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  1. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Fight Club minimum rank change

    But this is taking into consideration that you have premium on your account hence it'll speed up the process of ranking up to R30.
  2. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Rework the OSCAR

    Just don't spam the RMB too much otherwise it will jam then you might as well just give up using it in that remark, But overall very simple gun to use once gotten the hang of.
  3. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Monthly subscription

    Don't like it there's the door, Might as well hammer the final nail in the coffin if you make this game a subscription based game, This isn't WoW if you want that play that instead.
  4. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Progress with UE3.5 / Integration

    ohh myy :O, naked 3.5 screenies :O MOM GET THE CAMERA!!! xD, Good jobs guys :D.
  5. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Wasp Rejects

  6. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    gtx 980 amd 6350 ssd 16 gb ram BUT GAME STILL LAG SPIKE

    I have a 2080 RTX , 16 GB of ram and intel i5 - 6400 runs fine, It's just the lag that get's me :(.
  7. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    New SPCT team

    seems to dissaprove with the selections made
  8. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Judge Anderson LF Clan Jericho

    #Straya m8
  9. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    New fight club map for holidays?

    Sick a Social fc could be interesting.
  10. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Autumn Assault.

    A arma's sale is in the air???
  11. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Poll Suggestions for N5 & P5

    I'd say have it where only your opposition can kill you whilst in missions and if you survive then other players can come and attempt getting your bounty i just find it frustrating that outside players can just come and kill you when your either holding down a point or defending an objective then some random comes out of nowhere and kills you, Also there should be phasing just like in social where outside players can't grief you whilst in missions cause you could be taking a car to a drop off point then an outside player whom may not like your or just do it to troll then impedes your mission. All I'm saying is that the whole notoriety needs a complete overhaul and re-work in my opinion.
  12. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Install the game last night, nothing has changed

    In the short time that LO has acquired G1 and in turn owning the rights to APB, They've made more progress than what G1 could of done in the last 8 years than G1 would have done, So cut em a break nothings ever done over night.
  13. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Holiday season events and more

    -rubs eye's- ooof something other than just the same old halloween event for the past god know's how long now?, 10/10 LO.
  14. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™


    To be honest i could live without the Halloween event this year, LO should be more focused on pushing forward the engine update(s) for (hopefully) the end of this year or at the start of next year, And along the way releasing new content, But who know's maybe they are cooking something up for this years Halloween event only time will tell.
  15. ɱɑƫƫʂϗᎧɨɨ™

    Titles and Fight Club fix!

    Bring back Beacon yes???????