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  1. 1 hour ago, claude said:

    APB's poor matchmaking system is not really the players fault. However, If players feel they're losing because they believe someone like you is holding them back from winning, not much can stop them from being vocal about it, whether it be positive or negative. When it comes to griefing/tking, I don't really know how else you could penalize players further than the current demerit system we have now. 


    Also, I wouldn't count on the whole "I'm a support player" thing. If I was 85'd and you ran up to me and medsprayed, I'd probably be annoyed too, especially in a clotting agent meta where medspray doesn't do anything. Most people run field supplier or ammo boxes, you really don't have to worry about your teammates ammo/nade supply. If you're dying in team fights on a 3v3 mission, and you're focusing on "support" while lacking heavily in kills and actually doing objectives, your other 2 teammates would constantly be outnumbered, and will more than likely lose every fight.


    If you aren't good at shooting in a somewhat team-based shooter, you should expect other players to become frustrated with you, especially when you focus on unimportant things like resupplying and healing your teammates when they are 100% capable of doing it themselves. 

    I think you miss understand when i say "Support" As in i'm trying to kill and hold objectives, not going out of my way and chasing down people half across the city (You know damn well people in teams do that, they do for me at-least) while trying to assist in gunfights. Offering medispray if we are stuck in a small room and under fire, or we just got hit by a nade, is useful. I'm not amazing at the game, but i know what i'm doing in most situations.


    Even if people do kill me i still try to focus on the mission and assist them in the whole not dying thing. My problem is if they are clearly out skilled, along with myself and turn to other players since they cant possibly put the blame on themselves because they are so perfect and pro, rather take their frustrations out on their team, is where i annoyed. So support doesn't really just mean offering ammo and such, i'm just not actively chasing people down and jeopardizing an objective.

  2. 6 minutes ago, illgot said:

    No matter how well you play, the same type of person will kick or harass you because they like having the ability and power to do so.


    Just ignore these people.


    Hell, I've been kicked from a team even when my kill count is double what the next person is.  The latest was when I was killing people after I arrested them (so they spawn faster since I was farming arrests).  My team was winning, I was leading in points and didn't die yet but the team leader kicked me because I was "stealing his kills".

    I can relate to assisting in a gunfight and being team killed over and over for "killstealing" When there was no chance a mediocre guy with an HVR against someone with an OCA would win without back up.

    23 minutes ago, Darkzero3802 said:

    Sadly this community is all toxic as it stems from the vets and how little backbone players have around here. What happened to you, griefing, hacking, cheating. W/e it takes for these ppl to feed good about themselves instead of working together for a fun game and enjoyment all around. One of the reasons why the game is so dead.

    I just don't get it, its like everyone wants to get Everyone down, there is no team cohesion in open districts and there is only aggression towards team mates. Even i have witnessed 255 gold players team kill new bronze and silvers because "yall trash"

  3. I'm not great at the game, though i try to support my team out and switch weapons when needed (Like close range using the Oca, or longer mid i use Obir or AF-97) Along with supplying ammo on defense missions and offering heals with the medispray. But of course if im not getting a ton of kills, i get tked and called trash. I don't see a point of trying to assist my team with kills when they are fucking me over because of how i preform. I feel as if there should be something to deter this, because the current system to handle stuff like that is non existent.


    I'm not offering any to say there should be changes but im not sure what else to do during those missions.

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  4. On 7/6/2018 at 4:39 PM, MattScott said:

    Hi everyone,


    In the spirit of transparency, here are the changes we are implementing for weapon balance in the coming couple weeks. The development has all been done, we are just testing internally to make sure things work as intended.

    To start we have two general changes to the Sniper and Shotgun categories:


    1) Linking accuracy to damage on the HVR 762

    Reducing the damage of the HVR 762 when it's not perfectly accurate allows us to reduce the ability to fire it at close range / snap shot and still be effective.


    Sniper Rifles, particularly the HVRs, are particularly hard to balance because they are currently effective at point blank range and also devastating at a distance. G1 tried a few rough balance measures in the past with initial inaccuracy and movement cooldown, but it’s still quite possible to use the HVR in CQC. We feel this change will preserve the HVR 762's place in our matrix of weapons, but make it less desirable outside of actually sniping.


    2) Shotgun Damage Pellet Damage

    We're adjusting how shotguns do damage, to allow for more damage for partial hits (the first pellets to hit a single target do more damage than the last ones). This allows them to be more forgiving without buffing their overall damage.


    Again, Shotguns are hard to balance. Currently we feel they are powerful but very inconsistent, and some of this is because how our servers perform at higher latency.


    Now for the smaller tweaks to specific weapons:


    1) AR-97 'Misery' (Apoc Famine)

    Improve damage to give it some overkill, and improve the tap fire ability.


    2) COBR-A

    Remove the accuracy curve and improve accuracy recovery rates.


    3) ISSR-a

    Low recovery time for accuracy loss, so you can wait less time after taking a shot to fire again.


    4) SWARM

    Reduce horizontal recoil amount. We're also investigating increasing the time it takes to recoil to slightly higher than the recoil time, making the recoil smoother.


    5) SBSR (Rifle)

    We want to give this weapon a unique recoil pattern that's significantly less harsh than the sniper variant.


    6) H-9 'Curse'

    We want to give this weapon a new recoil pattern that has heavily reduced horizontal recoil.


    7) S-247 'Oblivion'

    Attempt to make the weapon a lot snappier when using it as a fire and reposition weapon. This would heavily improve snap fire by reducing the time it takes to gain accuracy after moving, and allowing you to switch during re-fire timer.


    8) NCR

    New crosshair (from existing asset). Removing the accuracy recovery curve that the HVR has.




    Edited: added clarity on weapon names mentioned in comments.

    These changes are for the best, its a step forward. Glad to see at least something, The curse and the AR-97 is one of my favorite weapons in the game, though they are outshined by better weapons, so I'm excited to see the changes to the meta with this update indeed.  
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