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  1. Theres a whole zip file of new and old assets u can find it on the main discord.
  2. let me list this off. - fixing the main game so they can port it to the new engine Werent we doing this?
  3. Heres how it could work. Option A: Have a option to disable it, at own risk, if you're scammed or hacked, purely your fault. Option B: Require 2FA enabled on the account to disable it automatically, that way your account is also safer! Its getting annoying to have windows updates , pc compontent changes, windows reinstalls , adobe creative cloud install , initiate a trade cooldown. yes i dont know why, but AC Creative cloud makes you have a trade cooldown.
  4. I Remember that matt said they found it literally in un-useable state as we call it 'junk code'
  5. Cant even buy G1C, "There was a problem initializing your order. Please try again." it says.
  6. i have tried even waiting until the last second. ingame it just wont work on site it only lets me login, but when i try to disable it i get the same error.
  7. Are me and my friend the only ones experiencing the issue when trying to log into the game it says the code is incorrect, but on site it works perfectly?
  8. Special Thanks: GM Team: AncientMew Mirele For keeping the event friendly! Eventer: WitchQueen For bringing attention to it! Race Organiser: Dinian For showing some of the old OG tracks! Video: Group Screenshots: (1920x1080 Version) (4K Available at me) See you next week!
  9. If EAC hits live, cheaters will finally get HWID Bans. Theres one bad thing about it tho; its one of the easiest bypassed anticheats; speaking from experiences of other games.
  10. Yeah sure im lying, cant even prove a point without 2 of the toxics swearing at me straight and calling it lies. Good job, lets make Keppe and Vanille GM'S shall we? //close request The good friend that he is Admitted to carding , What LO does now is their decision.
  11. Cause if he goes smart mode and fails to do this correctly me and him both get banned me who did nothing and him for a what can be only called a Third party chargeback
  12. APB Means life to me almost, i grew up with this game playing it from 2012. If he ruins my ingame career i literally dont want to talk to him again. I have so many memories on this account to several good old friends.
  13. Yes but the question here is not steam, its LO, why is LO taking actions against me for someone elses issues? I mean literally i will not ever talk to him again if LO ends up suspending my account for his smart billing issues
  14. We arent sharing steam accounts. He has his own Steam account and i have mine.
  15. So this is a little case of me and my friend. i Want to raise awareness incase this is happening to anyone else. I'm not going to go in depth of the story so i will just cut it short. I Have suggested a friend of mine to start playing this game when he was over at me to chill. Ok so he registered for an account , after showing him around the game for some time, he was interested into buying stuff from the armas. He made a purchase of ~39000 G1C (Yeah i know he has alot of money) which was for an odd reason returned by steam the next day; So he went on and instantly contacted both LO and Steam support cause he was afraid of his account's status and security and this was their actions: LO has placed a trade ban on his account until he resolves his issue with steam; ok nothing wrong there. Heres the f---ed up part: Now since he was playing from my computer at the time of the register, according to support i am Held responsible to be associate/alternative account of his, and support has Temporarily / Permanently trade banned me aswell until he resolves his problems; After he asked them several times for me to be added into the conversation they replied to him "This conversation is consulting only you and your account" Ok, then why is everyone denying to explain to me what do i have to do with this? And when he asked if both accounts are going to be banned if steam fails to resolve this, there is that generic reply "Due to our privacy policy, I can not discuss the details of another players account. Please let me know when you have a response from Steam." | \/ I Do not have a single chargeback on my account, so why am i responsible and an associate? What over just a computer share? Now i want to ask you as a community , Is LO going to take G1's steps in terms of support? If so, might aswell then ban me and i will not come back to this game again. I Originally left the game due to harassment i received from an single EX-Staff member; Seems that now you are held responsible of your friend's accounts and actions aswell. By this logic we should all be antisocial to stay secure and out of trouble. To me , this is just a awful sign of Disrespect. To see this on someones account who's honest and trading their way up is just f-ed up straight. I cant even make market purchases!
  16. but im trash at this game :^) i dont even know how im gold
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