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  1. 13 minutes ago, Saxtus said:

    @VanilleKeks 90% of the time we are in a gold district. Original poster didn't say anything about discrimination around district's threat level if I recall correctly. 

    it's not even only 90%, it's more like 100% tbh
    except the rare case when we are driving in asylum xd (where we just try to launch a new, empty instance of asylum and go there)

  2. 8 hours ago, Yood said:

     my boss gave me a job to fix the damage . there is a planned schedule of work if I approach it three times asking for delays of time for the solution of a problem - they just dismiss me as a person who is not appropriate for the workplace .


    Lixil . is it different in your country ?

    well russia's kinda fucked up country from what i've heard so i hope people dont do stuff like that in america

  3. 10 minutes ago, Uhtdred said:

    haven't seen a single person in apb that uses 3PS3 or TAGGER in NFAS, again, NFAS. I'm not talking about JG, of course 3ps3 and tagger (i personally use 3ps3, ir3 and mag pull 3 on JG) are usefull on JG but not on NFAS.


    RS3, IR3 and EM or bandolier is still the best setup, no matter what you say, mag pull is useless on nfas because 7 bullets is already bad and reload time isn't that bad.


    Also, if you're a car gamer, you always get off cars with your primary gun, so 3ps3 isn't needed.


    sight mods really dont do anything on nfas or jg, just trust cookiepuss

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  4. 4 hours ago, Yood said:

    QUESTIONS FOR LO what are the statistics of the ongoing events so far "ALIEN INVASION CAR " ? 


    QUESTIONS FOR LO  Alienware Strike Pack (Early Access) ?

    im just gonna answer this one, the alienware car was just a one-off deal with alienware, atleast that's what i know

    there wont be another car

  5. 10 minutes ago, Kevkof said:

    Kempington only attended the event live on stream, he had no significant part in organising it.

    still kind of true, witchqueen streamed the event aswell lol

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