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  1. Uhhh what?, Your joking right?, Better yet just leave and don't whine and go make your own game if your that inclined, Edit. LO sold assets not APB Reloaded, So Unit Game can do what they want with their own version but LO still retains the intial rights to APB:R for PC and Console know the difference before assuming.
  2. You're missing the point, But really everything you've said is been known by the community so really it's just another topic that's just gonna be forgotten after a week or two, But goodluck, It's a cruel world get used to it.
  3. Ohh it's not a suggestion, Seeing everyone complains about this all the time yet @MattScott pretty much posts topic's about support ticket progress and any other stuff that pop's up, So really it's more of a whinge than a constructive topic to begin with.
  4. Uhh what?...................................., Add it to the pile like the rest of em.
  5. Pretty sure LO carried on the no crosshair shader rule set so it would be bannable now as it was back then.
  6. To be frank there's not a lot of them around, But goodluck :).
  7. LO have sold asset rights to Unit Game so they can change what they want with the development for the mobile version how ever LO still retains the overall rights to APB Reloaded itself, So it's more of branching out allowing other publishers ie Unit Game to be able to make a game that's on a different platform.
  8. It's what you call a shite bucket no need for a toilet hahahaha.
  9. Just use Google translate ie write what you wish to say from English to Russian copy n paste wait for a reply knowingly it would be in Russian then copy paste that from Russian to English and you'll have your answer
  10. If that's the case then go play those other game's if you truly feel that way, Don't come whining here cause it won't get you anywhere, PS. Add it to the pile.
  11. I don't suppose Darwin being it at the very top near Asia but then again it prolly be a nightmare due to amount of submarine cables being cut by careless ship captains dragging their anchors along the seafloor.
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