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  1. Dude you guys are crazy, Im playing everyday for hours and 0 cheaters. I hate saying that but just get gud.
  2. When u play good enough to beat the opp u must be rewarded for that. Being killed by a stubborn silver that chases you all mission long and kills u after 312435. attempt and ruins your mission that u try to win and waste your time for is not a reward at all. It makes you quit
  3. comp


    Anyone who disagrees with you a regular troll right? If u are not capable of doing something it doesn't mean others can't as well, prove me wrong and show me a cheaters footage pls go ahead. Ppl like u making the issue bigger than it actually is and distracting the LO for nothing. I'm not saying there are no cheaters, ofc there are but it is not that lethal right now. We already made them change the anti-cheat system 2 times, just stop creating topics like that every freaking day and let them do their thing.
  4. comp


    I'm playing actively and didn't even see a single cheater once for weeks maybe months. Just stop hackusating ppl.
  5. Did u just say that apb would be a great fit for a new platform that needs a good internet connection to be able to play and not even available for all countries? We already have low pop W T F
  6. You are not wrong but wrong at the same time. Most of the guys u called "hackers" are just good. They are playing this game for years and gaming even more years. You may say "I do too" but it's different, they train their aim for hours, they gaming straight for hours, they editing the game files to gain every possible fps (it is not fair and good thing I do agree but it is not illegal for now as matt said several times. We just need to wait for the engine drop I guess.) , they choosing their mouses to be less weight, they choosing their keyboard switches to be fastest and more and more things. There are cheaters I agree but most of the ppl u called "cheaters" are just G O O D, don't be jealous and get used to it. (u also right about the chat thing its annoying)
  7. comp

    Tattoos on outfit slots

    Im using complex and colored tattoos to combine with some of my cloths and they are hard to delete and remake so I cant use some of my cloths. This would be a insane feature. PLS LO MAKE THIS HAPPEN
  8. I was feeling weirdly good when I was playing the game, I miss that feeling. Now I just shooting ppl and quit nothing special.
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