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  1. Aye, true. In that regard it is more forgiving, and I know they aren't changing the PMG. Suppose it was more a caution against over-nerfing the OCA, the way it read sounded like they were going to nerf it's TTK or something. Thanks for pointing out the missed shots forgiveness, I actually hadn't accounted for that.
  2. Nice to see some progress, though I want to put my two cents here about shotguns... The majority of shooters that I've seen that balance shotguns by TTK, tend to fall flat in one of two ways: The shotguns suck, or the shotguns are overpowered. The one way I've seen shotguns behave in a balanced manner is treating them not as TTK weapons, but as the kings of popping corners, focusing on STK rather than TTK. Since it seems poking at the shotguns has become the norm, I just want to put that little bit of an opinion out there! Keep up the hard work, guys! P.S. Just got down to the bottom, I believe you may have it backwards when it comes to the PMG and the OCA. Both weapons can kill about 4 people in a magazine, but due to needing less shots to kill, I think the PMG/5 Shot Kill SMG is more forgiving than the OCA/8 Shot Kill SMG. I don't want to seem overly opinionated, but it sounds like you guys are on the path to making the PMG a tad... broken. Basing it on magazine size is all well and good, but if you count bodies per magazine rather than the straight comparison of 21 vs 30, the PMG is a tad more forgiving in more ways than one. Heck, arguably, the OCA gets closer to a 5th kill before the magazine runs dry than the PMG does, at 3/4ths of the way(6 Bullets) vs 1/5th of the way (1 Bullet). Sorry for being a ranting nerd, lol.
  3. Underrated concept. While I know most likely don't share our preference here, I do hope those like us are not forgotten as things churn along.
  4. Oh right, the car damage... That is indeed a thing that should be more... precisely applied than it currently is.
  5. Hmm... I don't post too often myself, but screw it. I agree there should probably be some kind of body-part multiplier, but I can't see the addition of headshots going too well... I'd suggest a middle-ground method. Give the center of mass + head a '1x/Normal' damage rating for optimal TTK similar to now, then a 'reduced/0.6x ~ 0.8x' multiplier for extremities. This would make aiming center of mass actually effect your DPS, without breaking some weapons in the game entirely. One of the core issues with APB and more 'advanced' gunplay is that the game already makes it incredibly easy to aim compared to most games. The third-person camera gives ambusher's advantage, and with 'proper' headshots in the game, said ambusher would never lose a fight, even potato aiming, pretty much. Introducing a penalty on missing the center of mass, without overly rewarding the inevitable grazing headshot, seems like a good middle road to me. I am eager to see if anyone here can point out an alternate solution, though.
  6. As much as I hate to complain, that's how it WAS... I find myself hipping the Shredder when I decide to have a laugh, mowing down 2 or even 3 people at a time when I catch them off guard.
  7. Definitely worth necroing, and I know this is semi out of the blue, but a JT Casino would be nice. Players being able to bet and gain JT through it, or just play some blackjack with friends. *Shrugs* The game's monetization model could be quite positively tweaked, revamped, and reworked if LO realizes the wasted potential of the Joker Ticket system...
  8. They mentioned in another post that they would have to change the LCR so the IR works properly with it Oh, silly me. Thanks, lol
  9. You guys probably thought about it already, but what happens to the dismally slow STAR LCR with this rifling fix? It's TTK is already 1.2 seconds... are you guys going to alter the gun to take into account the change? Sorry, don't mean to nag but the realization hit me a few minutes ago.
  10. Hey guys! I'm not really sure where the suggestion forum is because I'm stupid, but anywho... To make it short and simple, I think skill level based segregation is only half of the issue with APBs matchmaking at most, and it'd be hardly necessary if we simply had one simple thing(In my opinion) Solo/Casual Districts: These would be for solo players only, group functionality would be disabled and all teams would be shuffled based on threat level balancing or just totally random. Group/Hardcore Districts: These would be group only, as in you can only even queue into these districts if you already have a group/party going. Getting dropped out of a group while in district would disable the ability to ready-up, and would match groups against each other by either A: Even Numbers, or B: Cumulative Threat Level. I know it's not the most... eloquent suggestion, but sometimes short and simple does the trick... usually that's the biggest imbalance I see in mission districts, disorganized randoms fighting groups of people who are waaaaay more coordinated, resulting in solo players losing match after match after match until they give up.
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