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  1. nerf also applies to n-tec 7 "Ursus" and n-tec 7 "New Glory"
  2. nerf also applies to n-tec 7 "Ursus" and n-tec 7 "New Glory"
  3. in my opinion, even if this option is available for 2000 g1c, I would buy it anyway, it is not complicated if all of your clothes have been faded so far and you will be collecting again, but you will still have that back changed
  4. you do not understand anything unless. I play a character for over 5 years only only one, I have 60k killi on it and over 1.5k dollars spent, and I do not want to start anew because I'm just a pity
  5. and that's what I mean only once and the option available in armas @Ketog
  6. There is one problem, no matter what game I play now in each game is the option to change the sex form, so why can not they enter it here?
  7. Hello, I am an old player, I play over 5 years on 1 character and I would love to have options for changing the gender of the character, I spent too much time on these 1 characters and money and I don't want to start my adventure anew. So, I ask you to sign up for this post, the more we are, the sooner the administration will consider these options. greetings
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