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  1. On 9/24/2019 at 1:48 PM, Wasabi987 said:

    Today I encountered the same problem even though everything was fine last weekend. I have GTX 750Ti.

    So I started the game two different times without opening the launcher (opened the game file directly) and it didn't crash either time. Idk if thats a coincidence or the actual solution. Try it yourself.

  2. I re-installed the game and changed many settings, but it still crashes. I don't get any errors in event viewer which is strange, and usually its just the game that crashes, but sometimes its my entire PC.

  3. Same problem. Came back after a year of not playing and now the game crashes after about 15 minutes. Sometimes crashes my PC.


    I have a gtx 980 playing at 1440p fullscreen. I can play other games like GTA V just fine.

  4. On 9/9/2019 at 12:40 PM, Kylegrey2 said:

    Is 1440p the native resolution for your monitor?

    2160p native

    On 9/9/2019 at 12:46 PM, GhosT said:

    Yeaaah that's entirely your fault, not APBs.

    maybe its just a huge coincidence that my gpu started to die on the exact same day I started playing APB. Just seems weird since APB isn't very GPU intense and i've never had thermal problems (never seen my gpu temps above 72) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I remember sometimes having visual glitches in APB before when I use to play, so I assumed its APB's fault since its the only game I've experienced it all in.

  5. 10 hours ago, Fuechslein said:

    I had that a few times too when running an unstable memory overclock on my gpu. Might be worth a shot to turn the clocks down a notch.

    my gpu isn't manually overclocked, and I don't have an issue with any other games

    10 hours ago, Fortune Runner said:

    ok how the  #%@# did you make that happen? I've never seen it bug out like that before wow i am impresed

    No idea. I was able to quit the game just fine and everything returned to normal, It was just the game glitching out

    2 hours ago, Kylegrey2 said:

    Its a hardware issue, not an apb issue.

    nope, never happened outside of APB, unless its just a huge coincidence my GPU has started to die as soon as I started playing APB, but I kinda doubt that.

    1 hour ago, Mitne said:

    It's either GPU dying, overheating or GPU drivers somehow conflicting with game.

    see above. to be clear, I have a gtx 980 running the game at 1440p. I've played much more demanding games than APB. I get ~80fps uncapped, but cap the fps at 60fps.

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