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  1. Why should it be a clan specific feature?
    I'd love to have big groups, even cross-faction groups would be supercool for some community hosted events
    Also, alot of people hate missions with alot of players, so i'd just disable rolling into missions with 5 or more group members

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  2. 10 hours ago, (Xbox)MortisedGuide said:

    I remember seeing the YoDawg npc when they showed off console gameplay (Not really it was like a small showcase of it) So that may be a xbox 360 dev build before it got a chance to be release into a physical and digital version of apb. (I remember seeing that NPC idk if Im right but I remember seeing him)

    oh jesus christ, dont quote the whole longass post

  3. Loadouts would be supercool and also the ability to move weapons on the list yourself would be quite useful aswell.
    But for now, you can just select a specific category on the weapon selection like sniper rifles or assault rifles.

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  4. Hi all,
    we meetin in waterfront bois and gals


    bring your wildest ride
    or dont, i aint the boss of ya
    (just a disclaimer, you're free to join regardless of your ride's look or even existence)



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