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  1. If that does happen then i might as well not come back so rip internet connection.................
  2. Yes dad, I'll be sure to turn off n brush my teeth and be ready for bed so i get a good night sleep, NOW WHERE'S MY BEDTIME STORY DAMMIT!?
  3. I would say the true test would be when UE 3.5/4 (Well hopefully by the time 4 is released that LO would have enough data in making their firewall tighter to stop brute force client side attacks) is released and to see how easy it would be to truly DDoS'ed to do brute force client side attacks.
  4. Not everything is done overnight maybe you should know this, And in despite of G1's lack of communication i would say LO is doing a better job at being communicative than G1 ever was and believe me i read what you said quite clearly but you're just being another player that can't grasp how things are first tested before being rolled out on the live servers so maybe cut them some slack and actually be patient for once.
  5. I only think of myself? Bold statement considering you're complaining on a subject that's been known for quite some time so again read the fine print before posting, Oh also I'm not even enforcing that LO should turn a blind eye to what's going on but until you actually open yours first and read thoroughly on the forums then perhaps you'll find the answer you seek.
  6. Add it to the pile of things that the community already know's clearly someone that doesn't pay enough attention on the forums about the game's initial state even without logging in read the fine print and perhaps you'll find the answer you seek, End if discussion.
  7. You might as well stoke the fire even more there's enough toxicity as it is even before and after have bans that'd been broadcasted and pretty sure @MattScott stated quite clearly in the Q&A on Kempingtons stream that all bans won't be broadcasted, End of discussion.
  8. Sorry to say but lyrica is a dude lol you're just being catfished.
  9. Ashley being a SPCC and actually caught cheating big oof.
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