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  1. designing is the only thing worth doing in this game bro, like creative mode in minecraft ya feel? it has been the same for like 2 months already, no reason has been mentioned thus far
  2. ikr? people are upset that they can't outplay flak jacket users even though the meta hasn't shifted a single bit :DDD imo, they should make consumables a permanent unlock from joker store or normal mission contacts. why would I spend $5k to get only 10 of them? they should rework the boombox though, it's useless
  3. When are we gonna get new items in the debundling rotation? You've missed like 4 weeks worth of debundled items. Can't you just debundle all items from all packs already? Idk why it's even a thing.
  4. 1. Agreed on the Assault Rifles except on the NTEC variants. Why nerf the Ursus and class the Scoped Ntec as decent? Isn't the latter super trash, with the ridiculous changes they've done to the Ntec throughout the years? It's a stationary target gun that gets inaccurate immediately, or am I missing something? 2. The sniper rifle one struck me, how are you supposed to change the Scout and the HVR even more without removing the arbitrary line that separate them? I find the 575/750 dmg fine (I mean sure, the 550 dmg change was ridiculous in the first place, cattering to the lesser skilled players but hey, why not. I do hate the stupid damage curve they've added to the HVR) For the scout, maybe the jumpshot nerf should get reverted and having 100% accuracy with any HS variant, not while jumping though. 3. Isn't the Swarm a more accurate ALIG? wha... 4. OBIR is bad? what? corner jiggle peek bursting them is bad? I do agree it sucks without mods though. It could need a standing accuracy buff (so that HS3 could be pin point accurate, the ghostshotting sometimes doesn't help it either) Carbine could need just a revert to its old accuracy (the recent accuracy buff was uncalled for). The Obeya, well, it's the gun that hasn't received a change in forever, maybe it could get a range reduction? OSCAR is a weird one as well, why would there be a need to change it? 5. Since when is the tommy gun strong? 6. FBW nerf? The fact it's a RNG cannon is enough honestly. I do hate the ACT44/RSA without mods, so I'd disagree on that one. 7. Never understood the conc hate train, never will. The frags, sure, even though they're the best utility. I mean, it's probably stupid to even comment on someone's opinions of weapon balance in the first place instead of making my own google doc, but u were the first one so ye sozlolxd imo, the best way to balance to balance the game out is just increasing the TTK and increasing the accuracy(lowering RNG), but nobody in this community likes to hold his crosshair over a target for more than 0.5s
  5. still better (IMO) than making a whole new nade type (EMP's) just to counter car gameplay, thus them taking up your nade space and not being able to use them to nade people out. haven't really read any better suggestion, wouldnt be surprised if there is a better one in the suggestion forums. they're full of amazing ideas. but hey, it's obvious they ain't doing this. they can't figure out what to do with consumables and weapon balancing, they don't even know how to optimize their own game. i don't expect them to do something monumental as this. just because something has been a thing for a long time, doesn't mean it shouldn't be changed. sometimes, big changes lead to big success. one can only dream lmao thank you for teaching me how to outplay people!!!! much appreciated!!! tbh, don't think they should touch the ragdolls in apb. they're so good lmao
  6. We've all come across it, in one way or another. You 85 a guy, he just instantly gets in a car and runs off. Or you get camped behind a car for days. Well, my friend had an amazing idea to counter this, so I had to share it. How about we add being able to shoot people in a car/through the car (through the windows)? Yes, I know it's a huge project to rework car hitboxes and the player hitboxes, but it's so worth it. It's the perfect fix for this meta and it'll make the game more fun for everybody. also, please make consumables permanent, the 5 for 2000$ price is so unappealing to new players (even for us veterans its stupid)
  7. the ability of choice is a factor here, preferences. someone likes oranges, while others like apples. the fact they won't make a exclusive fullscreen mode and are trying to chug down this attempt of a fullscreen mode is also not helping performance and the timeline.
  8. debundle all clothing items and give us a sale, go LO!!
  9. game is slowly dying, we need something fresh to keep it alive till the engine upgrade arrives. racing helmet, jumpsuit and exclusive glasses pls!!! tnx!!!
  10. give us 3d glasses & parka up (and down, from innova) and bakerboy hat for males in joker store!
  11. honestly, this game needs a breath of fresh air desperately. would be lovely to see this ingame!
  12. why can't we stack tshirts/tanktops over hoodies or longsleeved shirts? give us more variety in stacking items over each other!
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