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  1. People been here forever do love the game and want it to be more. Everyone been through it plus the same stuff repeats, people can look bitter but most here want that big leap. Matt explained why that didn't happen yet so let's keep going. I'll go one step further and say that people who are just waiting you don't even see posting, they are lurking,  y04wZkb.jpg

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  2. After all these years finally managed to do a clean 360 -hvr jump winning shot. It was so good even finally got called a cheat including a lot of dirty words.


    Well that's it, sadly it wasn't recorded but that doesn't matter at this point now does it.


    Next up is clean elections! 



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  3. Play against top gold all day and become gold!

    Can also switch sides to which has most golds playing (but heard that when a silver k/o's a gold the gold cries a little so it's worth  trying on silver team),

    I don't know about ping, but if you download a lot of anime the game gets high ping

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  4. I'm still playing several old games and quite a few of those are online-multiplayer and active. So... if it's not all about eye-candy and the latest engine what is going on with those game? They are alive because of ever changing events, weekly's, daily's, tournaments and active gm's and yes like you say maintenance, bugfixes / updates and sometimes new items. And their vanity cashshops, sure. 


    When APB 2.0 is what it should be and ready to explode in the above then, maybe then, sure why not try an alpha-APB 3.0 in the latest engine, maybe one small map and just some guns... heck try VR for me mhahaha. But hey remember how big the RTW team and funding was? Pulling off an upgrade to 2.0 already is quite something here if we remember the original developer-stories about parts of the original code (even on youtube back then). LO is still at it so who knows right!? 

    (And we know others tried before!)

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  5. On 2/21/2020 at 3:53 PM, GhosT said:

    I really, really don't understand the thought process behind G1s removal of the tutorial districts. Someone was probably like "hey, we're hosting 1 tutorial district in financial, if we shut that down we might get rid of server issues!!!" and everyone else was like "whoa let's do that".



    Remember how 50/50 districts ran fine for literally years? Whatever change messed that up... "hey, 40/40!" and everyone else was like "whoa let's do that!" :classic_laugh:

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