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  1. Now quit making posts about when is the engine update being released.
  2. Why not include gun game perhaps just like in beacon, I would of said VIP but that just invites nade spamming ect....
  3. More like a shakespear tragedy to a game that has drug references and sexualised content ie revealing outfits god forbid (offensive titles?) just saying.
  4. Let's have a few coldies n all be friends ye?( too bad for social distancing ) Edit. Just trying to defuse the tension.
  5. Prolly read carefully what's said, And why bring up my signature? That's not the topic so don't try and change the subject.
  6. True there can be compromises depending on the size and how well they're going however i mean that been said companies such as LO may not be able to have that luxury all the time because the end goal in all this is to make $$ not lose it.
  7. So you're basically making that Gym lose $$ then eventually going out of business cause if that person was allowed to pause his/her membership then pretty much everyone would follow suit then basically making that Gym go out of business due to revenue losses cause they gotta pay their trainers and equipment costs ect.. , It would be the same here if players had the choice to pause their premium time therefore there would be revenue loss seeing pretty much premium/Arma's item's are the bulk of how LO makes their profits yearly or monthly so i don't see this as being a viable or sustainable option for either situation, You may think i sound like someone who making this look like a p2w scheme for APB but you gotta look at it from a broader prospective.
  8. I'll bring the vegemite n VB long necks
  9. I'd personally think the nfas/pmg need more a of a nerf as in a slight nerf in hard damage/range, And for the nfas more of a spread on the shell pallets, Oca never needed a nerf to begin with so that another thing that needs to be taken care of.
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