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  1. Recruitment is currently closed until further notice, Thanks.
  2. Funny thing really is that HAN outlived all servers, Before and after the merge only for HAN to be merged with NA, So hats off to the real survivors to all HAN players right there.
  3. Is this not enough satisfaction that Matt is no where near giving up?, And not being a douche but by your forum profile being only made this year makes us wonder if you're the one who's given up, And that us long time vets of the game have been through the games up's n downs and seen in depth how far this game has come over the years so sit tight and be patient nothings done overnight just saying.
  4. LO has no influence or any form of contribution towards this project, Completely separate group of developers that aren't affiliated with LO. Uhh this is the same group, They just changed their name ect..
  5. Even still it being a April fools still looks neat if done correctly. Ohh i knew just wanted to see how far it got.
  6. https://nekrova.com/forums/threads/the-phoenix-project-now-available-for-download.149/#post-982
  7. How bout this, Wait and be patient instead of asking questions that have been answered by @MattScott himself in regards of progress to the engine update.
  8. I think they're gonna do a cluster world server so depending on the location you log in from it'll find a suitable path to that server with little node hops to connect, In which would help with ping.
  9. Where's more Aeronaut Adventures man to tell us the story of the disappearance of TechMech?
  10. But this is taking into consideration that you have premium on your account hence it'll speed up the process of ranking up to R30.
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