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  1. Still waiting for the day where LO will actually do something about the problems they have with their BE version.

    Whoever says BE is working and doing it's job and that it's all the engine's fault if we have cheaters is out of his mind, multiple public exploits work on APB and LO even if aware of all of these just doesn't care enough to fix any of them. 


    On 1/8/2019 at 1:14 AM, Thaumaturge said:

    3. Until there's an engine and file upgrade, the many hundreds of old coded hacks are not going to go away. As long as there's a BE bypass, some will cheat. I'm sure its that easy, must be why most major cheat distributors that were actively updating and carrying cheats for APB:R are no longer doing so. Its not hard to find several resources where you can actually look at making a BE bypass, and, if you're interesting that sort of thing and actually like studying it, you would quickly come to the realization that it is not at all easy to create and maintain a BE bypass, and the more people that play the game, the less likely BE heuristics won't catch it, which is an existing issue currently.

    3.0 -> 3.5 doesnt do jackshit its literally the same thing and 3.5 -> 4.0 is not a big difference either, stop smoking crack dude

    in apb you can LITERALLY paste a complete BE bypass and get away with it, the problem isn't the engine. 

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  2. Game hacking will always be a thing, it’s just a cat mouse game at the end of the day, people will get around after every anticheat and with the right connections and the right amount of money you’ll get your hands on something. The fun fact is that Matt Scott is perfectly aware of what is allowing them to cheat so easily and that APB’s BattlEye version is literally the worse across every BE protected game.

    At this point I really wonder why they don’t start doing manual bans towards extremely blatant cheaters, you don’t need 300iq to understand that they have a working bypass and that they will not get banned until this game gets a better BE version.

    (No, this problem isn’t related to UE 3)

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  3. There's no way a guy who just downloaded the game gets matched agaisnt someone who has played for years, a complete matchmaking/threat rework is needed.
    There have been multiple occasions where brand new players would complain about getting matched agaisnt me, a person that has over 5k hours into the game.
    It's quite sad because I think this is one of the major issues that keep APB from growing and getting new players, I would be so frustrated if I downloaded a new game and got put agaisnt someone with thousands of hours.  

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Signarly said:
    What makes you think I'm basing my words off hearsay? Cheats made for specifically one person are very expensive. Those are ones made for people who profit off ingame rewards and make their money back. The more people using the cheat the more likely it is to detect so people who dont want to be detected will pay a substantial amount.

    Now here's the part where you make baseless claims about me being a cheater because I have more knowledge of it than you. Go ahead. Tiggs branded me as a cheater long ago when she got mad at me for constantly trash talking their company on the forums and my friends stream.
    If we are just talking about a BE undetected cheat then you're wrong. 
    As I said, whoever pays that amount for a BE hack either doesn't have enough patience or simply doesn't know where to look at and will most likely end up getting ripped off or banned later on.
    With the price range you addressed you should be able to get something way more advanced than the standard BattlEye cheat. 
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