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  1. Don't try to play with words. Not with me at least. You are well aware what i a talking about. The staff shouldnt stream playing on their respectable accounts while befriending players. Simple as that. As about your friends list being filled with APB people(not that i care) but i recall my friend request being declined. I guess no reason to accept me if im not a streamer or a known player? (i added cause i actually wanted to ask something before sending a ticket) I have nothing against you i didnt even watch the stream to be honest. I just heard about it. Once you mentioned shaming and naming, try to be aware if the people you befriend are naming or shaming other players. I'm not gonna give you directions mentioning names or w/e but just keep it in the back of your head.
  2. For me regardless the person gms shouldn't be allowed to play with players. At least not while streaming. It gives a sense of corruption even if there might be none.