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  1. Ok, reinstalled. I've tried all kinds of configurations. Windowed and fullscreen at all resolutions (from 800x600 to 1366x768 - my laptops native). All settings at their lowest and all graphical options turned off (shadows, post fx/advanced/vsync) and various combinations of higher settings (because I know some games have quirks and actually run better with higher settings in some instances). With and without antialiasing and anistrophy. The highest fps I can get is 5 (!).

    It's so frustrating because I can run Half Life 2 on maximum settings at around 40 - 60 fps, Dishonored on low settings at around 25 fps, Stalker Lost Alpha on low settings at 40 - 50 fps. This machine should be able to run it on lower settings absolutely fine - indeed it was when I first starting using it. I'm almost tempted to reinstall W10 to see how well it runs from the factory fresh install.. a last resort thing though really.

    Is it significant that my bandwidth figures are:
    0.1 to 0.25 kbps IN
    0 OUT
    ...do you think? Can that cause problems (?) as they seem like very low figures to me. I'm using this via wi-fi btw. Should I be using a cable to play online games really?

    Many thanks for any help :)

  2. Is anyone playing this with W10 using HD5500 (on an i3-5005U cpu perchance)? I was successfully playing FE at around 30 fps on my Acer E15 laptop.. an update came along and all I can get is 1 fps now - slideshow performance. That was a while ago and I came back to FE the other day to find that it remains the same. I've tried rolling back the gpu drivers, even using the generic microsoft driver - same state of play. I have no idea what could cause this and it's mighty frustrating that I might have to buy another pc just to play FE..

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