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  1. 1 minute ago, Yood said:
    19 minutes ago, UrsulaRex said:

    Noticed that there are a lot of Russians in this game, because its low quality is what people in Russia have long become accustomed to, low quality of life and deception of leadership, everything is like in this game.)

    in Russia, things are not as scary as you think .  ))
    i've been to russia once, never again jesus christ it smelt like shit everywhere, had to wear a gas mask

  2. Yeah I'd like 255 too I guess.

    37 minutes ago, Railer said:

    I would very much like to have my character set to 255.
    Char name: Dante

    Side question is there a way to obtain weapon mods on OTW without having to lvl up roles? Perhaps a GM puting x amount of them on MP?

    on saturday on otw the gms said that who were getting 255 were also getting rank boosts

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