (albeit at the cost of lower quality wep models and the loss of tracers though) Sure, one could also argue that adding all the content resulted in the mess we have now, rolling down the hill like a snowball, but is it really? People nowadays have amazing PC's and run this game at fantastic framerates compared to back in the early RP days, yet the population is dwindling. Why? You could say some people left due to the bad performance this game has, but I'm very sure it's still a minority compared to all those who left due to balancing decisions. Why was it so hard to change single line values like weapon stats, vehicle stats and perhaps weapon/character mod stats? It took them 7-8 years to nerf the HVR from 850dmg... Balancing decisions don't require a perfectly tidy, compactly written code. (UE is far off from that in general, almost all UE games run trash) They require a open ear from the developers to the veterans and players who care about the game, which RP has failed for many years, causing people to lose faith and just eventually leave the game and move onto properly managed games. I hope Matt manages to pull through in his plan. It really does seem like he cares enough for APB to get through or at least that's what he's telling us, who knows... all the mud it has accumulated, up to the top. Per aspera ad astra. Hopefully, LO will listen to the remaining, passionate group of players who want nothing but this game to succeed regarding balancing decisions and gameplay fundamentals.
  3. Ok, how can TTK be the influence of someone's "competitive-level reflexes and situational awareness"? In fact, how can TTK be something that influences the competitiveness of a game? You've basically called people who play games like Quake, Apex, Dirty Bomb and other aim-based FPS' "lacking in reflex and situational awareness" Reflex and situational awareness != longer time to track someone without RNG interefering with your accuracy (high TTK in its pure form, perfectly illustrated in games I've mentioned) Is it so hard to hold your mouse on a target for just a bit longer? Like I've mentioned, increasing the TTK would be allow for so much room to balance weapons around. I think you should stop judging someone's intent without reading what their actual point was first. Both of our visions of making this game are different, doesn't mean one is worse than the other... (mine apparently is though..) Thank you for your time, I know I won't be getting mine back for trying to argue with you, It'll definitely be my last time. Again, you missed my point entirely. What I've said is that them trying to get into the BR market is good thinking, future proof thinking. Attracting a lot of different crowds is very possible in APB. Yes, I was present. The way they imagined it was flawed, but that's due to engine constraints. I was talking about the future of the game after the EU. Attracting the BR crowd could lead into people liking mission districts as a fun activity, gathering a huge variety of players. You completely missed my point here as well. I haven't said building should be added to APB. I've said APB needs it's own thing to differentiate itself from all other games. Something that's not designer related, something gameplay related. Something that requires skill and grind. Something that can win you a fight or an engagement if you have the knowledge and courage and quickwitness to apply in-game. And you still run away from proper air strafing and walljumping like the devil from the cross. How can you judge something you haven't experienced in the game itself, nor used in other games? You did not understand my point at all. I've just quoted your opinion on Epi's "150% movement speed buff being infesable in APB's spatial-design" and the fact you do not like changes to the movement mechanics. The first one can be something you've experienced and have an opinion on, sure. I don't agree with that. But, talking about something you haven't experienced? Second, the RNG part I've been talking about is about the whole gunplay in this game, the spawns of this game etc. I'm also 99% sure nobody who left the game cares about new content at all. People would still play this game a lot if the core fundamental play of this game wasn't so flawed and RNG based. The fact CHANCE decides if you win or lose a duel, the fact missions are unbalanced, the fact so many small QoL changes we've been suggesting for years are not getting listened to and implemented immediately, the fact Waterfront has been an unbalanced mess for 10 years now is why people quit. Oh, and the atrocious anticheat and cheater problem this game had for years, but that's something every F2P game struggles with. People who're playing right now are staying because of the designing element of this game and nostalgia and the fact there's currently nothing like APB on the market. False. The fact we're not getting listened to and the above reasons I've mentioned is why the game is semi-dead. GunZ from 2003 has more players than APB rn... APB needs it's own gimmick and I think that gimmick should be movement techniques like airstrafing, walljumping, bunnyhopping, anything really. It's something other FPS' games have relied on for years. Building from Fortnite is something I respect, I don't have anything against it, but it definitely shouldn't be added to APB. It'll just label the game as a Fortnite clone. This game is much more than that. I've only mentioned the possibilities this game could have in the future, after the EU. Many changes the community has been talking about for years have been in vain, which is why this game is in this state. The fact the old forums and all the good old topics have been deleted are another tragedy that many forgot. It would allow newer members to see a lot of the games history. this formatting is horrible sorry everyone lol
  4. Imagine thinking 150% speed boost from Epi is OP and "doesn't accomodate spatial-design" and better movement system is bad without even trying it? Why are you running away from skill based mechanics like the devil from the cross? This game DESPERATELY needs changes to make it skill based and not RNG favoured. It's the main reason people have quit. Fortnite has a building system, Apex has airstrafing and walljumping and they both work fine and have an amazing playerbase. This game could have double the playerbase of both games if they considered cattering the game for the competitive crowd FOR ONCE. RP/G1 spent all their time focusing on casuals, dumbing down the game further and further. Them attacking the BR market is definitely good thinking and it could work out very well, but the game needs BIG refinements in gameplay before they attempt this. The social district also has very good potential to catter the roleplay crowd, also a very huge crowd overall. APB could attract BR lovers, casual roleplay lovers and the old school cops vs robbers scenario lovers all in one game? Along with it's huge designer? It's basically a gem. Also, high TTK works extremely fine in whatever game implemented, what are you on about? We've had high TTK districts (albeit implemented badly with a lot of people complaining about it and them not caring ) and they've been wonderful? I remember it clearly, it was one of the most fun times I've had in APB. CA can be accomodated if deemed necessary later on? APB needs BIG and MONUMENTAL changes if it wants to turn into a gold mine for LO. Having that kind of attitude will keep the game crumbling, even after the engine upgrade. Getting more FPS and adding new content won't make people come back, gameplay changes will.
  5. Considering how you're vulnerable, can't jump, your strafe speed is only fast if you go in one direction(ADAD speed is the same) and I've played through a ton of iterations of this game, I understand how it was and how it is now. I do agree it was spammable during the 45s CD days and it shifted the meta to a single consumable (making other ones obsolete, other than med spray) but this is the case even now. Epi and Med spray are still the top choices for consumables, people still use it and spam it, albeit epi at a slower pace (slightly) Did the change fix anything? Consumables in general are a really hard topic to tackle tbh, maybe allowing us to use all consumables (without the stupid cap and the buying system) at any given time (with the same CD's, so you don't spam epi + med spray all day and get free speed boosts) would make things more interesting? Or just removing them altogether since no one asked for them? Or maybe turn them into some kind of brown mod? To me, I've never considered consumables outright broken or unbalanced in any patch this game had, except the mobile shield (which they've addressed in a decent way tbh) To me, movement, gunplay, matchmaking and map balancing are more important and they've always been the thing APB has been lacking all these years. (without counting the performance issues everyone has even to this day, which will hopefully be fixed with the EU or alleviated with clever techniques today's day and age developers use to allow low fps games to feel very fluid in the new EU, making the game playable) I'd rather see a whole rework of the movement system in this game and make them more fluid (walljumping, airstrafing, sliding maybe like in apex? all kinds of crazy possibilities), rewarding people who wanna grind and master the mechanics. This is what I'd like to the gunplay as well, I'd enjoy longer TTK with accurate guns (with proper range drop off, controllable recoil/bloom etc.) so it rewards the person who grinds his aim, why leave things to chance? It would also allow for much more flexible balancing of such a huge variety of guns that we have (also a problem this game has, they've added way too many guns) And so on and so forth. But this answer is out of the scope of this thread and it probably won't happen. hopefully i got my point across, consumables are fine and so are nades (except emp nades lmao imagine inventing a nade type to counter a stupid mechanic people abuse). fixcoremechanicspls..ihatewritingwallsoftext
  6. That is an absolutely shambolic way of dealing with balance. "hurr durr let's make this game easier for us cause there's 'more' of us, let the game adopt to us instead of us evolving and learning how to play a game" There's a reason the majority of good people left this game, not gonna reiterate the already known reasonings. I've yet to see someone spam med spray as much as people on the forums make it seem to be. Why does the meta have to stick to CA3, epinephrine and blowtorch? Let people have variety, I really don't understand what's so broken about it. The fact you outheal HVR tags and 85's (duration of healing is 2s) every +45s? 45s is a lot to kill a person. I'd like to also throw a common statement people like to throw at me for calling out car gameplay in this reply, a fan favourite. "just outplay it smh..."
  7. Nade spam? Med spray? There is absolutely nothing wrong with this? Stop listening to the silvers on these forums and listen to veteran players maybe? How about you make consumables a permanent unlock from Joker Store instead of scamming us by dumping our money? Marketplace tax and dumping money into consumables is just something I don't understand why it exists. Oh, and if you desperately wanna touch consumables, you can buff epinephrine and med spray to a middle value between old stats and current stats. :) Also, please don't touch any gun. The only changes I'd like to see is boosted first bullet accuracy, so you don't RNG a shot even though it seems like the crosshair is 100% accurate.... It's frustrating not knowing if RNG, hitreg or ghostshots owned you...oh and longer TTK along with overall less RNG, but people don't know how to hold a mouse for that. The aforementioned tweak is for guns like the OBIR, HVR and Scout (they should all be 100% accurate without HS on them for the first shot, Hunting Sight should just allow for more zoom instead of "less RNG") Oh, and remove the downsides of all blue char mods, they're useless and have been useless ever since Car Surfer got released. These are all small QOL changes that make the experience a bit better, out of many more which I cannot at this moment remember. What I'd love to see though is a pinging system, look at Apex Legends as an example of a proper pinging system. It's frustrating to go into the map, press M2 and not even be accurate on your ping. Might as well just have it on a certain bind and be able to pin the location of something.
  8. FSR would be good for players that play on laptop or APU's, but even then... I really don't think this game is GPU heavy at all, in any way...
  9. This is what I don't understand. Why is one guy working on the new engine? Where are Aphadon and all the other old developers? What happened to the old RP core? How many people does the current APB team consist of? Why are they re-doing everything? The updates have been very confusing since the 3d ball picture...
  10. designing is the only thing worth doing in this game bro, like creative mode in minecraft ya feel? it has been the same for like 2 months already, no reason has been mentioned thus far
  11. ikr? people are upset that they can't outplay flak jacket users even though the meta hasn't shifted a single bit :DDD imo, they should make consumables a permanent unlock from joker store or normal mission contacts. why would I spend $5k to get only 10 of them? they should rework the boombox though, it's useless
  12. When are we gonna get new items in the debundling rotation? You've missed like 4 weeks worth of debundled items. Can't you just debundle all items from all packs already? Idk why it's even a thing.
  13. 1. Agreed on the Assault Rifles except on the NTEC variants. Why nerf the Ursus and class the Scoped Ntec as decent? Isn't the latter super trash, with the ridiculous changes they've done to the Ntec throughout the years? It's a stationary target gun that gets inaccurate immediately, or am I missing something? 2. The sniper rifle one struck me, how are you supposed to change the Scout and the HVR even more without removing the arbitrary line that separate them? I find the 575/750 dmg fine (I mean sure, the 550 dmg change was ridiculous in the first place, cattering to the lesser skilled players but hey, why not. I do hate the stupid damage curve they've added to the HVR) For the scout, maybe the jumpshot nerf should get reverted and having 100% accuracy with any HS variant, not while jumping though. 3. Isn't the Swarm a more accurate ALIG? wha... 4. OBIR is bad? what? corner jiggle peek bursting them is bad? I do agree it sucks without mods though. It could need a standing accuracy buff (so that HS3 could be pin point accurate, the ghostshotting sometimes doesn't help it either) Carbine could need just a revert to its old accuracy (the recent accuracy buff was uncalled for). The Obeya, well, it's the gun that hasn't received a change in forever, maybe it could get a range reduction? OSCAR is a weird one as well, why would there be a need to change it? 5. Since when is the tommy gun strong? 6. FBW nerf? The fact it's a RNG cannon is enough honestly. I do hate the ACT44/RSA without mods, so I'd disagree on that one. 7. Never understood the conc hate train, never will. The frags, sure, even though they're the best utility. I mean, it's probably stupid to even comment on someone's opinions of weapon balance in the first place instead of making my own google doc, but u were the first one so ye sozlolxd imo, the best way to balance to balance the game out is just increasing the TTK and increasing the accuracy(lowering RNG), but nobody in this community likes to hold his crosshair over a target for more than 0.5s
  14. still better (IMO) than making a whole new nade type (EMP's) just to counter car gameplay, thus them taking up your nade space and not being able to use them to nade people out. haven't really read any better suggestion, wouldnt be surprised if there is a better one in the suggestion forums. they're full of amazing ideas. but hey, it's obvious they ain't doing this. they can't figure out what to do with consumables and weapon balancing, they don't even know how to optimize their own game. i don't expect them to do something monumental as this. just because something has been a thing for a long time, doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed. sometimes, big changes lead to big success. one can only dream lmao thank you for teaching me how to outplay people!!!! much appreciated!!! tbh, don't think they should touch the ragdolls in apb. they're so good lmao
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