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  1. give us 3d glasses & parka up (and down, from innova) and bakerboy hat for males in joker store!
  2. honestly, this game needs a breath of fresh air desperately. would be lovely to see this ingame!
  3. why can't we stack tshirts/tanktops over hoodies or longsleeved shirts? give us more variety in stacking items over each other!
  4. for females, mostly combat pants since any other pant time is boring and bad (tailored suit pants for females when? ), along with a turtleneck/hoodie and some random accessories for males, suit pants or straight up gym/edgy outfits. Can we get some coats, 3d glasses, more jewerly and cuban collar shirts for both genders? plstnx. (also, make all female items that aren't for males available and vice versa) also, release innova items like parka (hood down) and more variety on clothing combinations! (like, racing helmet and crop top hoodie, looks sick together)
  5. qb

    8/1 Beta Feedback

    The fact you still can't figure out what the sensitivity multiplier is in your own game, in your own beta, is just baffling. Not worth even turning up, it'll be a waste of time like the last time.
  6. you're quite masochistic, aren't you?
  7. think you haven't faced a proper group of trynerds shitting over you with a random teammate with the average iq of a chimpanze, unable to "out-aim" them simply because rng is not in your favour and servers/hitreg being patootie, lad.
  8. This game wasn't made for 1vs1 and 2vs2, especially Waterfront. If someone wants to flex their ego how "amazing their aim is", go play a arena fps game that requires mechanical skill and doesn't rely on RNG and broken mechanics to win. Forcing people into 3vs3, 4vs4 and allowing 5vs5 (for testing purposes, might be annoying as well) makes for a far better experience. I can't think of one time I've had a nice experience as a group of 2. Not only do maps have broken spots that either don't render or are shoothrough, along with annoying camp spots, the game is very heavily RNG reliant and has wonky servers that don't reg when you flick too quickly. It's just stupid.
  9. It's absolutely ridiculous, for multiple self explanatory reasons.
  10. Nice, gonna start a new trend now: Please remove the downsides of blue character mods, justice for hard landing users!
  11. I really don't understand the point of having these kind of tests, why don't you just allow everybody to test it and push updates to everybody and not only 20 people? These things wouldn't happen if you got the community involved more... or just had character copying on a date prior the beta....
  12. Huge bug where the whole game freezes when somebody joins the district, g1 plsfix
  13. It's not a localization edit. Using compat edits to alter graphic settings and get a more smoother experience on a 10 year old game that can't maintain a stable framerate on default client on hardware that has great fps in other games. Yeah, figured after trying to launch the game stock. Still means that people that use the adv. launcher (a.k.a majority of players) have the same problem.
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