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  1. yeah im from the Netherlands but ain't that unfair though i mean everyone else will be able to trade it and i won't so i don't even get the chance to sell it or anything :S also it doesn't say anything about being trade locked i can refurbish the item but it stays at tradable no same goes for the bullshark but that one i'm able to trade

  2. I just got a N-Tec 7 'Ursus' out of the golden boxes which you get from buying items in the arma store. I trade trading this item with a friend but even though i refurbished it i still can't trade the item or put it on the marketplace. So my question is since i see everyone trading it and been asking around in social why i can't trade it. other people don't seem to know the answer either is the weapon i have bugged ? 

  3. Like 20 minutes ago i entered the arma's shop and closed it down upon wanting to enter the shop again it wasn't loading in at all and nothing happend. That is when i restarted the whole game. when i logged back on i'm stuck at character select it keeps loading and i'm never able to press next how can i fix this ?


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